“How Safe Are We”?

by George T. Weir –

Once again I’m writing from my home in rural America, far removed from the hustle and bustle of the large cities, some may even consider it to be Hicksville, and that’s all right, we have probably been called worse, but for seventy four years I have called it home. Yes, we have a diverse population, and through the years, we have become even more diverse in race, religion and politics, but as of today, we live and let live.

On my street, I’m sure that there are Republicans and a scattering of Democrats, and as in other parts, there is a segment that may be considered Independent, and there are others that just don’t care one way or the other, but on election day, we act and vote as Americans.

We still pray at gatherings, and if anyone wants to exercise their right at Christmas by displaying decorations, nothing is said. It’s nothing uncommon to see the American flag displayed on the lawn or porches around town, and nothing is said. In some ways we have seen many changes. Our landscape is now dotted with wind farms, and more are on the docket to be erected, but no one has raised any fuss about the development of these monstrosities.

For the past one hundred years we have been an oil producing area, and with the
uptick of drilling and fracking we have experienced an increase in our population,
which, as of now has only been a blessing for all.

Like many of the towns in America, we have seen an increase in drugs, and the
selling of drugs, and this has been a cause of concern, because we can now see the
overflow from the cities entering into our society, and its left people wondering;
What’s next?

Are we as safe as we were? Do we as Americans feel that our neighborhoods are
still safe for our Children to play, and do we worry about the safety of our schools?
Even we that believe we live in safety are well aware of the change which seems to
be creeping even closer, and these changes have caused the rural areas to take
notice of their surroundings.

We in our time must live with the fact that there are those that wish to transform
America from a Christian nation, into a nation that is ruled by Islam, and the there
are those that wish our free enterprise be turned into a socialist state, and the
freedoms that we have been given through our constitution would be made null
and void.

These same people know that they are, and will be forever, unable to move in
through military force, so what are their options?…quietly infiltrate every nook
and corner of our society.

How could this be done? First, get into the minds of the youth by the use of drugs,
second, through political persuasion, change the political climate in the schools
from independence to the idea that government can solve all problems. Third,
through the media, and music, also videos, flood the minds of the youth junk,
and teaching them that there is no evil, but to call evil good, and good evil, by
doing just these three things, the enemy is well on their way to success.

Their great goal is political, first local government, second State Government,
then on to the Federal Government. This goal can only be attained by deceit and
lies, and a show of loyalty toward the Nation, but only a show. The changes that
the enemy is seeking are slow and careful, not to draw attention to themselves, but
a slow degeneration of the Constitution.

We are dealing with a patient enemy, they have had thousands of years to conceive
their evil plan, and they are willing to wait another thousand years, to complete
their domination of free people.

We as Americans must be able to call evil, evil, and good , good, and recognize the difference. We are a free people, but this freedom isn’t a gift to be taken lightly,
we must love it.

We must be vigilant at all times, our children are the ones the enemy will deceive
first. Watch and listen to what is being taught in our schools, keep those that run for
office at a high standard, and teach the children to shun the evil and cleave to the

America can win this battle, but if we are asleep at the wheel, we may loose.

George T. Weir

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