Sanctuary City Lexington Kentucky says be happy don’t worry, the gang murders were a gang thing.

….especially those who still believe the myths about the Mexican national criminal illegal alien invasion. 50,000 American citizens have died at the hands of these murderous bastards because we have traitor elected officials who have promoted the invasion for their personal wealth.


Parrish is a patriot of great heart and love for the

United States of America. He speaks from that love for his family, and We the People.

Please forward this document to all your contacts, especially those who still believe the myths about the Mexican national criminal illegal alien invasion. 50,000 American citizens have died at the hands of these murderous bastards because we have traitor elected officials who have promoted the invasion for their personal wealth.


Parrish is a patriot of great heart and love for the

United States of America. He speaks from that love for his family, and We the People. He needs others with the same love to speak up and join him and the rest of WE the people in condemning our corrupt local and state politicians. We must demand they face the consequences of their criminal treasonous behavior and Be Hanged for the injury millions of citizens are suffering from the Mexican attack against us.

It would not occur without the assistance of traitors.

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We got exactly the same impression of the police report. Don't worry it was just an internal gang problem.

Lexington has no gang problem. We're watching them. Don't worry-be happy!

Here's my problem: the people who are supposed to be in charge of our safety, who we pay big fat salaries to, like mayors, governors, police chiefs, senators, etc. have looked the other way and allowed a massive invasion of criminal foreigners to invade our country. Whether our officials are being bribed by political contributions or are afraid of being called racists if they enforce the law matters little to me. The effect is the same. Our neighborhood is ruined by the plague of these people. If I wanted to look at a grocery store full of Mexicans I would go to

Mexico. I should have the right in my own country to live with the people I choose without a corrupt government forcing me to accept a total change in the racial balance and character of my neighborhood of 50 years. This used to be a great neighborhood and now it looks like a third world country.

The people responsible are not the rich scum with the horse farms and factories promoting this destruction of our quality of life to satisfy their endless unquenchable greed. The people responsible are those employed and entrusted to enforce the law starting with the president and going down the line to the local mayor and police. They have allowed this to happen. We the citizens bear some responsibility because the main offenders are brown, and if anyone opposes something a brown person wants they are immediately branded a racist. And we have all been brainwashed that being a racist is worse than being an axe murderer. So we have been silent for years, and this thing is growing like an aggressive cancer that is soon going to destroy the host.

The cops have proposed a gang task force to deal with this growing problem. Did it ever occur to anyone to crack down on every Hispanic in Fayette county? The good ones who are legal might be inconvenienced occasionally but I don't think they will mind. They don't want their children going to school with murderers or being forced into a gang against their will. Stop every Hispanic driving on

Lexington streets. Do

a serious check to make sure they have a legitimate driver's license and insurance. Don't just accept whatever forged document they wave at you. Forged license? Drag them out of the vehicle and tow it to the impound yard. Charge 200.00 a day storage on it till they get a legal driver's license. If they don't qualify for a license sell the vehicle for storage fees as soon as the storage fee nears the wholesale value of the vehicle. If the local Hispanic illegal alien promotion society gets a legal challenge mounted start doing the same stops on Caucasians. No valid license? Treat them the same way. The idea that you can't enforce laws on lawbreakers who are brown is insanity. That's why we are in the present state of affairs. Police don't have any problem arresting black Americans, why the hell should a damned illegal alien be treated better? If illegals are reduced to walking to work or to the welfare office they will probably leave.

My main point is this: if your son, daughter, wife or mother are injured or killed by some illegal alien thug or unlicensed driver the person directly responsible is the mayor who told the police not to bother the Mexicans. The mayor killed your mother because he didn't give a damn what happened to your mother. He cared more for the goodwill of some greedy rich farm owner or the fancy seats at Keeneland than he cared for your mother's life. The police chief killed your little daughter because he didn't have the guts to stand up to something he absolutely knows is wrong. The city council murdered your son at school because they are such cowards they wouldn't even speak about the crime and violence, the rapes and robberies, the drug explosion, the gang members who are sitting beside your child with a knife in their pocket and a chip on their shoulder. What happens when they try to intimidate your son and he doesn't back down? When you taught him to stand up for himself did you envision a school full of Mexican gang members who will slit his throat because he didn't fear them in the way to which they are accustomed? Kids from

Los Angeles where you can die for walking on the wrong street? Where the Mexicans have practiced ethnic cleansing of black neighborhoods?

