Rick Warren, Saddlebrook & Marxist New Religious World Order.

Marxist Rick Warren (former member of radical American hating, socialists “Students for a Democratic Society”) and his false religion of the “purpose driven life” will not defeat the USA and its Christian faith in God. Rick Warren's promise of a Marxist Utopian society will never occur in this world.

God is the constant in our lives we can all rely on. He is the Alpha and omega, the beginning and ending. Those who live a life of emptiness are not satisfied with pleasures or promises of this world. Our thirsts for fulfillment can only be quenched by God in His Kingdom that is not of this world.

It may not be as much that things change as they stay the same and we perceive them differently. There has always been crime, poverty, greed, hatred and a myriad of other things that remain constant over the ages. Current attempts to destroy the USA with massive illegal alien invasion and replace it with Marxist one world order are not new, though this may be the most intensive effort made.

One of the biggest changes regarding a single product that caused an international stir was the change from old Coke to "New" Coke a couple of decades back. It was the last straw for me and many others who had come to accept the "old" product as a part of their life. The Coca Cola Company was inundated with requests to bring back the original recipe in their product.

Sales for "New" Coke suffered as the public demanded what they had loved and known to be the true coke for years. The company finally listened to its customers and brought the true old coke back to the market.

Similar changes in our religious organizations seem to mirror that change in old coke but in a much more critical and dangerous way. Our government, families, and lives, both physical and spiritual, are in dire danger because of “new world spirituality.” We may be able to suffer physical pain and loss of life or governmental freedom, but spiritual destruction is a loss we can not afford to bear.

The "New Era" Marxist one world order mega churches have deserted the old faith in Jesus Christ and Christian values our United States nation was founded on. They deny constancy of God and instead presumptuously suggest God “likes variety” and our faith should be able to accept variety in our belief systems. There is now no one God, except for one that would have common attributes to all world religions and different cultural values. There are now no unalterable truths, only relative truths. There are only God’s Marxist messengers that get the true scoop from God now.

Rick Warren one of the new preachers who talks to God on a daily personal basis, talked of his participation in the Students for a Democratic Society when he was younger. SDS was a radical student groups created in 1960 that reflected socialist ideals of the far left in protest of the Viet Nam war. It was the origin of many radical anti American communists and has again become a new societal force.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Students_for_a_Democratic_Society_(1960_organization) A few early SDS leaders went on to careers as Democratic Party politicians, including Tom Hayden, who is still active in politics and writing. Hayden is a former member of the legislature of the state of California and is well-known as the former husband of actress Jane Fonda, a prolific author, and a former candidate for offices such as Governor of California, Mayor of Los Angeles, and United States Senator.”

Rick Warren was swayed by many of the SDS socialist ideals and incorporated them with a world economic and management philosophy picked up from Peter Drucker. The ideology of one world government seemed to fit well with his idea of one world religion and its combination with an economic and management philosophy based on socialist concepts.

Many Marxist approaches used to gain acceptance of communist philosophy relies on peer pressure to persuade converts as do most good sales personnel.

Human beings are a species recognized for its dependency on group acceptance. It becomes a measure of self esteem, and self worth. That is why the aluminum siding salesman always says your neighbor four house up just got their gutters replaced and thought you may want to also.

Lonely outcasts are easy targets because communists promise something no government can really deliver. They promise love and acceptance of the group for individual outcasts. Once the sale is made or the government is taken over, those outcasts become slaves to the new tyrants.

Rick Warren’s wife Kay has a similar one world order objective and particularly is a fighter to rid the world of AIDS/HIV. Kay read a news magazine report on African AIDS orphans that made her cry. She didn’t know how she could do anything and decided to ask God what to do.

In an on air interview with Cynthia McFadden on ABC, she insisted that God talked to her directly and told her to fight to get the AIDS pandemic ended. She reported she was shocked by this demand from God. She told God, Like are you talking to me God? Like I am a soccer mom and I don’t know anything about AIDS or world health. Like God, can’t you find someone else to do this? God reportedly replied to her that no one else can carry the message like she can. So she said, “Like OK God.” (written story conflicts some with video coverage, Kay’s remarks were changed.) http://abcnews.go.com/Health/Story?id=3983833&page=2

You may find it odd that God told Kay Warren to take up the AIDS/HIV African cause when God surely would have known about the deception used to get more money for the AIDS hoax. The disease reportedly kills only 2.3 million a year in the world, while 7 million mostly children die of other infectious diseases than AIDS. The 2.3 million figure and numbers infected by AIDS/HIV have been summarily declared to be overstated by the United Nations. Many African nations are begging to have the AIDS funding redirected to more dangerous diseases.

It makes one wonder why God didn’t direct Kay to a cure for cancer or heart disease. God surely works in mysterious ways when talking to the Warren’s.

