(Racist) National African American Museum In DC Defines ‘Whiteness’

by David Kamioner –

(NWS Ed. Here we have the Africans in America actual ‘Systemic Racism’ on display. I will never visit that Racist Anti-America Museum.)

A taxpayer-funded museum in Washington, D.C. recently funded and displayed a chart trying to vilify “whiteness,” though strangely in a way that promoted many of the positive aspects of the Protestant work ethic and traditional American cultural values.

… That the chart was ever displayed at all speaks to the complete cultural and intellectual bankruptcy of the people who run the museum. Imagine if a chart on “blackness” that included the allegedly negative traits of black people was featured by a taxpayer-funded museum. It would be a horrendous and bigoted mistake. As we once more elucidate, racism is racism no matter whom the target.

The museum’s display separated “aspects and assumptions of whiteness” into subtopics such as “rugged individualism” and “history.” For example, under “future orientation,” the graphic listed “delayed gratification” and “planning for the future” as concepts championed by whites. …

… ‘” Other traits of “whiteness” are: “Objective, rational linear thinking”; “cause and effect relationships”; hard work being the key to “success”; respect for authority; “decision-making”; a “steak and potatoes” aesthetic; children having their own rooms in a household; and the idea that “intent counts” in justice. All excellent things, but only available to whites? Again, the inadvertent racism of PC. || July 20, 2020


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