Putin’s Invasion Into Crimea, Obama’s Invasion Into America

by George Weir –

On March 1st 2014, while the government of Kiev was in disarray, Russia made their move into Crimea following a unanimous vote by Russia’s Upper House of Parliament.  President Vladimir Putin then had a green light to send troops into the neighboring country of Ukraine.  This bold and unwarranted move by Russia probably came to no surprise to those in Ukraine and in particular to those that have watched the climate of the geopolitical world, as we all remember the debate between Obama and Mitt Romney, even then Mitt Romney warned of the events that should have given the Obama administration a heads-up concerning the growing ambitions of Russia, but apparently Obama believed the restart treaty would solve all problems concerning the expansion of the former USSR.

For Americans the invasion into Crimea is something that should be a wake-up call to the dangers of nations invading other nations.  We sometimes believe that these invasion just happen in other parts of the world, and up to now that has been true, we have seen the military’s of other nations move into neighboring country’s with the sole intent of occupying and controlling the people (without their consent).  We send war correspondents’ to the action and they relay back to us the horrors and the bloodshed, and for the rest of us, we feel untouched and safe from military efforts, and we may be, but, the invasion of our liberty, which comes under the radar, and is directed through a political machine that is working quietly through the night, hopefully not to be detected by the public, this is a form of war against the people, and the weapons are lies and deception, which has been used by dictators throughout the history of mankind.

When President Obama came into office, his promise was to change America, and that he has, He has invaded our liberty by passing laws using executive orders and by-passing congress, and under the radar trampled the very constitution in which this nation was founded.  With his efforts of social engineering, Obama has inflated the false hopes of the people with the idea of something for nothing, which America has never adopted as a way of life or happiness.  Our founding fathers set in motion the three branches of government for the purpose of checks and balances, assuring the people that the days of living under a king-ship would never happen under this new constitution which would be by the people, and for the people.  President Obama also promised that his administration would be the most transparent in our history, but look at it now, lies, lies and more lies, he has brought the government to the point where no one in his cabinet will take responsibility for anything, but they are good at passing the buck to the next.   And Obama’s take on foreign relations is simple, just bow to the kings and Queens, shake their hand and smile real big, and tell them that we are living in a different time and place, and that we are down-sizing our military, and we just want to get along and be friends, that would work in a perfect world, but, we are not living in a perfect world, and far from it.

Yes we have seen sweeping changes by the ultra-left wing radical politicians have been in office, they seem to bend a little more left at every bend of the this muddy road of politics that they have created. I say muddy road because the People, the (fabric of America) are up to their knees in muck that is causing the nation to think twice before thinking are trying to move forward because of the heavy weight of regulation, and the assault on their liberty by those that are intent on robbing from those that have worked and contributed to the wellness of America, and giving it to those that just have their hand out with the idea that they are above the principle of hard work, but seek to live off those that do work.

One will find me writing about what I call the (real Americans), I like to write about these people, they are the people that go to work each day, and these are the people that seek the best for their children an seek to teach them the (golden Rule), do unto others as you would have them do unto you.  Yes, there are more of these Americans that is reported by the daily news, they seek no spot-light, nor do they seek any notoriety, actually they are too busy to bother.

I would like to tell you about one of these Americans.  This man was born in 1907, one of five children.  He went to a country school about a mile from where he lived, and yes, he did have to walk, no kidding!    He did finish high school, but never went to college, but he did learn to work, and at a young age.   This man’s parents were ranchers, they ran cattle on about 500 acres, they weren’t rich in money, but they were rich in the idea of hard honest work, and the principle of conservative living.

At about the age of twenty this man married, had two children, and continued to raise cattle on about 800 acres belonging to his mother-in-law, also ran a dairy, and drove the school bus.  Later on he decided to try his hand at driving an oil truck, he must have liked it, he stayed at that for about fifty years.

Yes, he knew hard work, and responsibility, if he wanted to buy something, he made sure he had the money before purchasing it, I suppose he learned this as a kid from his parents which taught him the importance of being prudent with has money, and not wasting any of it.  To him it was a matter of pride of working and receiving the benefits of a pay check.

I never remember this man’s name in the local news, or his picture on any big news story’s, he was what one might call a common man, never had much to say about politics, I believed he just lived his politics.  He never walked the streets carrying a sign of any kind, weren’t no reason to, his politics were his actions in his daily life, and liberty is something he never took lightly, but felt that is some way that he was contributing to the country that he lived by the way that he lived.

I have tried to follow his steps, but in many ways I have failed, but for the sake of this great nation, and our continued liberty I will keep on trying.

This man was my father,…

True, my father and his principles are nothing new, these are the principles that this nation was founded upon, but, this wonderful America is being invaded by an administration that is intent on making the separation between those that earn and do not earn a level field, and in doing so, they lay on the backs of those that do work the responsibility of caring for those that refuse to pull their weight and by doing so, they have caused this nation to be divided among those that have and those that have not.

Opportunity needs to be offered to those that are willing, but no hand-out to those that refuse to work but rather spend their days playing, looking for their distribution of wealth, after all, isn’t this what socialism is all about?

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