Recreated World

…. “As you know, I am Dr. Checky the chairman of the newly formed simulated sexual activity department ‘SSAD’. Needless to say, everyone here has been thoroughly vetted and has been issued top-secret clearance. All of you have been independently utilizing your special disciplines for this joint effort.” “At this time I will ask Dr. Von Reisen to summarize briefly the opportunity for SSAD to remake the world as we know it into a world populated by more ‘desirable’ human beings, “Dr Von Reisen”.

“Thank you Dr. Checky. Our mission is to eliminate most of the current population of the earth while we concurrently repopulate the earth with humans bred from a scientifically selected gene pool, in a very controlled environment. Already we have taken giant steps in that direction. There were, as you are aware, many steps involved in this process.

First, it was necessary to find an appropriate method to harness the intense sex drive inherent in the human race as it strives to perpetuate its self.

Secondly, we had to assist nature in the physical creation of a child by building a womb, if you will, necessary to house and feed the child resulting from the fertilization process.

Thirdly, it was necessary to determine the best method for rapid human depopulation”.

“Thank you Dr. Von Reisen”. “Let us now examine, in detail, each aspect of our testing, and, the results.” “You have the floor Dr. Washington”.

Thank you Dr. Checky“. My specialty is thought transference as it is related to human sexual behavior. This is a relatively new field of study, which my team and I have developed and are applying with great success. Simply stated, in a select environment, made available to the subject, any internal vision, thought, of a sexual encounter will trigger appropriate reactions in the brain, resulting in the very real satisfactory sexual experience complete with the usual physical results. In essence, a non-physical encounter will replace the sexual act as we now know it today. Since there will be no body contact, obviously, no pregnancies will result from this activity. The select environment could be in any location were the subject is in the area of the invisible beams from the generation sources. These sources could be pleasure houses constructed for this purpose. Further, we are already quite advanced in testing beams generated at our space stations. These beams will reach most of the humans on earth. Unintended but favorable side results are the obliteration of prostitution and ridding society of rapists, and child abusers who will no longer have the need to commit these crimes.”

“Thank you Dr. Washington”. “Dr. Chin, would you please bring us up to date on your testing of the artificial womb and the proper nutrient solution to be precisely metered to the baby”.

“Thank you Dr. Checky. As you know, since Dr. Liu’s work with ectogenesis, it was proven possible to extract cells from a woman’s body, o and grow them in a laboratory womb. Those experiments had to be stopped due to Federal outlawing of in-vitro fertilization (IVF). However, we have carried on these experiments for several years under a ‘black’ program designation and have achieved measurable success. Naturally, all cells necessary for repopulation have been, and will continue to be, harvested from donors ‘best suited’ to benefit society as a whole.

“Thank you Dr. Chin. Next, to be discussed is the earth depopulation project. Dr. Schmef” if you please.

“Thank you Dr. Checky. Earth depopulation will occur in several steps.

The first step obviously is in putting in place the SSAD project. Once the public is educated to the unlimited sex available with no possibility of disease, unplanned pregnancies will be all most negligible. Population will decrease dramatically.

Secondly, if desired, wave intensity of the projected beams could be increased in ‘certain areas’ of the world, which would result in sexual stimulation overload and termination of the subject while in passion. Further, our studies indicate that in two decades world population will be cut by fifty percent, while at the same time a very select, very worthy , new population base would be taking root. We will, at that time, see rebirth of man.”

“I want to thank all of you for the untiring effort you have placed into this SSAD program. I am certain that the appropriate leadership will enthusiastically endorse this project. I will have final word for you in a very short time.”


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