Ready to get Mad Dog Mean?

Are Conservatives so Ashamed of Washington that you are Ready to get Mad Dog Mean?

Are you like millions of conservatives who realize the people in charge of our government are a bunch of losers? Has it hit you that many in the new “administration” would fail a Form 86 application to work in the post office? Are you fairly ashamed knowing a horde of ex-convicts and drug addicts called ACORN decided our future via voter fraud? Are you truly ashamed to admit you don’t know if your President is even a U.S. citizen and that his background and mentors were the kinds of people you were raised to abhor?

Ashamed that the new White House hosts lavish nightly parties while Americans go hungry? Does your blood pressure rise knowing this new Marxist regime is giving Arab murderers $920.3 million of your tax dollars to continue killing the bloodline of your savior Jesus Christ? Would you be ashamed to tell a foreign visitor your “President” said “If the political winds shift in an ugly direction I will side with the Muslims” in a world where these same Muslims are slaughtering innocent humans around the globe?

Are you fed-up with crybaby Democrats STILL snipping at Sarah Palin while their part time Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi guzzles nearly 6 million dollars a year in airfare expense shuttling between her 3 day a week job? This waste of your money is beyond ridiculous and into criminal behavior called “theft.” Would any sane corporation “hope” to stay in business paying $6 million a year on travel expenses for a $212,000 job? Entitlement socialists will steal your money for their own self aggrandizement. She also flies her relatives courtesy of your wallet. My pyrotechnic linguistic abilities are no match for the disdain I hold for these people destroying my country.

While Conservatives are slogging across the imaginary wasteland of “things will get better” the gang of thugs, incompetents, Marxists, Communists and Muslims running OUR nation are laughing at us. It’s past time to bite back. These sycophants running your country are embracing Islam, and are warning you that if you can’t say anything nice about Muslims then you are an Islamophobe. Remind these insane idiots Islam is killing people TODAY just because they are not Muslim. Better yet; send this video to bring your Congressman up to speed. These are "the boss' new friends".

Are you embarrassed that people like Hussein, Pelosi, Harry Reid and Barney Franks actually make decisions on your behalf when you wouldn’t hire them under your employ? Since they came to “power,” Americans have lost $3 trillion in wealth and markets have plummeted 30 per cent. The Communist Saul Alinsky methods of wrecking our economy and destroying our capitalist system are working for those who feel the standard of living for the masses can be improved by destroying the most productive generators of wealth.

Angry that you even know someone who voted for Barack Hussein Obama? Be sure to thank them for trading our freedom for the chance to feel good.

Does is make you mad as hell that some of our elected officials use the liberal-left “Snopes” to get the scoop on security issues? Are you angry when this gang of leftist creeps degrades your military in front of global television? Now that it is sinking in who this President has surrounded himself with, whom his friends are, and who he chose to be mentored by, do you recall your parents telling you “You are the company you keep?”

Do you get mad that Washington will do nothing to stem the tide of Mexican and Muslim immigration into your country because they want to reverse civil rights in America? Has it sunk in that the new power leadership hates white people, as he alluded to in his books and his wife stated in her college paper? Did you think they were lying when they wrote this trash? Mad at yourself, eh? Or are you mad at the Hitleresque propaganda known as “campaign bullshit” that swooned the uneducated masses with sound bytes and empty promises? Are you bitter at a left-wing media that sold America this “change” to Marxism for no other reason than being positively giddy for a black candidate regardless of his friends and beliefs?

Changing this catastrophic mess will take work. Begin pounding your elected representatives with your disgust; and that of your friends and neighbors. The squeaky wheel gets the grease, an axiom we hope that not only communists understand.

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