Rogue Diplomats Should Resign …

by Edwin A. Sumcad –
Diplomat to the United Nations –

… Diplomats Against President’s Policy Couldn’t Serve The Country

Rogue U.S. Diplomats staying in the foreign service pose a great danger to the country because as Commander-In-Chief the President of the United States cannot implement national security and military policy objectives to deter hostile external forces when defenders in the frontline were there to sabotage him.  Sumcad.

I start with this background information-sharing that I have been a Diplomat to the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific for almost twelve years and I know exactly what I am talking about when I write down this editorial expose’.

A person designated as ambassador, envoy, national security adviser, attache, emissary, counselor, negotiator, diplomatic specialist and the like in the foreign service that officially represent the government in its relations with other governments or international organizations are by the definition of their function “diplomatists”, otherwise simply known as Diplomats that serve under the beck and call of the President in charge of the nation’s external affairs, orchestrates and executes the nation’s foreign policy.

Any of those diplomats who does not see eye-to-eye with the President’s implementation of external policy has no business staying in the foreign service and should resign out of self-respect or “delicadeza”.

Think about it: How can they serve the interest of the country if they are implementing their own foreign policy opposed to that of the President’s? By having a parallel policy of their own, what they are doing runs counter to the interest of the country that the American people wanted to protect and promote in that particular region by electing Donald Trump President to do it for them.

When a person has “delicadeza”, it means that he or she is a person of honor. If Diplomats serving the country in whatever capacity implementing their own bureaucratic foreign policy opposed to the President, they should resign or look for another posting either in the public or private sector rather than stay in their posts when in their conscience they knew they could no longer serve their country through their duly elected Chief Diplomat and Commander-In-Chief.

To cabal and create what they call – at least what they say in their testimony in Adam Schiff’s kangaroo impeachment inquiry committee hearing where national television viewers say his eyeballs look terrifying before the TV camera it threatened and compelled witnesses to obey his subpoena and testify or else suffer the consequences of congressional contempt — their own “regular channel” contradicting the President’s execution of foreign policy through what they described as “irregular channel”, is to say the least insubordination; it is sabotage when such insolence and defiance caused damage to the country.

Unimaginable damage and destruction are done to the country when the President, and in his capacity as Commander-In-Chief, could not execute the nation’s foreign policy program or defend and protect the country, promote and/or accomplish national security and military objectives because these are all disobeyed if not blocked by bureaucrats operating under their own opposing “regular channel” of security and foreign policy implementation. Can you imagine what havoc it creates to the nation, or how apocalyptic that might even be, when a foreign hostile power is planning an attack on the United States?

There is such serious conflict of interest it requires a delicadeza for rogue or deviant Diplomats to resign. To remain in the service and be accused of being a thick-face opportunist without delicadeza is, according to one study report, “the strongest insult that one can hurl at a public official”. That’s because Delicadeza is “associated with honor”. Opposite to what those self-serving Diplomats lacked when they testified in the fake impeachment inquiry hearing not of Congress but of Adam Schiff whose large bulging eyes and mind are shifting and riveting across the span of the committee hearing room which were frightening and threatening before the camera, was how important honor is to some people who are ready to die to protect it.

As what the creepy Frankenstein Adam Schiff impeachment inquiry unraveled through the testimonies of those ugly and devious U.S. diplomatic saboteurs he subpoenaed from the Deep State, there was no doubt that the outcome was more horrendous than the hideousness and disfigurement of the corrupt officials of Ukraine looked like. More repulsive, unsightly and therefore unacceptable was their anti-Trump operations which may be categorized as more damaging than Vladimir Putin’s military intervention in Donbas, Crimean Peninsula, which our support and military aid to Ukraine were trying to contain.

Let us look at the individual monstrosity of those testifying Diplomats that were supposed to be serving our national interest. Gordon Sondland, U.S. Ambassador to Europe: This is what he said when he was talking to the President of the United States about Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky . . . he “loves your ass and he will do anything you ask of him.”

That was not a real Diplomat talking to his superior with disrespectful and gutter language exposing to public ridicule the President’s “ass”.

