We’ve all heard about the scams coming out of Nigeria, Ghana and other African countries of phony money orders, get rich by collecting an bogus inheritance and the romance scams. The stories have made the rounds of big media, magazines, news shows and the Internet. Still people fall for these scams every day because they refuse to believe it will happen to them. Now the scum sucking thieves are thinking they are legitimate. At least catfish have a place in the ecosystem. Scammers are just scum suckers that aren’t even edible, so they aren’t good for anything!

Now we’ve had the biggest African scam in history pay off for Mr. Obummer gaining the White House, aided and abetted by the crooked politicians in Congress, the willingly blindfolded big media and the crooked friends of Mr. Obummer as well. We’ve seen what a bungler this scammer is, and yet the big media still turns a blind eye to the multitude of scams perpetrated on the American people.

Let’s see, there was the election itself, which never should have happened, breaking a Constitutional law that has stood us in good stead for over TWO HUNDRED YEARS! Then there was TARP and TARP 2 to cover up the mess Congress made of Fannie and Freddie. Then there were the bailouts. Next came Obamacare, rejected by the people yet ruthlessly pushed through anyway to take away the freedoms of the people to choose what they want. And the list goes on.

Now Mr. Obummer is saying that birth certificates don’t mean anything or have any value. HELLO you stupid idiot, your village is still looking for you! By law we need a birth certificate for just about everything in our lives. One is needed to get a Social Security Number, to get into school, a driver’s license, a marriage license, a passport, a professional license and to hold any office. At least to hold any office except if you are Mr. Obummer, where the big media and crooked cohorts aid and abet the bum in hiding the true records of not only his birth, but also his school records, his student financial records and his true records of campaign donations.

HELLO AMERICA! Can you hear me now? This bozo has gotten away with murder for far too long and his abuse of the office is appalling! He’s abusing the Coast Guard as his own personal thug squad to keep states from cleaning up the oil mess, that he had a hand in, and to keep away the ships of other countries that came to help with the cleanup. He’s abusing other powers of the office to build his own little dynasty of subordinate thugs, ironically called czars, to steal the power of the people, US, to decide our own fates and decide how our country is run. He’s doing everything he can to rip the rug out from under the true government, US, and try to turn our great country into another USSR [and we all should know what happened to that type of planned society]. His constant efforts to destroy our free market economy have been aided and abetted by both Congress and the big media shlubs being totally in the toilet for him.

COME ON PEOPLE! Where are your brains and your guts? This Kenyan scammer is the worst of the bunch and we need to boot him out of OUR HOUSE IMMEDIATELY! His efforts to set up concentration camps, to incarcerate people who dare to speak out against him, and staff them with troops from other countries is documented. If we don’t get rid of this poisonous slug soon, and repeal all the crap he and his crooked congressional cohorts have passed, we soon won’t have a country anymore!


November is coming but it might be too late. We need recall elections, charges pressed against the crooks in DC and good, honest replacements sent in to undo as much of the damage as possible. This is our country, HE HATES OUR COUNTRY AND US. That’s why he wants so desperately to destroy our country and us. This is called treason, terrorism, sedition and a whole lot of other words describing the actions of this creep that is an illegal alien just as much as the ones flooding across our undefended borders every day. If we allow him to abuse the executive branch powers to grant a blanket amnesty to all the illegal aliens in this country he’ll be granting amnesty TO HIMSELF TOO! That’s the only way he can make himself legal in this country without paying a penalty now, that is if anyone has the guts to stand up and say ‘HEY, wait just a dogone minute! This ain’t right!’ Can we get someone in immigration enforcement with the intestinal fortitude to stop this travesty? Only if WE THE PEOPLE back them to the hilt!

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