Rifqah Bary Case Orlando, Fl

Apostates Must Be Executed

What would compel a 17-year old Muslim teen – an excellent student and popular young lady to runaway from home and seek refuge in

Orlando? A secret rendezvous with a boyfriend…a road trip with friends? No, Rifqa Bary feared for her life…convinced she was going to be the victim of an honor killing for converting from Islam to Christianity. She feared she would be killed by her own father for being an apostate – denying Islam.

Rifqa’s father became aware of her “crime” when fellow Muslims in their community notified him of his daughter’s conversion. Rifqa fled to the home of Pastor Lorenz in

Orlando for protection from her father who she said threatened to kill her.

Freedom of religion is so intrinsic to American society; the reality of a father murdering his own daughter for choosing to practice another faith is considered pathological criminal behavior and cold blooded murder. However, many Muslim legal scholars following Islamic Law believe an apostate must be killed by virtue of what is defined as “the scourge of apostasy.” Apostasy is a sin against Allah and the punishment is death.

All Muslims say the same Shahadah – Muslim confession of faith – “There is no God but Allah; Mohammed is His prophet. That sounds innocent enough but is heavily loaded with meaning for all Muslims. The aims of Islam since its 7th century founding are to: 1) advance a worldwide caliphate with Shar’ia law as its enforcement tool. 2) To convert, subjugate or kill all unbelievers in Islam (infidels). Fourteen centuries of history don’t lie.

Shar’ia law tells Muslims how to conduct all aspects of their lives. Everything from how to conduct the affairs of government, community, justice, business, family, faith dress and personal hygiene is governed by this code of conduct. Islamic religious leaders control the courts and are empowered by the state to be judge, jury and executioner. We know what that means…we’ve all seen horrifying images of public beheadings, amputations and hangings. Mosque and State are one in the same.&nb sp; It’s not uncommon for Western “apologists” to be dismissive and unconcerned because that happens “over there.”

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Rifqa Bary knows what this means too and recognized the reality that Muslims believe their law is superior to and supersedes our Constitution and Bill of Rights. Rifqa took the possibility of her father killing her very seriously. Was her crime really that serious?

Bassem Chaaban, Operations Director of the Islamic Society of Central Florida said, “Apostasy is treason and punishable by death.” Rifqa new the moment she refused her father’s demand she repent and return to Islam could possibly result in her honor killing. Rifqa’s fear is justified. Amina and Sarah Said, two

Texas teens who left the Islamic faith, ran away from home but returned at the insistence of their mother. They were killed by their father on New Years Day, 2008. Aqsa Parvez, a Muslim teen in

Canada, stayed with friends, returned home and was murdered by her father for refusing to wear the Islamic hijab (headscarf).

Rifqa said, “Amina and Sarah…were forced to go back home. They were killed by their dad! How many more cases do you want? There’s case after case…hundreds of them. I am one of hundreds.”

Mohammad said, “Whoever changed his Islamic religion, then kill him”(Bukhari,vol.9,bk.84,no.57). This is a universal principle in Islamic Law. The six main schools of Islamic Law (Hanafi,Maliki,Shaf’I,Hanabali,Az-Zaidiyya,Al-Ithna-ashiriyyah) all agree that Ap ostates like 17 year old Rifqa Bary must be executed. The


Ohio Muslim community will put extreme social pressure on Mr. Bary to fulfill his legal obligations to Allah or possibly face ostracism from his community.

It’s time we “rise to the occasion (and) speak out where, not only women’s, but human rights are in question. Rifqa Bary’s life is at stake.

Alan Kornman

Mark Bernhardt

ACT! For


Orlando Chapter Coordinators

Email: actorlando1@gmail.com

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