Religion: “The Great Gulf That Separate Each”

 by George T. Weir –

Religion and Politics, can either dictate to the other when there is no agreement, can religions which are fractured, and each having created ideologies and creeds that allow wars to flourish and ferment hate and distrust between it’s members agree to any form of politics, or will the fractured religions bow to the will of politics?

The Middle East is being torn apart by religion and the politics of religion. Egypt, a predominately Muslim country is in a war of Muslims killing Muslims in the name of religion.

Christians are also coming under attack, the burning of churches and the killing of Christians just for being Christian, all in the name of  the Muslim religion.

The Middle East isn’t the only region that this miss-use of religion is taking place, America is no exception, on any given day, the separation of church and state will be argued in the highest offices of our Capital, and on the streets of our land, and in the town halls and coffee shops, religion and politics seem to be a continues division between the people.

Such as, Gays in the clergy, the rights of the un-born, secular politics pitted against the long held beliefs of people of religion. These long held beliefs are deep within the citizens of America, but at times they feel that their voice is not being heard, and at times the division is evident and from this division, different opinion groups spring into action by forming different ideologies based on their narrow interpretation of scripture.

The framers of our Constitution were not shy when referring to a (Higher Power), but we the people seem to believe that this higher power is only our higher power, and that we are privileged in our beliefs and in our own form of religion that we have all the truth.

From the very beginning of time, man has been guided by the believeth in a “Higher Power’, sometimes this believeth was a cause for good, but as history teaches us, it has also been used as a cause for hate and destruction.

Which brings us to religion in our modern day, as we awake in the morning, and pick up the news paper, or turn on the TV looking for the news of the day, we hear of wars raging between religions, each reaching for domination over the other, to the point that brother is at war with brother, and their children are taught to hate and distrust even their neighbor.

If this were a new thing, and if the world had not known anything but peace and harmony through out these many centuries the problem of the religious wars might seem more reachable, but not so, the divide between the different religions are impassable and to wide to solve through wars, I believe.

Egypt is under siege, the country is being torn apart, Muslim killing Muslim, Christian churches be torched and Christians be murdered, or forced to leave their homes, (For The Love of God) I don’t think so, but for the (Ideology of some due to religion) and the power of politics.

Religion is pure, it encourages one to love his neighbor, to help the poor and the sick, and the down trodden. Pure religion teaches us that life is precious, and is to be respected and protected.

It also teaches that the spreading of one’s religion cannot be obtained through violence, but through kindness and understanding of one another. True religion doesn’t attempt to manipulate hearts and minds, but only to elevate and lift the human spirit.

So why wage wars under the flag of some religion, and the ideology of spreading religion through the point of the spear?

In America we have learned to limit and close the wide gulf of religion through (dialog), and for the most part, (tolerance), yes we have our differences, and sometime these differences may end up in arguments, but being a Christian Nation, we force no one to join any church.

Jesus has invited all to come to him, but he has given all men their agency to choose.

Jesus stated his role in the world affairs so clearly in the book of St. John by saying, “The thief cometh not, but to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly”.

The world is now under threat from those that wish to impose religion, and that believe it is their mandate to force the world to bend to their ideology, truly these are sent to steal, and to kill, and to destroy, and the gulf between pure religion and their murderous ways couldn’t be wider.

I often wonder, where does our government stand, have they opened the doors to those that are intent on changing the Christian Heritage of America.

Truly this way of life, and the freedom that we enjoy is in jeopardy by those that are intent on victory without a shot fired.

The issue of freedom to choose, will be no more heard in the sanctuaries of our churches if Christians everywhere lay down their swords of faith, and their resolve to endure to the end.

In these last day’s, the divide between religion will grow even wider, and wars will be heard from all corners of the globe,( but pure religion), love thy neighbor could unite the people, and the sound of war drums would never be heard.

George T. Weir

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