The Real Americans: Are Simply Taking Care of Business

by George Weir –

I seem to have spent a lot of time lately writing about an out-of- control President, and a congress which is very reminiscent of the cartoons “Looney Tunes” and a judicial system which apparently check their horoscope before handing down decisions of any great importance. These are subjects that matter a great deal to the American people, but, I would like to spend a little time writing about the “Real Americans”. True we don’t hear much about them. It could be that they are busy threading the needle which is still knitting the fabric of the country that they love, or fighting in the military defending the country that they love, the truth is, with all the craziness we see and read about, the real folks are intact, and will stay intact.

Recently, the small city that I live in lost all natural gas, and that is the primary source of energy and the primary source of heat.  And this all happened during the coldest part of our winter, and in North Texas it does get cold.  The temperature stayed in the teens for about five days, and that is how long it took for the gas company to restore service to our city.  The gas company brought in crews from Oklahoma to help turn on the gas, and to make sure that safety was observed and the people were safe.  Every meter had to be turned off. Then after repairs every meter had to be turned back on, and to say the lest…(The people were cold) but neighbor helping neighbor, also the red cross was their to help with food and shelter, actually it was an experience none of us will soon forget.

In times as this we find the true American spirit.  For awhile at lest we didn’t have any (Big I or little U’s) we all needed help, and the people pitched in to help each other, if someone had a electric heater they could spare, they made sure someone got it that needed it, and this cooporation between neighbors worked.

The crews from Oklahoma worked day and night to restore the power, and, I might add, I never heard a grumble or complaint, these are the working men and women of America, the people that one never hears about rioting in the streets, nor forever demanding something for nothing.  Probably their names will never be on the front page of the news paper, but do they care, (Heck No!) they are busy raising their families and keeping the hope of America alive.

Indeed this has been a brutal winter for most of the country, and the experience that happened to my city is happening now in the North East, icy roads and downed power lines, which has left thousands of people in the dark and cold.

I only know what I see on TV concerning the destruction and the hardships which has heaped misery on thousands of people, but I do see the man and women out in the cold day and night doing their best to restore life back to normal for the cold and stranded. Yes these are the people out of the lime-light, these are the people that make life enjoyable for the rest of us, yes, these are Americans at their best.

In my part of the world, I can drive down the highways, or take the back roads and see the fabric of America, whether it be men working in the oil fields or the cowboys out fixing their fences, or the men and women repairing our roads; no these are not the people you see carrying banners and chanting slogans about how bad the nation has treated them; no these people are just to busy working without the nonsense that others are involved in.

Over the years I have spent a lot of time drinking coffee with the locals, some republicans, some democrats, and yes politics would pop up in the conversation, but most of the time the conversation would be about the price of oil or the price of corn or what we might expect in the weather the coming month. In most cases we found it better to respectably disagree on any subject than it was to argue about the problem, see we were all neighbors, just working Americans, that’s who we were.

It was commonly agreed among most that most of the trouble in Washington could be fixed with a little bailing wire and a little duck tape, and the common sense to use them.

The final score of America is at the moment unclear, but, unless these common Americans, those that are willing to work and to study the issues that this great nation is facing and finally decide to let their voices be heard and demand honesty in government, well then America is in for a tough haul in the future, because there are many in America that Just don’t Care, it’s sad but true.

I’m putting my money on the hard working, God fearing common folk, which make up the fabric of America, those that are will give their neighbors a helping hand when needed, and those that are willing to work day and night to restore sanity and health back to a torn and divided nation .

Many seem to believe it’s to late, but it ain’t, if the people will put the shoulder to the wheel and push.   The American people have overcome wars and wars, and even now rumors of more war, (we Can Cut It).

I’ll be the first to admit, “I’m sorta sot-n-my ways”.  The late forties and early fifties were the years that probably shaped my thinking.   I still remember the big cars and cheap gas.  If one had a five dollar bill, he could buy a dollars worth of gas and buy a six-pack of beer and still have enough money to go fishing and probably come back with a little money left over, those were the days of prosperity, and loyalty to ones country.

In those day a man or woman at times would be required to work long hours, sometimes twelve to sixteen hours, no the pay wasn’t great, but, a man or woman felt as if he was making his way, not depending on the government  to feed and clothe their family’s, and at the end of the day a man could  rest assured that he had earned his money in an honest way.

I realize that a lot of water has passed under the bridge since those days, and society in part has changed more to a society of dependency, but, this isn’t the whole story, hard work and honesty, and the desire to be a part of the great society is still well and alive.

These are the people, the people that still believe in giving of themselves in order to make a more perfect union, and a nation that will still be the light which broadens the life of all.

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