“Republic Under Attack”

by George T. Weir –

On the 17th of September, 1787, the United States Constitution was signed into law, guaranteeing certain basic rights for its citizens. Signed by delegates to the Constitutional convention in Philadelphia and presided over by George Washington. From that day up until now there have been those that have found fault with this document and have tried to abolish or limit its effectiveness and thus making it null and void. True for the most part, these people have been ineffective in their efforts, probably because of their few in numbers, but as of late, that seems to have changed.

We are now entering a time when these that have been quietly setting by looking for the day that they could gain the influence and voting power to make the changes to our constitution that would give them front-row seats in making policy that will dramatically alter and stunt the hopes for a greater and even stronger republic under the banner of “We The People”.

These people are seeking a more central and powerful government which will be able to dictate to the citizens their every move, and to monopolize the voting block through lies, cover-ups, and pure dishonesty. But they also know in order to accomplish these dastardly deed, their must be constitutional changes, so where do they start? With a President with the same goals!

But one has to wonder, what are they thinking, and why do they think government can solve all problems, and not free people. Simple, they seek power, power to direct power away from “We the People” into a government we know as “Big Brother” in which the ultimate goal socialism.

The latest of the monstrous debacles is when the Senate decided to adopt new rules that will ease the confirmation process for most Presidential nominees. This change reduces the vote for nominees from sixty to fifty one. This virtually blows the filibuster out of the water, which has been used numerous times by both parties’ of the senate. The filibuster was a tool of the minority party to be used as a delaying and blocking tactic. We remember it vividly in the movie, “Mr. Smith Goes To Washington” where he stood his ground for twenty four hours, And subsequently won the day.

This rule change was engineered by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, (D, Nev.) and objected to strongly by the Republicans. The vote was 52-48 with all but three Democrats voting for the change.

At the present, this rule change would give any of the President picks for executive-branch and most judicial spots a clean bill of health without question from the republican side of the senate. Subsequent to this change, if there was a questionable pick by the President the Republicans could filibuster causing a delay or other changes necessary.

Senator Roy Blunt (R., Mo), predicted that this change would only intensify the polarizing of Washington politics.
On a broader consequence regarding the matter of policy change, this plays right into the hands of those looking for broader influence from the federal government. According to their bizarre and progressive intrusion and the audacious attempts to engage in their war on the U.S. republic and the constitution this is only another first step.

Back in 2009, after viewing the broad scope of all the Nations ills and where government need to step in, they set their sight on the health of America. Senate Majority leader Harry Reid, (yes the same mentioned above) introduced a bill which was called “The Senate Health Care Bill”. This same bill was later called the “Service Members Home Ownership Tax Act” and was passed 416-0 in the lower chamber. By the passing of this bill, we now have a health Care Bill for raising revenue.

So in order to put a much larger strangle-hold on the people the President Barack Obama signed the Affordable Heath Care Act, which is commonly called the Obamacare Health care.

From its conception it was a fraud, the President paraded the plan as a legitimate exercise of Congress to regulate interstate commerce. According to the Supreme Court they judged this act unconstitutional the way Obama present it to the public.

This far-left progressive administration knew that if they could get control of public health care, they would then have control of the most important part of their lives,..(Their health). Also very important, a large portion of the Nations economy would be under their control.

From its beginning this health care bill was considered socialized medicine, and it has proven out to be just that.
Finally after the President telling the people that this bill wasn’t a tax, Chief Justice John Roberts decided he would legislate instead of leading as a Chief Justice, and ruled the Affordable Health care act as a tax, which led to its passage.
But this brings up another can of worms, only the House has the power of the purse, but in its conception the bill was introduced and passed by the senate.

If the passage of this bill was passed as a Tax, then it has to be passed by the House of Representatives which it was not passed by the house. So this was and is an unconstitutional bill rammed down the throats of the American People.

Yes this republic is under attack by forces domestic and foreign, and it is “We The People” that must prevail in this struggle, else we will continue to see our basic and certain freedoms crumble one after one, bill after bill, until we have fallen into the trap of socialism.

In order for any democracy to flourish their must be a avenue of communication between the powers that be and the people of whom they represent, and this communication must be based on truth, else the citizens will be left in the dark pertaining to the vital issues of the day. The People can only make informed decisions concerning the choosing of their leaders when they have a clear understanding of the platform in which those seeking office adhere to, but sadly, with the electing of Barack Obama, the majority never “looked for, or cared about anything but electing the first black” now we know the rest of the story.

The only platform that Barack Obama presented to the nation was his promise to (Create a new America, out with the old, and in with the new). A Nation of distribution of wealth and the idea of socialized welfare, and that the idea of individual liberty should be replaced with policy of liberty selected by the government.

And the only way this could be accomplished was to promise great thing that the government could solve all the ills of America, and this sounded great, so blindly the majority of the people followed, and now we know the rest of the story.

We are now at a time in history in which lies are the norm, and truth is only for the convenience for the time.

Will the truth ever be known about the four Americans murdered in Bengazi? Will the truth about the internal revenue targeting the Tea Party and other conservative or will the subject be ever changing in order to continue the cover-up of this administration? Will we ever know to the extent of which Americans are spied upon through the wire-tapping and e-mails? The list could go on and on about the sensitive intelligence that is being kept on innocent Americans, and the left-wing engineering of the political Zealots that are plotting the (Remaking of America).

The basic truths an principles of this great nation are just as important, or possibly more important at these crossroads that lay before us, and the path of truth and honest must be taken, else, this republic cannot continue.

What we do is important, but what is more important is what the youth of this nation are being taught. They are the future, and they are the ones that will someday be making the vital decisions concerning the welfare of the country.

If there was ever a time to teach our children the hymn “The Battle hymn of the Republic” it is now.

George T. Weir

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