Radical Clinton Appointee ignores Federal Law

Circumventing the Constitution is the foundation of the anti-American agenda that compels the ACLU to engage in a nation-wide, federal judge, shopping spree. This is how it works: the political arm of the radicalized left, such as ex-President Clinton, would appoint judicial activists like San Francisco-based, U.S. District Judge Maxine M. Chesney; a lock step, leftist agenda devotee who then carries out the bidding of their master – the ACLU. Their modus operandi is simple; super legislate from the bench in order to circumvent the Constitution, the will of the American people and every law blocking the institution of their radicalized agenda.

Case in point, Chesney recently issued a ruling that bars the Dept. of Homeland Security from initiating a program that notifies employers about suspect social security numbers. Chesney conveniently ignored a federal law that makes it a criminal offense to use illegal social security numbers. Chesney’s ruling, typical nonsense from a radical, leftist judge, blocks the government’s attempt to enforce federal law. Chesney behaved like an obedient, leftist ideologue; a necessary cog in her master’s ultimate plan. She blacked out on reality by ignoring federal laws already on the books in order to grease the way for the ACLU to clog the court system with another bogus civil rights violation.

This well-oiled, well-functioning machine is working hard to shred the Constitution to bits while attempting to institute a radical, left-wing agenda. No surprise, that this audacious, judicial activism is coming out of California. La Raza-inspired legislation is the specialty of the house in California. One way to put a stop to the ACLU and its agenda of illegal immigrant activist legislation is to impeach Chesney for obstruction of justice. Her blatantly, radical ruling prevents enforcement of Federal laws already in place.

The use of stolen or fake social security numbers is a crime whose offenders have been found in the illegal immigrant work force. This is not a racist statement, it’s a statement of fact. Note to the ACLU and other illegal immigrant activists: labeling anyone who even questions illegal immigration, as a racist, has lost its effectiveness. Nobody is buying it anymore. It’s just one more of those tiresome, leftist tactics that has lost its front-cover glossiness.

One has got to wonder about the frustration of someone going through legal channels to become an American citizen. The sum of their experience thus far, has been nothing, but red tape, and more red tape. Most of them have been bogged down in the process for years. We’ve all heard the horror stories of the legal cost and the years spent waiting for something, anything to happen. It’s a miscarriage of justice for these people, yet the ACLU couldn’t care less about these immigrants. Why? Is it because the ACLU is prejudiced against immigrants? That’s exactly the case, you see legal immigrants have been rejected by the ACLU because they are ineffective levers, who can’t be used, like illegal immigrants can be used, to implement an elitist, social engineering agenda. Simply put, these immigrants are of no use to the ACLU and their agenda, thus, the ACLU won’t lift a crooked finger to help them. Meanwhile, at a courthouse near you, the ACLU is actively engaged in hijacking the judicial system to bestow invalid rights upon people who are in this country illegally.

It’s pretty, darn blatant, don’t you think? I wonder if the ACLU propagandists are just too exhausted to continue publishing stealth garbage to brainwash the American people? After all, they’ve been at it since the ‘60’s. Maybe they’ve hit retirement and the young upstarts replacing them are unduly brash and impatient. It’s hard to tell, but one thing is for sure, the ever-shady ACLU seems to have shifted into high gear. The political arm really has done a terrific job of putting their people in place. Now, that their people are embedded, it’s time to use them. If their people hope to have any kind of career, they had better ‘put out’, and you know what that means.

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