Sarah Palin America’s Lady In Waiting

Just as I suspected, it was easier to clean up the Vice Presidential Debate floor with the Democrat candidate for the V.P. spot, that, that lawyer and Senator Joe Biden, than it was to clean the Caribou Sarah Palin brought down in Alaska, in order to feed her family. Good Shootin’ Governor! On both targets.

Observations and From The – 10.2.08 – V.P. Debate:

Sarah Palin, to me, speaks as if all of America was a productive member of her family and Sarah treats ‘Her’ as such. Palin is concerned for the future of America, just as if Sarah were America’s mom. In fact Sarah Palin, the Mom, has just sent another member of her family, her eldest son to war, in order to help her other child ‘America’ — who is always in need of care. At Sarah Palin’s acceptance speech for the High Office of the Vice President of the United States of America, she exhibited the same characteristics in her speaking lexicon and physiognomy. John McCain has some bit of that.

Joe Biden, on the other hand for me, speaks as if America is his very own beast of burden and it seems to me he might be training his son to follow in his footsteps. Barrack Hussein Obama is every bit of the driver of the harnessed American’s, the 20 mule team citizens, whip snapping driver. America is the beast of burden meant only for B. Hussein O. swami’s own changing purposes, which he and Michelle Obama can believe in. America is clearly not a perceived or treated as a member of his family. Radical is as radical does and B. Hussein O. in fact is and does the anti-America swagger.

In case you have not realized that it takes a deep sense of spirit, of self, self reliance and foresight in order to pull the trigger — or push the button when one must – when hunting for your food or also to defend a family member or self, by killing a living creature. One must have the rational common sense needed for personal survival and that of ones family. Killing just aint easy on the conscience folks. However, Sarah Palin has the ‘stomach’ for it. So does John McCain in these treacherous and dangerous times internationally, it is most needed.

The left is incapable of it.

As a result, as far as I am concerned, Sarah Palin is ready to be in the drivers seat with her steady trigger finger on the button, just in case.

Obama bin Biden, or is it Osama bin Biden I get confused are in some kind of a Fugue state. They seemingly cannot tell friend from foe. They cannot distinguish animate or inanimate. Why? Because they anthropomorphize the environment. That is, they see the earth as akin to a living Human Being and so are crippled in their decision making. They will not drill for oil where the oil is, or unleash the shale oil available or anything that might hurt the poor rocks and dirt. This is chronic empathy syndrome.

Both of these lawyers belong together. Democrat Senator B. Hussein O. is partisan to race discrimination and Democrat Senator J. bin Biden is partial to Sex discrimination, self evidently as the author of the discriminatory VAWA legislation. These two shysters have caused more harm to the fabric of America than WW II, not to mention the American children.

They are lawyers they say. Senator B. Hussein O. claims to be a constitutional scholar. My question is, which constitution, not the one that the Authors of America wrote, to which he is obligated and allegedly swore to uphold. Perhaps it is the French or Iranian or Etruscan constitution, however it is certainly not the American Constitution.

Patriotism you dolts stems from the adhering to the Original words definitions of the Constitution as Authored by the Authors. You can get the ‘Johnston Dictionary’ for the definitions of the words used at the time the Constitution was Authored, because that was the dictionary used. It is kept available in Philadelphia.

Let’s give Sarah Palin the experience that she will need in 4 years to become the first Real American Woman to come along in scores of years and to become the President of the United States. Palin is the frontier woman of yore; she is now still here today and has come out of the Alaskan wilderness with all that America needs to survive or is it to be reborn.

Hey, you 2 Lawyers on the left Shut Up and Sit Down! Leave the Government now. If you want control over ‘Anwar’ in Alaska you must live in Alaska for a year. That goes for the rest of you un-patriotic ‘this is a living world’ new age, chronic empathy, nuts. Just one year residence in Alaska, I am sure will be your last on this planet or this plain of existence. No foresight no judgment and no survival! Especially in Alaska.

By the way, there is a rumor. Just a rumor mind you. What I hear is the Obama and Biden are planning to get married in San Francisco if they are elected and will take turns wearing the pants in the Oval office. Just a rumor?

by Barry Weinstein

Copyright © 2008

All rights Reserved

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