Protest Music FOR America & Pres. Trump & First Lady MT & GOP

by Barry Weinstein –

“Promises Kept” is the name of the song and the record label is “Americans Music”. Links below!

Americans Music for all of the President Trump’s Voters. There is as you all know a Culture War going on. The Anti-Americans AKA the left, the democrats, progressives and the socialist totalitarians have the culture; We The People have the WAR! This is the beginning of recapturing the Americans Culture! Fight We Must!

These are trying times for America and the Americans; those 60+ Million that voted for President Trump. When In The Course of Human Events a foreign ideology takes hold here in America, as it has now, it is the responsibility of every informed American to repel, thwart and restore that which America was founded upon, its Constitution.

Music is and has always been a fundamental source of cohesion. It is a unique facilitator of communication. Lyrics are the distilled form of harangues and diatribes. These two forms of communication are the lubricants for social adherents. Pro-America Music, as this music is, is the Moral support that the President Trump Voters need, when as now, the predominant common culture is in opposition to the very existence of America and its attributes. President Trump’s rallies are essentially moral support for voters.

I joined with the millions of President Trump’s voters in order to support the American exceptionalism it has manifested in its 2 hundred plus years of existence.

There are only two kinds of nations / governments in the world, America and everything else.

This song melody, has its roots in a kind of Key West, American Caribbean Gulf of a Western Island theme. It is intended to instill feelings of comfort, camaraderie, hope, excitement, dance and happiness in all Americans. This is the America we know and love. The song lyrics are written in support of our President and the efforts he has given to us to bring us back to the greatness our country is.

I am the originator, composer, lyricist and last remaining member of the band established to play at the 25th anniversary of Woodstock. It was then as it is now protest music on behalf of America. It seems a unique concept. It is my Hope that this notion will launch a thousand bands intent on promoting America and its ideals.

This is the link to the Store for downloads in the event someone wants a copy – it is best heard on a stereo – as opposed to a peanut sized speaker – the music is very robust.

Your CD Baby page for Barry Weinstein: Promises Kept.

Creating More Pro America Music is now in your hands — in order for the band to go into the Studio and create more we need all supporters to buy this tune first — It is $1.99 for a download. [;-)) Here is a sample – it is pieced together for the original song!! Enjoy!

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