Sanctuary Moonshine Kentucky Krooked Kapitol of the world, A lesson in evils of corrupt politics.

…. the leader of the Moonshine state Trust me Elections and makes national news with the latest black box voting report on PDF:

“Please distribute freely – printer-friendly pdf version of this report, click here: (contains 38 footnoted sources and references) Contributions are tax-deductible and always appreciated! This is an original Black Box Voting investigative report:

By Bev Harris”

This amazing report defines Kentucky as one of the most politically corrupt states in the United States. That is not news for most people who reside in the sanctuary state for illegal alien criminals; their drug gangs and criminal employers but most in other states find these startling results incomprehensible. It is hard to believe that any area of a free society could be this crooked and not have some level of government law enforcement intervene.

Black box voting does indicate some effort by Crit Luellen a demoncratic auditor to correct some of the problems but fails to mention the greater failure of the state demoncratics to crack down on the greatest source of corruption.

The biggest cause of the corruption in the state is the illegal distribution of state and local tax dollars to aid and abet criminal drug and human trafficking that is making the wealthy of the state millions of more dollars. That wealth makes it easy to buy off and corrupt elected officials from the judiciary legislative and administrative branches of state and local governments and it has become pervasive driving the economy into a tailspin and the promise of more taxes to pay for the corruption.

Government corruption is and has for so long been so widespread that most citizens just assume that is the normal way of doing business. Kentucky corruption is commonplace and most businesses that venture into the state recognize the need to deal with the corrupt government officials on a more personal basis if they are to benefit from doing business in the state.

We the people of Kentucky know it takes money in Kentucky to get the laws obeyed, and justice realized. If you don't have the money you don't have justice. Sanctuary City Lexington Kentucky Mayor Jim Newberry and the corrupt local council can give any other government lessons in violation of the rule of law and avoiding any legal consequences. They have become masters in the arts of wasteful and corrupt spending of the tax dollars without providing government ser ices and then convincing an one of the highest taxed cities in the United States that they need to pay more to support their criminal misuse of public funds.

Kentucky is widely recognized not only as one of the most corrupt but also one of the most dangerous states in the United States. Businesses are reluctant to locate here because they know what it costs to be given fair treatment by corrupt elected officials and they know the penalties for failing to comply with the political party machine can be disastrous. (discussion area)

State and local taxes remain to be some of the highest in the United States while services, basic infrastructure needs are always last. Most national surveys recognize Kentucky as one of the most mentally, physically and economically depressed states in the America.

Corrupt government practices continue because the news media is a part and parcel of the powerful crooked demoncratic party machine. There is no free exchange of honest information that the public can rely upon. The left wing newspapers support the communist objectives of the state demoncratic party and won’t report any criminal infractions about the government unless it involves the minor political party the Republicans. Democrats have controlled the state for over a century and they only rarely are called to task for their corruption and then if a federal agency is involved.

Given the corruption in Washington D.C. and the Federal Justice department it is unlikely that we will see any type of strong enforcement from that venue in the near future. The positive side of this dismal picture for other local and state governments who think they have problems is that they can readily see their problems are minor by comparison in most instances.

You may want to distribute this to all your state and local elected officials around the country who think to use as an example of what not to do in public office if you want to maintain the rule of law and credibility of your local jurisdictions. They don't know what problems are when they compare their corruption to that found in Kentucky.

You can find more about this dire situation at the following site:

You may have heard of other national corruption stories in the now famous book titled “The Blue Grass Conspiracy”, a story of political intrigue and drug dealing at the highest levels of Kentucky State Government. There have been other nationally reported scandals involving corrupt Kentucky elected officials that destroyed the careers of many elected officials. One of the most interesting investigations was called operation Bop Trot. It involved bribes and payoffs for favorable legislation for the controlling criminal elements in the horse industry.

Kentucky has been since the Civil War and before a one business state. It is owned lock stock and barrel by the wealthy elite horse people and that situation will never change. They control the politics and they control the economy and money.

Most instances of corruption discovered have resulted in little or no consequences for those found out. It is usually the whistle blowers who are punished more than the criminal turned in. That outcome has created an atmosphere of fear where people are reluctant to say anything about the widespread crime.

Most Kentucky elected officials criminal behavior goes unnoticed by the national news media; it seems that everyone has accepted it as fact that is how we do business in the state. Therefore those instances of criminal behavior revealed have gone underreported and unnoticed by the national and local media.

The main lesson you can learn from this rampant ongoing unchecked corruption in the state of Kentucky is to stay away if you want to stay safe. The lives of citizens and those outside inner circles of power are worthless if perchance they happen to get caught up in the meat grinder.

The rampant corruption has permeated every aspect of daily lives from the schools, to the cop on the streets. Rule of law is non existent except for those who are not a part of the machine. Then the rule of law falls on them like a ton of bricks.

Stay healthy, stay happy, stay alive, stay out of Sanctuary State Kentucky.

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