Maybe Kay Warren had a bad hook up without enough bars on her phone that day, God told her to work on the AIDS problem. Her husband Rick Warren must have all the bars on his connection with God because he is proving to be a great success with his new world Marxist religion he reports God has helped him implement. Warren says it is best to determine your spiritual success on how many customers you get to come to your church, not changes in their behavior but changes in the church to attract more customers.

http://www.crossroad.to/articles2/2003/1-purpose.htm“Focusing on the "customer's perspective" brings success. People feel satisfied. They come and they buy. When this process is applied to churches, it works! With polls and surveys, a church can easily uncover "felt needs" of unbelievers in the local community — then target their services to their intended consumers. Pastor Warren learned that lesson early from Robert Schuller — the "possibility thinker" who called Mikhail Gorbachev a Christian despite protests of this unrepentant Communist. The people-pleasing methods that worked so well at Crystal Cathedral would prove just as effective at Saddleback.

You might still wonder why pastors would focus on the felt needs of unbelievers rather than true needs of God's family. Doesn't this strategy turn God's principles upside down?

Yes, but it also attracts spiritual diversity needed for dialectic process — heart of today's transformation in churches as well as in business, education, government and other organizations. Dr. Robert Klenck summarizes it in his report on "The 21st Century Church:"

"…in this movement, it is imperative that unbelievers are brought into the church; otherwise, the process of continual change cannot begin. There must be an antithesis (unbelievers) present to oppose the thesis (believers), in order to move towards consensus.(compromise), and move the believers away from their moral absolutism (resistance to change). If all members of the church stand firm on the Word of God, and it’s final authority in all doctrine and tradition, then the church cannot and will not change. This is common faith. Soon, we will see why these “change agents” are pushing so hard for change to occur in the church."

Our most sacred institutions in the USA and world are being gradually destroyed by this evil scheme that uses our weaknesses to enslave us under Marxist one world order. The antithesis in each of these exercises is our existing institutions are the problem that prevents world piece and happiness. Once that problem is accepted as truth then it is necessary to change the institution to perfect the Marxist Utopian world. Christianity and its strict unyielding faith has been blamed for many of the worlds problems.

http://www.crossroad.to/Quotes/brainwashing/dialectic.htm From Small Groups and the Dialectic Process: Today's facilitated small groups or teams are not like old Bible studies many of us attended years ago. Back then, we discussed the Bible and its wonderful truths; now people dialogue until they reach an emotional form of unity based on "empathy" for diverse views and values. Dr. Robert Klench describes the process:

"Total Quality Management [TQM] is based upon the Hegelian dialectic, invented by Georg Wilhelm Freidrich Hegel, a transformational Marxist social psychologist. Briefly, the Hegelian dialectic process works like this:

Step one: define or create the problem in this case the belief in absolute word of God: a diverse group of people (in the church, this is a mixture of believers (thesis) and

Step Two: create opposition to the problem; introduce unbelievers (antithesis),

Step three: define a predetermined outcome with subtle use of peer pressure; in this case a destruction of the absolute faith: gather in a facilitated meeting (with a trained facilitator/teacher/group leader/change agent), using group dynamics (peer pressure), to discuss a social issue (or dialogue the Word of God), and reach a pre-determined outcome (consensus, compromise, or synthesis).

"When the Word of God is “dialogued” (as opposed to being taught didactically) between believers and unbelievers… and consensus is reached – agreement that all are comfortable with – then the message of God's Word has been watered down… and the participants have been conditioned to accept (and even celebrate) their compromise (synthesis). The new synthesis becomes the starting point (thesis) for the next meeting, and the process of continual change (innovation) continues.

"The fear of alienation from the group is the pressure that prevents an individual from standing firm for truth of the Word of God, and such a one usually remains silent (self-editing). The fear of man (rejection) overrides fear of God. The end result is a 'paradigm shift' in how one processes factual information."

Rick Warren in an interview with Time Magazine discussed his ties to Peter Drucker a motivational speaker known as a management theory guru. Drucker, now dead, came up with gold stars to motivate employees, and concepts of team, management by objective and other condescending ideas about motivation theory that predefines workers as fools who can be easily manipulated not motivated.

This theory reports competition is counterproductive and does not recognize differences in motivation of individuals. It assumes all people are equally motivated by the right team processes and group influences. If everyone sings the company song, each morning before going to work for minimal wage, who wouldn’t be motivated? It worked in Stalinist Russia didn’t it?

People either are or are not motivated. Gold stars will not bring lasting increased performance under any circumstances. Peer pressure is not always a positive influence regardless of how regimented or controlled the work environment is. The only thing management can do effectively is de-motivate workers by inane policies that treat every one equally regardless of performance levels. Drucker’s theories have been tried for years in communist societies and all have failed.

Drucker’s management philosophy was based on the concept of “communitarianism” a philosophy not unlike Marxist philosophy that designed a new social order to provide us with peace and harmony on earth. It defines the impact of communities in a leadership role as opposed to autonomous individuals. http://www.crossroad.to/glossary/communitarianism.htm

Communitarianism: Communitarianism emerged in the 1980s as a response to the limits of liberal theory and practice. Its dominant themes are that individual rights need to be balanced with social responsibilities, and that autonomous selves do not exist in isolation, but are shaped by the values and culture of communities… Communitarians would, again, shift the balance, arguing that the "I" is constituted through the "We" in a dynamic tension. (Just as in Hegel's & Marx' dialectic process] …

Rick Warren’s Marxist manipulative "Purpose Driven Life" is creating a Utopian empire not for glorification of God but glorification of Rick Warren's new world religion packaged to be able to sell to all customers in a global economy and government. The new religion emphasizes role of the church in shaping community values and individual duties based on what the community wants and defining responsibilities of individuals to comply with those duties. This global community will then be responsible for controlling individual behavior and not rely on set values established by rule of law. The community can always override individual’s rights in this society.

