PSA: Kidneys-For-Kids !

by John Clark –

Hi, my name is John Clark and here is my story. About two years ago I lost the function of my kidneys and have been on dialysis ever since.

One day while in the Medical Center getting my treatment a young girl walked in front of me with a forlorn look, then I saw the reason why, she had the same thing on her arm as I do, it is called a Fistula.

“Arteriovenous (AV) Fistulas for Dialysis Access


People who develop advanced-stage kidney disease often need dialysis, in which a machine performs a basic function of the kidney: cleansing blood of impurities. Before a patient begins dialysis treatments, a minor surgical procedure called arteriovenous (AV) fistula might be recommended. Such a fistula – when an artery and vein are directly connected – also is an abnormality that in other circumstances might require surgical correction. But for someone has failing kidneys, surgically creating such a passageway can make the dialysis process easier.

In dialysis, all of a patient’s blood is withdrawn from an artery or vein, filtered and returned to a vein. Creating an AV fistula allows arterial pressure to enlarge the vein, over time, better enabling it to receive the volume of blood coming back into the body.”

A fistula is surgical procedure that allows a tech or nurse to apply two large needles in your arm to clean your blood three times a week for three hours hours a day which allows you to live and the tech who works on adults should not be the same ones who work on children.

At that very moment I felt that I had to do something and I decided right then to try and start a “Kidneys for Kids” project. It is to be something like a safe place where the children could have children oriented technicians and have a world wide search for kids kidney donors.

I am at the age where I will probably not get to see the full dream come true but at least someone else could complete. I need the money now to start the first step which is to pay an attorney to file a 501c3. It would be great if you can help to fulfill this dream for the kids; where they could have a smile on their face . Thank you

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