Secret Confession of a Pretender

….and not to be considered as obligation or even a hint of true promise. I am — after all — a politician trying to get the votes by any means necessary, even if it means to promise one, and then another, what can never be even if I wished it to be so. That's life though, don't you know?

Didn't someone ever tell you that truth and honor are only something now happened upon from time to time, but never anything to be counted upon? Yet, you trust me, because you like my smile or the sound of my voice or the way I put words together, even when they actually make no sense and are meant only to distract?

Sometimes… just sometimes… I have this need to reach out and shake you into realization. How can you be such a fool to follow me and mine, when everything I do and say proves that you should not?

Why don't you listen to those who are desperately trying to tell you?The ones who are trying desperately to get you to research on your own and find those answers so obvious and waiting for you?

Why don't you? I don't know, but because you don't… I shall be out there tomorrow giving promises I might not be able to keep, but knowing it won't matter. That's what is expected of a politician –and at least — that is something I truthfully am!

(Disclaimer: This is merely an opinion ofmany politicians but not necessarily all. It's satire.)

Copyrighted by Carrie K. Hutchens 2007

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