Government leaders will be guided by what they think is right and not the will of “We the People.” That sounds like what many treasonous corrupt USA politicians are doing now. They defy rule of law, and instead substitute their independent value judgment on what is the right thing to do.

The “purpose driven life” seems to parallel many management theories of new world economic order. The basic business model defines customers it is designed to reach and product it is to sell by motivated workers who manage by objectives defined in the business model by enlightened management.

It is impossible to reduce a factual religious based society to control of a communitarian society with “customers” to be sold on ideas of faith that can only come from God, and not Rick Warren, Peter Drucker or any other human being. Religious imposition of cultural values is one thing, a free society can accept. No society can be free when religions control the government instead of “We the People.” The objective is to destroy any religious influences that would slow the progression of Marxist one world conquest.

Mega Church product advertising for Marxist “Christianity” and product packaging to sell it better is more blasphemy than it is purpose driven lives for Christ, or a democratic republic. Global corporate mega churches, under direction of Rick Warren are worse than blasphemy. They are a precursor to hell on earth and in any after life for all of us.

Faith is not defined by mega churches that base their success on packaging the message of demagogues who presume to know God likes variety and is willing to compromise on values established in the Bible to assure “community values” are respected. The first freedom lost in that social order is freedom of speech under the guise of banning hate speech or providing for Fairness Doctrines.

Those precepts for creating the USA government of by and for the people with individual rights ordained by "God" are irrefutable and unchanging. The community can not take away those God given freedoms. Marxist Warren communitarianism can not be repackaged to accommodate enemies of freedom by designing a world wide network of “communities” to control our markets, our lives and our faiths. We can not reject our faith to make it acceptable for Marxist Rick Warren atheists, or other faiths that want to destroy us in the new world order of Stepford wives and husbands.

Warren reports a longing by people for something missing in their lives that can only be filled with his defined “purpose driven life.” That longing for Warren’s definition of what God is and how we should define our lives to serve “Him” can not be fulfilled with a community that defines cultural values. Those values are clearly defined in our faith and not by our community.

No society can survive without respecting those religious beliefs and faiths. Diversification of the USA society with competing religious faiths that do not permit individual freedom is playing a dangerous game of Russian roulette with all cylinders loaded. Destruction of the Christian faith is much more dangerous.

Warren’s Marxist deceit is not based on sound religious doctrine, it is based on what he and other Marxist one world order tyrants want the world to look like, not what God’s plan is.

"I charge you therefore before God and the Lord Jesus Christ, who will judge the living and the dead at His appearing and His kingdom: Preach the word! Be ready in season and out of season. Convince, rebuke, exhort, with all longsuffering and teaching. For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine, but according to their own desires, because they have itching ears, they will heap up for themselves teachers; and they will turn their ears away from the truth, and be turned aside to fables. But you be watchful in all things…." 2 Timothy 4:1-5


In this new social order, sexual perversions may readily be accepted as a community cultural value with responsibility of all individuals to accept. That conflicts with most religious faiths.

That “longing” many feel is not longing for “defining purpose in our life.” It is a longing for security and blessing we receive when we recognize peace and tranquility that comes from a real relationship with our God, not peer group acceptance. That peace can never exist in presence of Marxist mega churches or churches at all.

New religions and mega churches designed to appeal to mass markets are no better than "New Coke" was. It is "Old" Coke of Christian faith that really appeals to the thirst of a lost soul, a lost and lonely person without everlasting friendship and support of their living God, or promise of an everlasting life in the Kingdom of God.

That thirst for peace can only be quenched by God the Alpha and Omega. That thirst can only be quenched when we go home.

Revelation 21:6 – And he said unto me, It is done. I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end. I will give unto him that is a thirst of the fountain of the water of life freely.

Those of us who search for a fulfilling life, free of trials and tribulations, will never be satisfied, because the kingdom of God is not of this world. The Marxist Utopian society Rick Warren preaches as gospel does not exist and never will as long as evil exists in the hearts of men. We true believers know we too are not of this world but find peace knowing the kingdom of God awaits us true and faithful servants.


"The coming of the lawless one is according to the working of Satan, with all power, signs, and lying wonders, and with all unrighteous deception…." 2 Thessalonians 2:9-12

"The prophets prophesy lies in My name. I have not sent them, commanded them, nor spoken to them; they prophesy to you a false vision, divination, a worthless thing, and the deceit of their heart." Jeremiah 14:14

Both 2008 USA presidential candidates have paid homage to the Rick Warren Marxist one world faith. They and other primary candidates all swore to provide 50 billion dollars of aid for African AIDS/HIV while USA citizens die of more deadly diseases. Those who believe end times are near may finally be correct.

Akiro Kurosawa "In a mad world, only the mad are sane."

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