Quantum Leap: Fiction Or Fact?

by George Weir –

Recently I found myself surfing the channels looking for my favorite cowboy shows, but none could be found, then suddenly I came upon the science channel, and the subject was on “Quantum Leap”.

Naturally I had no idea what quantum leap was so I opened up another soda and settled in for the ride.  I watched for about an hour realizing that I was getting even more confused as the program proceeded and at the end of the program I was completely mystified by what these learned men were trying to tell me.  So, like any red –blooded American I resorted to the internet, they say that one can find out all sorts of things on the web, but now I’m not so sure.

I did find some very informative articles that should have made my journey toward understanding quantum leap a lot shorter, but that wasn’t the case, all my world has been involved in smell, taste, feel, and see, but quantum leap was something very different, then I began to question, was quantum leap fiction or fact?

Listed below are some of the related articles

Quantum Leap…A sudden large change, development, or improvement, and abrupt change, sudden increase or dramatic advance.

Quantum Jump…Physics.  An abrupt transition of a system by quantum mechanics from one of it’s discrete states to another, as the fall of an electron in an atom to an orbit of lower energy.

Atomic electron transition… is a change of an electron from one quantum state to another within an atom.

Quantum theory …quantum theory is the theoretical basis of modern physics that explain the nature of areas, including quantum optics, quantum chemistry, quantum computing.

These are but a few articles that can be found, but after exhausting all my imagine toward quantum leaps, I found myself with even more questions that I had before starting, but, soon I found this, “quantum leap for dummies” finally I thought that I had found something that even I could understand.

After searching and searching for something that I could understand, I had to settle on this well thought out thesis on quantum physics….”At the quantum level,..The level of subatomic particles, most physicists think it is all chance and randomness.  Probabilities rather than certainty or causality are supposed to rule.  It is only when an observation is made that the function that determines these probabilities, the wave function, is said to collapse into a specific state. Before that all possibilities are said to coexist or are superimposed”.

After studying this article very carefully, and comparing it to other articles on the same subject I it became very clear to me that I needed to stick to what I know best (fishing).

After looking back on the subject of quantum leap their does seem to be some practical uses if applied correctly, such as in the first article that I researched describing quantum leaps.

It described quantum leaps as a “Sudden large change” I can’t remember is recent history when we needed a quantum leap any more than we do now right in the middle of our federal Government.  Sure it would be a shocker to see the congress and the President decide on something constructive for the nation, but it’s something that I believe we could get accustomed to very quickly.  Hopefully we can apply the quantum leap in the upcoming elections, and create a “Sudden large Change”.

Quantum leap also refers to a development or improvement.  With a quantum leap in Washington, we just might see a development in the area of jobs, or a development in the energy sector, or possibly a development in the XL keystone pipeline, or if lucky, their just might be a development in the reversal of many of the job killing regulations which have those that are contemplating expanding their business at a stand still.

One would think that congress and the President would welcome improvement when their ratings are at negative numbers. One would think they would be praying for some quantum leap in their favorability.

Quantum leap is also an abrupt change.  I suppose that there are some well learned scientist that believe that in the future we can transport our matter into a different place by some quantum leap, well that would certainly save on fuel, and the wear and tear on our cars, but, when I think about “Abrupt Change” I can’t help but thing of mental and moral change.  Not only would be this quantum leap be welcome in Washington, but, our nation would be better served with this abrupt change in the hearts of all those that seek to re-write the constitution in which flows all our liberty.

Quantum also refers to a sudden increase.   I really have no idea what this quantum increase might be.  Does quantum increase suddenly put more money in the pockets, or does quantum increase cause one to have a longer life?   Frankly I don’t know, but when I think of increase I think of the increase in patriotism and increase in the level in which the American people devote their time and energy into the development of an American fabric that will only increase in strength throughout the coming years.

Quantum also speaks of a dramatic advance.  Surely it’s not supposing that there will be an advance of the speed of light or the speed of sounds, through quantum physics, or possibly the idea of advancing of the global warming?   Frankly I’m not sure, but for me, dramatic advance could mean the advancement of medicine, or the advancement of knowledge, or the advancement of a more moral society.

I really doubt that quantum physics will ever have any effect on these things I have mentioned only “We The People” can bring about these dramatic changes.  Sure we like to dream about some physic miracle bringing about a better tomorrow and I have no doubt that we will see things that will astound us, things that are at the moment unheard of, but, for this present time and place, our future will fully depend on the seed that we plant concerning our family’s and our nation.  

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