Reality Check – Charlottesville

by Deanna L. Ortner –

Unfortunately, in Charlottesville, innocents on both sides, like Heather Heyer, & useful idiots, like the corporate CEOs, RINO GOP & too many in conservative media, became bit players in this war of ideas. This war between Global Fascism & sovereign countries/peoples free to rule themselves plays out world-wide with BREXIT & the election of Trump.

Founded by Democrats as militarized wing of DNC, KKK ideology is based in Socialism.  DNC ideology inspired Hitler’s policies & his ‘Final Solution’ was an extension of Democrats’ eugenics.  Nazis are National Socialists, not American conservatives.  White Supremacists are also Socialists. OK City Bomber Timothy McVeigh wrote 30 pages extolling Karl Marx, in addition to attending KKK, Neo-Nazi & White Supremacist meetings.  Sadly, McVeigh & all these Socialist hate groups are labeled “Right-Wing” or “Alt-Right” by extreme Leftists, who are then parroted by unthinking, uninformed talking heads & some dishonest media.

Socialist “Unite the Right” organizer, Richard Spencer, backed Obama previously.  Just Spencer’s choice of rally slogan makes me suspicious that he’s funded by Soros et al to discredit Republicans & conservatives.

Socialists are only “Right” of Communists.  White Supremacist ‘Counter-Protesters’ are Communists.  Antifa, BLM, Workers Party & others are funded by Communist front groups & Fascist George Soros.  Socialists & Communists clashed in 1930s Germany and in Charlottesville last week.

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