More Of The Renowned John Clark Internet & Radio Show. Illegal Aliens, HAARP, The Wall

Hosted by John Clark –

Our guests tonight From the “Eagle Forum”: Mr. Steve Jackson who is a foremost authority on the constitution. We will discuss that it is in violation of the Constitution to give citizenship to illegal aliens.

Joijning Steve will be Ms. Orlean Koele the President of California Eagle Forum with more information on the HAARP Array.

In the second half of show our guest will be our own roving reporter Mr. X. He is just returning from taking pictures of the eight wall samples, Promised by President Trump, intended for the Southern border with Mexico. The pictures will soon appear here on and he will tell us why he is against the building of the wall.

Tune in:  Wed. the 15th 2017~ on Join us at ~ 9 PM ~ ET ~ 6 PM ~ PT =

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