Scorsese & Di Niro Duped Into Making New Movie?

by John Clark

– Martin Scorsese & Robert Di Niro are about to start a new film titled “The Irishman” based on a book titled “I heard you Paint Houses”, by Charles Brandt. The premise of the Brant book [and therefore the new Martin Scorsese & Robert Di Niro film] revolves around the pivotal statement made by the Irishmen’s daughter who states in the book “I think my father killed Jimmy Hoffa”

What a bunch of hooey! Di Niro and Scorsese fell for it hook line and sinker.
Facts uncovered during my extensive investigation of the killing and disappearance of Jimmy Hoffa prove without a doubt an individual by the name of Tommy X killed Jimmy Hoffa and was assisted by a man who everyone knows as DB Cooper.
Hoffa was not killed by the father of “The Irishmen’s Daughter”.

This contradiction between my investigation and the new Martin Scorsese &Robert Di Niro film titled “The Irishman” will be apparent to readers of my new book “Jump into Darkness” which is pending completion.

In my new book, Tommy X tells DB Cooper that he was given a hit order on Hoffa and DB Cooper asked Tommy X,“Why?”. The reason Tommy X gave is that Jimmy Hoffa was pissed off that “they” won’t give him his old position back , and now Hoffa is going to start telling how it was the Government who killed Marilyn Monroe (who by the way was a cousin of mine) and JFK and others,

“They want you to help me on this one” said Tommy and DB Cooper’s responded “Sure, why not.

Tommy X had taken the contract to kill Jimmy Hoffa because he was pissed off at Hoffa for throwing him out of his office one day.

Tommy X shot Jimmy Hoffa and DB Cooper did his old mob specialty – the Cement. Later on, DB Cooper was asked by his friend Charlie “Where they hide the body?” DB Cooper’s reply to Charlie was “If I tell you they will kill both of us”.

I can prove all the above is fact as I have made an extensive investigation of the Jimmy Hoffa killing and I can guarantee all the facts I have uncovered in my new book have been proven.

Can Di Niro or Scorsese prove they have the true version of the Hoffa killing as they represent in their about to be released film titled “The Irishman” and that their new film is not based on a false premise?
I can and will.
John Clark

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