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by John Clark –
On Tonight’s Show –

Did 500,000 Americans make a grave mistake by dying to free African slaves during the civil war? Now most Americans say – yes!

Should President Lincoln have sent the post civil war blacks back to Africa as he stated at the time? Again Americans are saying – yes!

Who is stashing firearms in the Capitol which police are finding many of.

Will the CIA attempt to kill President Elect Donald J. Trump as they did JFK? Find out here at America Betrayed ~~

Should Mr. Al Sharpton [NYC] be arrested and imprisoned for owing millions of dollars in back – unpaid Taxes as other Americans have gone to jail for? Is this racial discrimination and committed only against white tax payers?

Should Congressman John Lewis be impeached?

Is ISIS working with Mexican drug cartels to commit terrorists attacks against American Cities and population therein?

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Our guest tonight: Mister X. He, Mr. X is our contact with Mexican govt.
Is Mexico on verge of Civil war?

Are the drug cartels working with ISIS to hit American Cities?

What does the average Mexican think of the WALL and what does the president of Mexico think? find out the answers to these questions on America Betrayed

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