When a Diplomat speaks in an official setting like an Ambassador reporting to the President, standing protocol demands that the language used is coached not just with diplomatic civility and niceties but with the highest respect of presidential authority. But this Ambassador – or supposed to be an Ambassador — was talking to the President of the United States like a junkie from that drug gang in the streets of Chicago.

Here is this sicko narcissist Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman in full gala military uniform who was described while testifying as “sitting ramrod straight with a chest full of medals”.

When Republican House Intelligence Committee ranking member Devin Nunes addressed Vindman as “Mr. Vindman”, this swollen-headed Director for European Affairs for the United States National Security Council, corrected Rep. Nunes to address him only from then on as “Lt. Col.” because he was not just an ordinary person to be addressed as “Mr. Vindman”. The “medals” climbed up fast to his head it became so big and swollen. With that horrifying mask the lying Adam Schiff was wearing inside the congressional hearing chamber, this Halloween character Vindman was indeed, in good company.

Responding to a leading question asked by a Democrat member of the impeachment inquiry committee, Vindman was in effect actually lecturing President Trump, his Commander-In-Chief when he testified that it was improper for the President to demand an investigation of a political opponent. The political opponent he was referring to was Ex-VP Biden whose son mysteriously became a member of the Board of Ukraine’s corrupt giant energy firm Burisma.

Let me be clear about Vindman’s arrogance. His colleagues in the service described him as a man of “poor judgment”. I described Vindman as a “dull” military man who stands taller than his ego.  I suspect his heroism that earned him a medal of honor was merely intuitive, not based on the daring heart and deepest conviction of bona fide national heroes who were really committed to die for their country, just my opinion.

Like the rest of the low-IQ Democratic junkies in Congress starting from brain-damaged Speaker Nancy Pelosi evidenced by her stuttering and confused mind when she attacks Trump in public lately calling him an “impostor” (no relevance, just a mental disconnect), “dull” Vindman couldn’t quite get it. President Trump was concerned about massive corruptions in Ukraine’s institutions among them Burisma and the 2016 presidential election where corrupt Ukrainian operatives worked with the Clinton campaign to undermine his election, and he wanted them investigated and cleaned up first before the U.S. aid to Ukraine was to be released. Of course the investigation has to include Biden and his son because they were part of the corrupt Burisma that needed to be investigated.

The following should have been made clear in Adam Schiff’s kangaroo committee hearing but unfortunately it was not: Burisma is a holding company operating in Ukraine’s natural gas market whose owner and corporate founders were connected with corrupt Ukraine government officials. Take away Biden and his son out of Burisma and in their place put a couple of Americans there, and still President Trump, seeing to it that U.S. tax money in the form of aid does not end up in the pockets of corrupt officials of Ukraine, would demand for an investigation.

And obviously, that investigation has to include Americans involved in corruptions like the Bidens. Did Trump’s request for investigation mention the Bidens? Of course, why not? But just the same, Trump would have mentioned names of Americans who were involved in corruption even if they were not the Bidens. Is it not merely incidental that Ex-VP Joe Biden happened to be running for President of the United States? In that unplanned random situation, was it Trump’s fault if Biden should become Trump’s “political opponent” Ukraine should investigate before aid is released?

The spin – and how dummy that bad spin was — President Trump was leveraging the U.S. aid to Ukraine  supposedly holding its release unless there was a “quid pro quo” that lately metastasized to “bribery” to investigate first the Bidens, when the truth and nothing but the truth of the matter was that the President of the United States just needed little more time to make sure that American tax money in the form of U.S. aid to Ukraine did not fall into the hands of corrupt officials.

Vindman, blinded by chronic egotism to become a narcissist, led him to a military act of blatant insubordination by breaking the chain of command when he reportedly disclosed his disapproval of his Commander-In-Chief’s investigation decision to a third anti-Trump operative known as the “whistleblower” shifty Schiff was protecting with all of his congressional privilege and immunity.

For the protection and safety of this country, like the rest of right-thinking Americans, I am glad that President Trump fired former Diplomat and National Security Advisor John Bolton who run his own national security policy now that I know why he has to go. Bolton who believed that he was Trump’s Boss on matters of national security was Fiona Hill’s master manipulator on national security she obeys without question. Hill was former Senior Director for Russia on the National Security Council.  She testified that by sending Trump’s emissary Rudy Giuliani to them with instructions what to do with Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch, Hill said that in effect the President had violated their existing “regular channel” of contacts and communication. Those frontline Diplomats were out of their knocker when they accused the President of the United States of violating their “regular channel” of communication. Who do they think they are to dictate their “regular channel” of communication to the President of the United States? They serve under the pleasure of the President.

