Prosecutor Brakes The Press!

“Jail officials have been advised by the Pima County Attorney's Office that they shouldn't grant me an interview,” Tucson Arizona Daily Star reporter Kim Smith disclosed last week in an email to Shawna Forde requested an interview with a reporter from the Star to discuss her torture and ill-treatment in the jail. Forde’s response to Smith’s retreat was: “That’s unacceptable! Don’t we still have a free press in


Certainly, Shawna deserves as much time in print as Jason Bush. He was interviewed by Smith in September 2009. Smith reported Bush claimed to have NOT confessed to the Arivaca killings!

Smith indicates that she pulled the jail’s weekly reports on Forde’s behavior, noting Shawna was written up by the zealous jailers for “extremely petty” incidents. Months ago, Shawna passed a piece of candy on one occasion, and at another time, she uttered an audible word to another inmate. When Smith reported the candy-passing to Forde’s defense attorney, he chuckled with amusement because there is no misconduct by Shawna, who he knows is innocent and is a model prisoner.

In June Shawna supporters protested against her torture outside of Pima County Jail. And the Committee for Justice for Shawna Forde (CJSF) has contacted Gov. Jan Brewer to protest this inhumane treatment of pre-trial detainees. Brewer’s office has been unresponsive to the racial profiling of Shawna at the jail. Our sources have confirmed that Shawna’s treatment by the jailers is far worse than others.

The flap at the courthouse is even more bizarre. They say Shawna is still being tortured in solitary confinement and full shackles because the jail sees her as “a security risk” who is able to “mobilize people to do things for her on the outside” ….like filing a complaint with the ACLU, and posting reports about the jail on her website?


We stand for truth and justice for Shawna, and vehemently oppose the political extremists responsible for these deceptions.

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