Relaunch Of The Renowned John Clark Internet Broadcast & Radio Show # 2

by John Clark –

Tonight’s Show The Truth About Congressman Sonny Bono’s Assassination …

This is the continuation of the Relaunch of the renowned John Clark internet broadcast and Radio show:

Tune in to my show wed @ 6 pm pt 9 pm ET – – to find out who, why and how Sonny Bono was Assassinated, was it a Skiing accident or Elements of our own Govt?

Finally you will find out the true story Wednesday it was Uncovered by a top FBI officer who was later Assassinated himself.

Mr Clark was a congressional liaison for many years and also a investigative journalist John Clark is an Award winning documentary film maker.

He is also the Author of 2 books Dead Angel is the story of Clark growing up with his childhood friend the Band leader Jerry Garcia and the Pozan book is about ……….! Check it out! Scary! both books can be found at

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