“Running For Office? Then Walk The Back-Roads In America

by George Weir –

America is indeed a large nation, slightly larger than china, and about half the size of Russia, she has a population of 3oo+ million people, and an area of 3,313.9 million sq. miles, with a diversity of cultures, languages, religion, and race, and yes, political persuasions.  While America is still young in years in relation to most of the nations of the world, due to the openness and the freedom that America offers its citizens, it has been a magnet unto the world, especially to those that have suffered oppression and hardship, and in many cases starvation and sickness.  All have a story to tell, and a testimony about this new land, and the opportunity she has provided, but sadly, many of these are still struggling just hoping they will someday have a positive story to tell about the greatness of America.

It would do all American’s good to listen to the story’s and the dreams of their neighbors, and to put ourselves in their shoes and try to understand the difficulties and hardships that each are facing on a daily basic, and in doing so, we to may find a way to be “Our Brothers Keeper”.  Even us ordinary citizens can sometimes see where the greater need may be, but this doesn’t diminish the fact that those that have been elected to offices of higher responsibility can set themselves on a higher pedestal and not be aware of the needs of even those on the lowest rung of the ladder, these too are Americans, and they also can say..”We the People”

On the 17th of September, 1787 the constitution was enacted giving certain right to all people, from the fishermen fishing for Lobster of the coast of Main to the miner searching for gold in California, and all the people in-between, rich or poor, known or un-known, and if I might add, “the Un-born”  This was one of the great debate in the constitutional convention, that this new government would be a friend and a protector of the rights of all people, and that those leader that were elected by the people would give all diligence to their office of responsibility as pertaining to the civil right to all.

Within this new constitution the framers were careful to separate the powers of governing, (The Executive, The Legislature, and The Judicial, these separate powers were to be the checks and balances to see that each operates in it’s own scope of power and to insure that their would never be an over-use of authority from each of these branches of government, but to be fair minded and honest in their dealings with the business of the people.

Surly this form of governing wasn’t adopted for the benefit of the elite or for the benefit of those that were well connected by the heritage of family, or to those that are gifted with the ability to give great and powerful speeches, this great document was written for the betterment of all people regardless of their seemingly un-importance in the great scheme of things, but, apparently at times the authority and power which has been invested to some has caused them to forget those that they were elected to serve, but turn their attention to those that invest the most money into their campaigns, and this is what causes the constitution to fail for many resulting into a corrupt self-centered arrogant government.

Over the years there seems to have been a disconnect between the people and the elected officials that pledged to serve to the best of their ability.   It seems that their only concern is serving themselves and that there is no limit or boundary, to which they are un-willing to cross to achieve their most audacious and extreme, philosophical and out of touch radical movements that have been conceived only by their hair-brained imagination.

Local and state politics also experience their problems of disconnected politicians, but for the most part these politicians are well known, they have lived closer in proximity to the people whom they promised to serve, but as we move closer into the federal Politics, such as the President, the congress, for the most part, all the people know is their name, and these high office politician have proved by their actions that they know absolutely nothing about the common man, but they have proven that they know very much about Hollywood and the media which will do their biddings at their choosing.

I know that it would be absurd to even contemplate the idea of any Presidential hopeful would spend any time in the cedar breaks of Texas, working along side those cutting cedar post, or spending any time in Wyoming in the middle of winter drilling for oil.   Also it would be unrealistic to think that these hopefuls would think to walk the backwoods of America and come in close contact with the farmers and ranchers in order to get their perspective on the EPA and its many ways that they have impacted the industry through regulations and policies.  Would it be way to much to ask a Presidential hopeful to visit with the elderly, get to know their fears, which are many.  They could tell him or her about the high cost of living, and each year see their livelihood vanish under the weight of just getting older, and seeing their neighborhoods riddled with crimes and their neighborhood becoming infested with dealers of dope.

These common folks are not asking for handouts and most are not looking for the get rich schemes, they are mostly looking for a fair shake in life.  And when it comes to their politics, the are wishing above all else for the politicians to be honest.  See there is something about these common folks that the elite politicians haven’t understood, (They know when they are being lied to).  But sadly this is what they have come to expect, and sadly that is just where the politicians want them to be, (expecting lies and receiving nothing).

There is something very exciting happening in America, the common people are beginning to stand up and take notice.  They are now realizing that they are the people, not the extreme left-wing Hollywood politicians that never see past the next golf course, or the politician that is stuffing his or her pockets with ill gotten money from deals made in back rooms with closed doors.

These politicians that feel that connecting with the common man or woman is far beneath them will be politician of the past, because the (The People have spoken).

Throughout this nation there is an abundance of well meaning, well educated and very talented people that would gladly throw their hat into the ring for Congress or for the Presidential office, and these are people that have walked the back-roads of America, and are a part of the generation of Americans that have kept the constitution in tact, and have observed the time proven benefits of honesty and hard work, but at the same time they are not willing to be thrown in with the same politicians that we see in government at this moment in time.  They realize that when a good apple is thrown in the barrel with the rotten, the good apple can also get tainted, and to a great degree, this is what has happened, not only now, but in past times.

But there is hope, if an when the American people clean out the barrel of bad apples, the good honest politicians will then have a chance to rebuild the America that has been a bright hope to all the world.

According to Max Weber in talk given in 1918, ‘There are two ways of making politics, one’s vocation.  Either one lives for politics of one lived off politics.  He who lives for politics makes politics his life.  He who strives to make politics a permanent source of income live off politics as a vocation”

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