Any politician who for any reason fails to enforce local laws like driving without a license, driving drunk, or any other law that would inconvenience these invaders is guilty of murder if any local children are killed by one of these illegal aliens. They have no right to be here. Hiring one is a federal crime with serious penalties. If you own a business and one of your illegals likes to rape little girls after work you are as guilty as the illegal. You enable him to be here. If you or some other worthless son of a bitch just like you didn't work these lawbreakers they wouldn't be here. But you whine they're hard workers and Americans don't want to work. You may have a legitimate argument about some Americans being lazy and worthless but if your illegal Mexican kills one of my family I'm holding you personally responsible. Fortunately the illegals do kill their employer's family members with some degree of regularity. Especially the ones you pick up on the corner and take home to do your yard work. They see your pretty wife and daughter and like what they see. You bring death home with you when you hire these guys. They know they are not going to get caught. They do not fear the law. They move to another town and continue taking advantage of stupid good hearted gringos that will bring a total stranger into their home because they bought all the bullcrap about these people are hard workers so they must be good and trustworthy. In your American mind you think you are helping someone who is childlike, you really think you are more intelligent than they are, that they are backward and uneducated. You are a fool. You may be smarter than some but some of them are smarter than you. They live by their wits and they do not like you. And they can take what they want and disappear like smoke. None of them have a real name. The only way they can be caught is if another Mexican rats them out. And why would they do that? They don't like you either.

If you are a kind-hearted but soft headed Caucasian who goes to the meetings and supports the illegal invaders because you think all of those who oppose them are racists I have bad news for you. You are actually the worst type of racist. You believe in your heart that you are superior to them. You as a superior being are condescending to help the poor minority person who must need your help to get along in the world. Look in your heart real hard. I helped one in the bank one morning with the ATM. He was having trouble with it. I volunteered to help. He had tried several times to get it to work and was unsuccessful. I asked him how much he wanted to withdraw and he said two thousand dollars. How many of you superior gringos pull two thousand dollars out of the ATM? A lot of these guys make 15 bucks an hour in cash and work 60-70 hours a week. That's a grand a week take home. You stupid taxpaying gringos have to make 1600 a week to net a grand.

How do you feel, miss bleeding heart, when one of your poor inferior diverse dependents rapes and strangles a young single American mother who could have really used your help but instead you killed her because you made a nice hospitable place for an illegal alien lawbreaker who had no right to be here. Why do you think immigration laws exist? They are to protect you and your family from the type of drastic invasion we are seeing now. How do you feel about the elderly Americans in


Valley whose homes have plummeted in value so much that they are trapped, living out their last days in fear of home invasions and other crimes? Does your heart bleed for them? You are putting them in that position. You are responsible for their plight. Why don't you go and visit them? Take them free food from the food bank since many are afraid to go out to shop. Help them decide where in their homes they can sit or sleep where a full metal jacket 9mm stray bullet won't hit them. Buy their home for what it was worth before the illegal aliens took over the neighborhood. That's a good idea. The city should be forced to pay 120 percent of the assessed value to any American citizen who wants to sell and move out of an alien ghetto. They should pay for it by collecting back payroll taxes and penalties from every horse farm and contractor and landscaper that has evaded these taxes for a decade. That includes at least one factory inside city limits that works Mexicans exclusively.

Sleep well you politicians, lawmakers, and bleeding hearts. Don't think about your responsibility for all the harm and injury and suffering you are helping to cause. The families that are bereaved on account of you may be thinking of you, when their grief turns to blind rage and frustration. That little son or daughter may have been the only light in that father's life, his only reason for living, the one thing on earth he loved more than anything else. Maybe he won't decide to come and knock on your door after a few drinks. Maybe he won't walk up and blow your intestines out through your backbone. Maybe you'll get lucky and that kind of man won't lose the one thing he loves because you don't give a damn about his American family. You spend your energy trying to pass amnesty, the Dream Act, Hispanic centers, mortgages for illegals, credit, welfare and food stamps, and free healthcare. Anything to improve life for the Mexicans so fifty million more will come. You dumb sons of bitches. You think when they've got their amnesties and their voting majorities you gringo fools will be getting free healthcare, welfare, Caucasian centers, and food stamps from them?

You think you old white politicians will be remembered fondly and taken care of? You think your grandchildren will get affirmative action as a minority? You black Americans think your community will benefit under Hispanic rule?


Fox, the last president of

Mexico, said that "Mexicans will do the work even blacks won't do"

Sounds like he holds you in high regard.

La Raza. The Race. For those inside, everything. For those outside, nothing.

Patriot Mark Lowry United we Stand "End Free Trade" Advise for no emails Lex Ky citizens are scared to protest criminal alien invasion or report gang crimes, we fear local government and can't rely on sanctuary city police, "When even one "American" who has done nothing wrong, is forced by fear to shut his mind and close his mouth, all Americans are in peril."Harry S. Truman Jefferson-No truth exists I fear or wish unknown to the whole world” Civil War a day closer, retired in hell worst US sanctuary city state corrupt Lex Ky Stop invasion, boycott Ky 2010 Equestrian Games, Derby anything Mexican,, Paine “He who dares not offend cannot be honest” Treason -War against U.S., adhering to aiding U.S. Enemies, 1st opinions, assembly & petition govt. for redress of grievances, use or lose.

Madison “Public opinion sets bounds to every govt. & is the real sovereign in every free one.”

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