I couldn’t help but surmise that the thinking of those rogue Diplomats was that why should they listen to Giuliani who is just a lawyer of the President who knew nothing about foreign affairs, especially diplomacy and national security matters they specialized for many years?

But Fiona Hill testified that Bolton angrily vaulted out of the conference room when he heard from Giuliani about Trump’s displeasure and forthcoming firing of Ambassador Yovanovitch. Hill attempted to dramatize Bolton’s revulsion against Trump by saying that what was coming from Giuliani was a “hand grenade that was going to blow everyone up.” Their contempt for Trump was unconsciously showing up.

Bolton’s beef was that Trump should have consulted him first, that simple. But Trump just ignored Bolton and cut through him by giving instructions to Giuliani what first to be done in Kiev before the U.S. aid was to be released. But the cover of the truth about what was happening the Democrats was spinning over and the squid tactic they were spreading around to hide it was that it was inappropriate for the President of the United States to “destroy” the Ambassador’s “reputation” first before firing her. It took away the focus on what Yovanovitch was doing in Kiev. That pictures Trump as a truly evil President that needs to be impeached.

As if Yovanovitch’s so-called “reputation” the Democrats were talking about was unsullied, pure and immaculately clean the evil President Trump badly needed to “destroy” for a sadistic reason. But this was not the case. In his fact-finding mission and following the instructions from President Trump, Giuliani had talked to Ukrainian officials and he reported back to Trump what he found out about Yovanovitch who was an Obama hold-over appointee still sitting in her post in Kiev. Giuliani reported that “She is running around the streets of Ukraine going against the elected President of the United States.”

What was not made clear in the kangaroo legislative hearing was that like the other members of the Deep State who were conspiring and plotting a coup to unseat the President of the United States, the lady Ambassador was pure and simple anti-Trump.

Does she have a mission from Obama to embarrass if not destroy Trump in that part of the region? We don’t know. But let me just say that when President Trump saw the sign on the wall, he didn’t want to wait and take any chances and just decided to fire her. There are too many creatures in the swamp Trump was cleaning up. And he has still a long way to go.

In their deepest sympathy over the firing of Ambassador Yovanovitch, I feel sorry that the Democrats had to shed their crocodile tears in vain because the American public can see through the facade after the likes of this expose’ are read by millions through this popular website

Take note that it was immaterial to challenge the veracity of the Giuliani report which Diplomat Hill testified as a “smear campaign” against Yovanovitch. Instead, just think about it: President Trump doesn’t even need to have a reason to fire Obama’s appointed Ambassador, does he?

If by the President’s announcement prior to firing Yovanovitch it was made clear that he no longer have the trust and confidence of having this Ambassador around, whose fault is it if her “reputation” was reportedly ruined when she got fired? In the President’s mind, Yovanovitch has to be fired, end of the story.

As an unsolicited piece of advice, members of the Deep States shifty Schiff had recruited to testify in his sham impeachment inquiry hearing should get over with it. There is a new Chef in the kitchen. Too many cooks spoil the broth. If the new Chef is turning the burner too hot, just get out of the kitchen. Don’t stay and cry out your tantrum. You can get burned.

And to those Democrat rascals in Congress led by stuttering, mentally impaired Speaker Nancy Pelosi who is useless to the country because she couldn’t even clean up her own urine-smelling district in San Francisco occupied by homeless vagrants, hoodlums, drunks, drug addicts and dirty street corners full of needles, syringes and feces, and to the ignorant socialist-left-winger Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and shifty Adam Schiff with scary bulging eyeballs that threatened impeachment witnesses to testify, they should know by now that there is a new Sheriff in town determined to change the economic and socio-political landscape starting here in the United States of America and across the globe.

He is also draining the swamp to make America great again.

In case you forgot – his name is President Donald Trump whose presidency promises to be the greatest ever recorded yet in the history of this country. #

© Edwin A. Sumcad. Access November 24, 2019.

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