Scandal Won’t Stick To Teflon Hillary

…. fumigation once the co-presidents Bill and Hillary Clinton departed; pockets bulging with anything not nailed down. The scandal-ridden Clinton administration was a nightmare that this nation need not re-visit. Hillary may have changed her hairdo (still again), as well as improve her ability to sell a centrist façade, but c’mon we all know she’s still the same old girl she always was. You don’t need to dig up Hillary’s old Leninist writings to figure out what makes her tick. Actions speak louder than words. As far as digging up dirt goes, no one is better at it than the carpet bagging Senator from New York.

Consider the latest Clinton fund-raising scandal whose principal player Norman Hsu, a New York businessman pleaded no contest in California to grand theft 15 years ago and disappeared after agreeing to serve up to three years in prison. Mr. Hsu has allegedly enlisted the cooperation of the California-based Paw family in his campaign contribution scheme. The Paws are Chinese immigrants whose annual income is in the ballpark of $50,000.00. Despite the cost of living in California they’ve managed to donate $4,600.00 this year alone to Clinton’s campaign. In fact, the Paw family has been contributing the annual maximum allowed to Democratic candidates since 2004.

In a coy public statement, Hillary pleaded clueless to Hsu’ legal problems. Her campaign consiglieres went on to state that Hillary’s access to information, regarding campaign contributors, is limited to what is available in the public domain. This denial of knowledge on Hsu and his legal problems from Hillary is suspect in light of her information gathering prowess. Here’s a woman who is a master at assembling her own secret police consisting of smear artists and private detectives. A lethal information gathering gang that dates back to her early political days in Arkansas as she tried to keep track of her philandering husband in order to head off any "bimbo eruptions" that might de-rail their latest campaign. You can bet that the elite media will do their part to bury this story and thereby, keep the public fixated on the latest Republican snafu.

Hillary’s penchant for information gathering is an integral component of her campaign strategy. In addition to the ‘missing’ files, ‘changed’ files, ‘deleted’ files ‘hidden’ files and suddenly ‘re-discovered’ files that contributed to the ‘obstruction of justice’ aura during the Whitewater, Travelgate and Filegate scandals, to name a few, are denials by the Clintons of any wrongdoing. In the case of Filegate, the sensitive FBI files, which were at the center of this particular scandal, were characterized as "mishandled" by Anthony Marceca, then-assistant to Craig Livingstone, who had handled personnel security for the White House under Clinton. It helps to stack the decks in your favor with people who are loyal to the point of cover-up. Perhaps this is why the Clintons fired 93 state attorneys just at the time when the Whitewater scandal was beginning to gain momentum.

The Chinese connection is another throw back to Clinton’s checkered past. Passage through the door to the Clinton White House was secured by the Communist Chinese through campaign donations. This subversive relationship resulted in technology transfers to Communist China via middleman and Democratic fundraiser, Johnny Chung. It was then-Senator, Fred Thompson (R-TN) along with Senator Dan Burton (R-IN) who connected the dots between the Clintons and the Communist Chinese. The elite media, ever in lock step with the Clintons, managed to hide this treasonous story at the time, by burying it underneath articles reacting to the death of Frank Sinatra.

Hillary and her coy denials are legendary. The staggering number of scandals that plagued the Clinton White House all have the same ending with Hillary or Bill denying any knowledge of the person or the situation while the elite media scrambled to bury the story or ‘spin’ the truth. No hard questions are ever asked. Although the elite media cooperates quickly to kill coverage on a current Clinton scandal, leave it to Bill and Hillary to get their hand caught in the cookie jar before much time elapses. Fast forward to 2007. Here we go again, a scandal, a Clinton denial and a timely disappearance from the headlines of allegations of impropriety. Some things never change.

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