Relaunch Of The Renowned John Clark Internet Broadcast & Radio Show

by John Clark –

The Truth About Marilyn Monroe, Martin L. King, DB Cooper

John Clark Host ~ 8.Aug.2016 Wed @ 6 pm Eastern and 9 pm Pacific time. + More! Be There Or Be Unaware…

The American Voice – Radio / Internet Program

The crooked FBI is trying to close the Jimmy Hoffa case and say that Mr. Frank Sheeran shot Mr. Hoffa. I tell you that is utterly inaccurate. Frank Sheeran owned a pig farm and that is where they ground up Jimmy Hoffa and fed the remains to the pigs. This is the Relaunch of the renowned John Clark imternet broadcast and Radio show:

Tune in to my show wed @ 6 pm pt 9 pm eat @ to find out who really killed Hoffa and the many others. John Clark “America Betrayed” is name of the show. Finally, you will hear the truth about Marilyn Monroe, Martin L. King, DB Cooper and many others, tune in tonight.

John Clark is the Author 2 books and the image attached is Dead Angel. The Other is Pozan.

Dead Angel is the story of Clark growing up with the Band leader Jerry Garcia and the Poznan book is about ……….!  Check it out!

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