Protect yourself, your family and America

….that you will not be forced to pay off their irresponsible behavior. The people will govern themselves.

When your drug-sodden brother starts taking out loans and expects you to pay your remedy is to run a notice in the paper under LEGAL NOTICES. We have all seen them.

The time has come for all of us to do just that. Do it today. Protect yourself and let Congress, and the world, know we are not going to stand for it. Get on record.


We, the Undersigned, hereby notice all that we are not responsible for the debts assumed by Congress by bailing out the banks.

(Your name here)

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A copy of your ad will go to every head of state and millions of others will read it and understand that Americans are fighting back. They will know that we, the people, still have a voice, still speak for America. The Iconoclast is ready. The world will hear us.

About the Iconoclast:

The Iconoclast is the local paper for Crawford, Texas, Bush's home town. In 2004 the editorial issued by the Iconoclast forged the format of the debates because their editorial, endorsing Kerry over Bush, was read by millions. They nailed the real issues, moving that campaign from irrelevancies to substance.

The NeoCon establishment immediately targeted them and nearly destroyed the small paper. We all know the NeoCons do not tolerate media who speak the truth. Those who work at the Iconoclast were physically threatened and harassed; they nearly went under. Their editor, W. Leon Smith persisted. He is a descendant of Erastus Smith, the man who relieved the survivors of the Alamo and first cried, “Remember the Alamo,' during the battle that made Texas a free nation. Smith never gives up. Freedom is in his blood.

Today the Iconoclast is a major source of news and whistle blower stories to the world. Whistle blowers know they can trust the Iconoclast to protect their anonymity; through this small paper the world hears the truth. Protect yourself, speak your mind, and unite Americans.

Go on record now, before the vote.

More here on what people are saying.

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