More Of The Renowned John Clark Net Broadcast And Radio Show: More ISLAM + AG Sessions

by John Clark – Host –

On America Betrayed this week our guests will be Ms. Orlean Koehle President of the Eagle Forum out of Calif. We will be discussing little known facts about Islam and why Islam & Islamists could never coexist with the American Constitution and culture especially with the ‘America First’ citizens.

Also Join us as an expert in the pedophilia field and who works with the San Diego-Police Dept. regarding Pedophilia in our Government. And why democrats are afraid of and that Attorney General J. Sessions will go after them and he also wants to deport Democratic voters ‘AKA’ (also Known as) Illegal Aliens

Join US wed 9 ET ~~ 6 pm PT and every Wednesday ~ Be There or be Unaware.

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