Public Option Horse Squeeze

… that they have written for you.

Wake up America and apply some common sense to this Socialistic driven National Health care debate. I can put this entire Health Care issue into perspective by applying some good old fashioned American horse sense.

Your Congressmen and Senators have exempted themselves from the very Nationalized Health Care Public Option they themselves wrote for you and me. After Nationalized Health Care becomes law it will be a criminal offense for anyone to sell new private health care insurance policies. If the implications of this news doesn’t have you burning up the phone lines to your Congressmen and Senators then I will call you Comrade. I propose that if this Nationalized Health Care does become law all elected officials and federal employees must be the first to enroll. I call that leading by example – what a novel idea. If our elected officials don’t want this new Nationalized Health Care for themselves don’t force it on me. If you like your current employer’s health care don’t expect it to last. The big employers will now have a positive incentive to save money by getting rid of their costly health insurance plans and dumping their employees into the Public Option.

One of the major problems with our health care system today is costs. The high cost of health care is directly proportional to how much malpractice insurance doctors pay to practice their trade. If our government was to pass “loser pay” legislation I can guarantee you 80% of the frivolous medical lawsuits would never be filed, lowering costs dramatically across all sectors, not just the medical field. Our elected officials will not let that happen because this entire debate is about Socialism and controlling the people.

All the politicians are exempt from the very Nationalized Health care laws they passed for the rest of us. It will then be illegal for private insurers to write any new policies after Nationalized Health Care is signed into law. The bureaucrat overseers of Nationalized Health care will be writing the paychecks to our health providers controlling the supply of State Run Doctors. Most every Doctor I’ve spoken to about Nationalized Health Care says they will leave medicine based on how the government currently runs Medicare and Medicaid. Next, the small minority of the population who have the brains and drive to become doctors will choose other professions not controlled by the Health Care Czar. After five or six years there will be a shortage of top doctors to administer nationalized health care for the masses as demand for health services go up, resulting in the quality of care going down.

As demand and costs for health services go up the government will have to cut costs somewhere. The only way to cut costs is to pay doctors less and ration medical services. The elderly require a majority of the nation’s medical care resources because as our bodies age they become more fragile. No legislation will change this fact so now the elderly become a financial burden to the State by taking away valuable health care dollars from the young and profitable tax payers. When an old and young person both requires the same costly medical procedure the State will be required to make the tough decisions of who will get the procedure, based on the common good. Basic economics will force the State to withhold expensive medical care from the elderly and earmark those dollars for the younger workers of our new society. Sorry seasoned citizens but you must make sacrifices for your children and their children. If you older folks do not submit to the will of the State you will be labeled as selfish, haters of the young and potential economic enemies of the State. As the young and old battle for limited health care services the generational wars will begin. Dr. Kevorkian will be hailed as a compassionate man ahead of his time and elder care will have a new darker meaning.

There have always been enemies of freedom and liberty. Freedom requires a high price in blood and treasury to survive. Socialism and Communism have been failed political systems since modern civilization began. It is no coincidence there is much talk these days about State Nullification rights and the Tenth Amendment. Our current liberal President and liberal majority Congress seeks to exercise its powers by offering or encouraging the States to implement national programs consistent with national minimum standards; a system known as cooperative federalism. Congress is using our taxpayer dollars to buy off and control your individual State.

Nationalized health care is about more than just health care – it’s ultimately about controlling the States of the Union through Congressional and Presidential strong arm tactics and abandoning the freedom and liberty our founding fathers fought so hard for.

Alan Kornman –

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