Saving the Earth?

… Let’s save the world by stopping over consumption and reducing population. Let’s call it “sustainable development.”

Will buying local tomatoes or eating less beef do the trick, I mean save the world? I doubt it.Is the crisis as bad as they say it is, and how far do we need to go to actually stop any further degradation of the “Earth’s services?”What have the global elitists conjured up for us that can’t be described in full context without causing chaos?

Imagine your life completely regulated, because that’s what’s coming.What’s their concept of a perfect world?Is it a decrease in population, no war, no poverty, no harm to the ecosystem, and living in perfect harmony with our fellow species?To stop or even reduce population and stop over consumption means total control.It means knowing where people are, and what they are buying.It means a cashless system and allotments.It means fines and taxes for over consumption.

You will be allotted so much fuel, food, living space, electric, water, healthcare, and other necessities, but strap in, as they say, if you want to buy products like alcohol, soda, 'twinkies' or other processed foods, large screen TVs, or any other non-essential luxury items.Imagine having a government ID card or even the RFID under your skin that enables the government to record everything you buy.Imagine the government imposing taxes on all products across the board through carbon credits, value added taxes, and national sales taxes that raise the price of everything to an unaffordable level except for tax credits if you’re under a certain income level and don’t consume more than the government suggested allotment per person.Suppose those credits were distributed on a monthly basis with a system similar to food stamps which is now an electronic card. Maybe it will be the government issued ID card. What ever the system, there will be tax credits for non-consumption, and/or penalties if you use more than your government determined allotment.

The money collected from so called carbon credits will be distributed around the world.If you’re on board with single payer healthcare for all and think it’s really about providing more healthcare, and you believe the debate is over on man caused global warming, then your helping to accelerate the growth of government and it’s control over the people for the purpose of moving “equity and equality” from the industrialized world to developing countries at a pace that I don’t suspect any of us can really grasp.

And if you think that American President, globalist spokesperson, Nobel Prize winner, American apologist, Barak Obama, came up with his global agenda on his own; you need to do a little more thinking.

Where is Cap and Trade money going to go? Developing counties, that’s where it’s going.Massive redistribution of the industrialized countries, divided up around the world under the guise of "social justice."I think that Cap and Trade will fund everything that the UN can justify being associated with the man caused 'Global Warming Hoax', including human population control, or abortion.The UN’s 'noble' agenda of human rights, equality, eradicating poverty, illiteracy, and emphasis on the rights of women, and elevating the social standing of women has another use, it also helps reduce population.One of the first things Obama did when he took office was provide funding to the International Planed Parenthood Federation in about 170 countries by overturning the Mexico City Policy.It must have been a very high priority?

Here are a couple of quotes you might find interesting that helped me come to the conclusions that I have: “No nation desirous of reducing its growth rate to 1% or less can expect to do so without the widespread use of abortion,” from; “…environment issues identifies inequality as a root cause of both rapid population growth and environmental damage…,” from; “Call to action to: G8 heads of state and government to act urgently to: 1) Integrate population issues and poverty reduction strategies into all responses to address climate change,” from International Planned Parenthood,; “

Advances in social development, such as promoting gender equity and equality, making education universally available and meeting reproductive health needs, are important for their own sake. But they will also enable women to avoid unwanted fertility and reduce the main factor in the growth of urban populations,” from United Nations Fund for Population Activities,

Here’s some coincidental stuff.I think it’s about 10% of the country doesn’t have health insurance, and according to the National Abortion Federation, more than a third of insurance companies do not provide abortion.Well suppose 65% of insurance companies do provide abortion to some degree, times 90% of the country that has insurance, which equals about 59% that are covered for abortion.Are you with me so far?Now, military insurance doesn’t cover abortion and Medicaid doesn’t cover abortion.My guess would be that the poorest people with the cheapest medical plans are most likely to be the ones without abortion coverage and the most likely to have children.Universal healthcare will surely provide access to abortion for multi millions of women that don’t already have it. I’m sure the depopulation activists didn’t realize that.

Yes, wouldn’t it be a work of genius if they figured out a way to control consumption, destroy capitalism, end poverty, destroy sovereign armies, control or reduce population growth, and snatch control of the world through unelected global governance? Is it even possible? How could they get the world to go along with such a massive taxing program to fund such an enormous global agenda? Impending doom, that’s how, convince the world over the course of a couple of decades that the Earth is warming due to overpopulation and CO2 emissions. Convince the world that only a global tax, controlled by “global governance” will save the world, like everything else has been tried, and time is running out quickly.

In conclusion: The elites of the world seem most concerned with the rapid consumption of the Earth’s resources and population, maybe. Whether it’s to save the world, or gain complete control, or some other noble cause, or sinister cause, remains to be seen. The two ways to stop the depletion of resources is force people to stop consuming, or reduce the number of people. The way to make people stop consuming is by making them pay a penalty. There are multiple ways to control population including convincing women they don’t want to have children through education, increasing social standing, reduction in poverty, and equal rights, then providing birth control and access to abortion. The way to pay for the population control and poverty reduction is with the penalties or taxes, i.e. the greatest global hoax ever, man caused global warming, Cap and Trade.

Here is a link to a few pages and videos I’m trying to assemble.

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