Red, Blue, And Obama, Still Round Peg In Square Hole Doesn’t Work

 by George Weir –

True in a perfect world, and with reasonable minded leaders one would think that after such a beating as the democrats took on November 4ththey just might take another look at their policies, and take a look across the isle and consider, what do they have that I haven’t?

The obvious thing is, the Republicans got more votes, but what does that tell the democrats?  Absolutely nothing.   They will surly blame their defeat on those that decided to set this one out, and that their miserable defeat had nothing to do with their policies or their vision for America.

The President didn’t even wait until the ink was dry from the election when he declared unto the American people that he had pen in hand and that he was going to use his executive privilege in passing whatever he damn well pleased, starting with immigration, completely defying the immigration laws that are currently in force.  No mention of securing the border, or stopping ISIS in their tracks when trying to cross into America from the open borders on the south and also on the North.  All I can make of this is, (the President just doesn’t like his job).

Before the election the President promised the American people that their would be no troops on the ground in the (No War) that is taking place in Syria and Iraq, but now he has ordered 1500 troops into the conflict.  But of course, they are there to instruct, and train, but what are they to do when fired upon? They will then be combat soldiers in a war zone.  Again, the President is trying to pound a round peg into a square hole.

This election has proven this much, to many of Americans the Constitution is still in force in their hearts and minds.  For the past six years the President and the Senate under the watchful eye of Harry Reed has either attempted to re-write or skirt around the precepts in this great document that has served America well from its conception, but now the people have spoken, and have spoken loud and clear,  (Bring back America to it’s greatness, and uphold it’s constitution).

Another thing the America people are longing for is this….(Honesty).

With this mid-term election past the American people will be turning their attention to the general election in 2016.   During the next two years the people will be bombarded with promise after promise, the left will have appealing things to say to their side and the republicans will in no doubt have appealing things to say to their side, but the American people will need to grow up.  What I mean by this is….”If something sounds too good to be true, it probably isn’t.”

It surly has become apparent to President Obama by now that it’s difficult to lead the American People around like puppets. (Pull this string and they will come around to my way)may work in the world that he envisions, or the kingship that he envisions for himself, but America is not a third world country, and the people don’t consider themselves a third world citizen, they consider themselves citizens of a free and independent Nation, not having to bow to any country, or except their ideology and most o all their religion.

But for the past six years President Obama has by his own kingship attempted to change the long held Christian identity in which this nation was founded, instead opening wide the door for those that wish Christianity and the long held social aspects of Christian religion, such as, gay marriage, and the long held Christian foundation toward strong family’s and their right to express their freedom in their religion, but, on the contrary, this administration has amassed a large effort to stiffly the voices of the Christian community, but, now it is evident to all and hopefully the President, this effort hasn’t worked, (This square peg just will not work in the round hole) and by putting more effort into matters that will work for the American people makes more sense.

Surly this newly elected Republican Congress is facing a foe that is intent on throwing a roadblock at every turn, and it will surly take true grit to withstand the lies and more lies from the left, but, they also have the opportunity of a life time, and that is to educate the American people.

The American People need to see how honest, hard working politicians can make a difference in the attitude and the prosperity of the nation.

For years now the people have seen how the lies and more lies and the scandalous and immoral behavior of this administration has brought this great nation from it’s prestigious and powerful influence throughout the world to it’s diminished standing and influence, brought about by a president that considered himself a king, instead of a president by the people.  This square peg may fit in some country’s , but not in America.

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