Rima Fakih The Accidental Muslim Feminist

… Use this information for good and write letters to Rima asking her to stand up for women’s rights in Political Islam.

Rima Fakih may end up becoming the accidental role model for Muslim women and young girls around the world. I support Rima Fakih as Miss USA 2010, and believe she has the opportunity within her grasp to be the face of the Muslim Global Women’s Rights Movement that will spring up out of thin air in the Islamist world – or not. Rima’s beauty, intelligence, poise, and self confidence will inspire Muslim women to demand the right to openly share their outward and inner beauty without shame or fear. In order to achieve her dream of participating in beauty pageants, Rima Fakih shot herself like a bullet through the glass ceiling dictating the proper role of Islamist women by being crowned Miss USA 2010. In a quote from the Detroit Free Press, Imad Hamad, head of the Michigan branch of the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee says, “His group helped once support Fakih financially, despite opposition from some who felt pageants are "not something they wish to see…but our youth deserve every bit of support it took a great deal of passion, guts, courage and self-confidence to compete for a title like this." Rima’s parents proudly supported her despite grumblings from certain elements of their community. These grumblings from certain elements of their (Islamist) community is a very important element of this story.

Scanning the new social media, Islamic posters are about 80/20 against Rima Fakih. Muslim posters fall into two groups, those who see Rima Fakih as a vehicle for showing Americans that Muslims can fit into secular society. The majority of posters however, believe Rima is not following the Deen. “There are several meanings of the Arabic word Deen. One meaning is honor, government, empire, monarchy and rulership. The second meaning is quite opposite to it, i.e. subordination, obedience, slavery, servitude and subjection. Third meaning is to account, to give judgment, and dispense reward and punishment of actions. The word Deen has been used in the Qur'an in all these three meanings.” Think of Deen as following the tenets of Political Islam and Shariah Law.

Political Islam requires Muslims follow a strict set of Islamic laws called Shariah Law. Shariah Law applies to all aspects of ones personal life, government, how you pray, community interactions, family law, and even personal hygiene. In the majority of Islamists eyes Rima left Islam forsaking Allah and is technically an apostate. Rima did this by allowing risqué pictures to be made public, participating in infidel beauty pageants, pole dancing in public, endorsing contraception, and celebrating Christmas while being Muslim. In Islam being guilty of apostasy to Allah is worse than committing murder and the punishment for apostasy is death. One thing all four major schools of Islamic Jurisprudence agree on is that apostates should be killed.

Rima describes Dearborn Michigan, her hometown, as a, “little on the strict side.” Meaning the Dearborn Muslim community is so large and well entrenched that Shariah compliance by members of the Dearborn Muslim community are carefully observed by the fundamental Islamists. These Dearborn Mosque leaders are most likely responsible for the “grumblings” the Fakih family talked about coming from their Islamic community.

Lucky for Rima her parents encouraged her dreams, loved her for who she is, despite her deviating from the Islamic path. Strict adherents to Political Islam in the Dearborn community may not be as understanding as Rima’s family. Rima is technically an Apostate from Islam for forsaking her submission to Allah. Apostasy is such a serious crime in Islam anyone from the Islamic community can carry out the punishment. The punishment for Apostasy is death.

Rima Fakih is in a position where she can speak out in favor of women’s rights not only in the Islamist world but in the secular world as well. Rima can deliver powerful messages to young Muslim women that the female body is something to be celebrated not covered up, controlled, and subjugated. Once the body is free, Muslim women can demand the right to marry non-Muslim men, demand equal distribution of an inheritance, demand the ability to divorce and maintain custody of the children, date openly, demand equal pay for equal work, and the list goes on. In order for Islam to reform itself, if that is at all possible, a robust and assertive Muslim women’s rights movement around the world is a mandatory first step. Rima Fakih by virtue of winning Miss USA is now one of the most prominent Muslim women in America. The flip side is Rima will become vilified in Islamist communities, which I hope never happens.

If Rima chooses the path of advocate for women’s rights in Political Islam, which I hope she does, much good can come of it. There will be a large segment of the male dominated Islamist world that will turn those grumblings in the Muslim community into an internal Islamic political war. If you are a Muslim male life can be very good from a certain perspective. In Islam men can have four wives, divorce a wife by saying I divorce you three times and not loose half their personal wealth. Men are allowed to have temporary contractual marriages “Law of Desire” for as little as 15 minutes or as long as three days – I call that prostitution. Men get a greater share of inheritance money than women. Men get to pray in the front of the Mosque – no ladies allowed. Men are allowed to marry non-Muslim women, and men are allowed to beat their wives if they choose. Women on the other hand can only have one husband and a divorce is very difficult to get. If a woman is sexually active with a man who is not her husband she is severely punished and brings shame on the family possibly resulting in an honor killing. Women can not beat their husbands or marry non-Muslim men. If a woman is raped and does not have four male witnesses too the rape, she is punished severely and stoned to death in some countries. Now you can understand a little better how celebrated or reviled, Rima Fakih is going to be in the Islamist world. Muhammad the supposed last and final prophet put women in there place. Muhammad said, “Women are captives in your hands” rendering them to slave status. Muhammad said about wives, “Your wives are as a tilth (as a field to be ploughed) unto you, so approach your tilth when or how ye will.” There are no absolutes but these truths about women in Islam tend to be self evident in Islamic States where Shariah Law is the rule of the land. Now you understand why women’s rights are so needed in the Islamist culture. Rima has her work cut out for her because Muhammad in all his wisdom laid down the law about subjugating women as it was transmitted to him from the Angel Gabriel’s mouth from Allah himself.

The facts and information I provided for you are a “controlled substance” purposefully hidden from non-Muslims. Use this information for good and write letters to Rima asking her to stand up for women’s rights in Political Islam. Let’s all hope and pray Rima Fakih, Miss America 2010, will advocate and inspire Muslim women to demand equal rights as Muslim men in America and the world.

Alan Kornman

Email: actorlando1@gmail.com


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