President Trump Should Declare Election Victory Immediately

by Edwin A. Sumcad –

    In his official declaration to the public that he just won the election, President Trump must explain to the American people how he won the election, and to make them understand how the Dems and the radical Left are stealing the election for Joe Biden.

Most important of all, President Trump must do this critical announcement IMMEDIATELY before Joe Biden beat him to it. Biden has already appeared publicly before the President did, with a disinformation stating that he is leading and winning the election. It is a psycho-warfare of a presidential candidate who just lost the election.

Trump should not give Biden the upper hand in exploiting audience anxieties or concerns while the American people are biting their nails waiting for an official announcement as to who won the election. The plotters are holding it to look for additional ballots, count votes, and declare Biden the winner.

The reason for Trump’s announcement of victory is simple for the American people to understand: Trump must always be faster in the draw against the rogue Biden in this kind of O.K. Corral gangland shoot out involving shady characters like Joe Biden and his cahoots. Trump is the President of United States. Biden is a fast-gun, out-of-town gunslinger trying to steal the election. Trump is the Sheriff in town. He was elected to do his job.

The Official Declaration: Trump has a solid ground upon which to declare his election victory. All he has to do is explain to the American people the modus operandi the Dems and the Left are using to steal the President’ re-election. Trump clearly won the election before the Dems and the Left made their moved to take it away from him.

Conspiring election call out news organizations (which strangely included Fox News) stopped calling out States past call out time — States where Trump was leading. The spurious explanation was to wait for days to count ballots after Nov. 3 – days, weeks or even months after election day. At this point, Trump has already won in those States where call in was stopped.

Obviously, the Dems and the Left are still looking for ballots that would offset Trump’s lead and declare Biden the winner days after the election. Trump had warned the public of this anomaly – ballot harvesting, inundation of unsolicited mail-in ballots, counting and tampering, and the like. Trump was right on the dot about what is happening now.

To prevent this anomaly from happening, Trump has to declare an election win at the time they stopped it when he was winning.

The need to declare cannot be blamed on Trump. He was forced to do this declaration for the protection of our electoral system under the 12th Amendment, and the Election Clause details of which are too lengthy for me to discuss here.

Briefly, let us do the number to prove Trump was right in declaring that he won the election.

When State call in was stopped, Biden has 238 and Trump has 214 electoral votes. The magic number to win the election is 270. One of those pending States was Pennsylvania. It has 20 electoral votes. Biden was losing to Trump 44.8% to 54.1% of the counted votes.

In North Carolina Trump is winning 50.1% to Biden’s 48.7% votes. It has 15 electoral votes. In Georgia, Biden was losing to Trump 50.5% – 48.3%, with 16 electoral votes. Trump was leading in Michigan by 226,000 votes with 79% of the votes counted. It has 16 electoral votes. Wisconsin has 10 electoral votes when Trump was leading 51.3% – 47.2%. Alaska has 3 electoral votes with 56% counted, and Trump leading by 63%-33%.

If we add up all the electoral votes at the time they stopped calling in, Trump passed the winning magic 270 number with a total of 294 electoral votes. They – those who protect Biden — aborted calling in and they have to answer for their bad intentions and ulterior motives for stopping it.

State call of results is done by reporters and some Media people which to me surprisingly includes those in Fox News. As we already knew, Trump appropriately described these shady characters as the “enemy of the people”.

In the counting of votes, the Media mob had a great opportunity to do their shenanigans to defeat Trump. They are unstoppable, trying to destroy Trump every step of the way. Part of what they are doing is declaring Biden a state winner solely based on statistical calculation of ballots not yet counted or yet to be sorted and counted because these are still being awaited in the mail. It also includes misdeclarations of a state winner when Trump is far ahead in the count.

By the time this is published and read by millions, the Media mob shall have declared Biden President of United States. A tsunami of ballots counted days after the election shall have catapulted Biden far ahead of Trump in the race for electoral votes. The evidence and proofs of frauds are reported in the Rush Limbaugh radio network where the famous radio man is in contact with millions of his daily followers who are reporting to him those anomalies they observed and/or experienced during this November 3 election.

While it is true that States lay down their rules on how votes are handled, counted and reported as in the case of the hotly contested States of Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan where delay has been authorized by law, it does not forfeit the power of federal courts or the U.S. Supreme Court to intervene and stop the abuse of such state power for political advantage.

On November 2, one day before the election, Associate Justice Brett Kavanaugh warned that “‘If the apparent winner the morning after the election ends up losing due to late-arriving ballots, charges of a rigged election could explode.’”

Kavanaugh was quoting Richard Pildes, Professor of Constitutional Law at the New York University School of Law, a leading expert on election law.

Kavanaugh is absolutely right about this warning because of the “exploding” litigations the U.S. Supreme Court is now going to face and decide.

In my opinion, deciding a case in favor of Trump on state electoral abuse of power for political gain will create a judicial precedent that could last for generations to come until repealed by subsequent U.S. Supreme Court ruling. With Associate Justice Amy Coney Barrett on the Bench, this extraordinary U.S. Supreme Court decision will be reenforced with constitutional interpretation which at least would establish a judicial doctrine (stare decisis) whereby courts adhere to principles established by decision in earlier cases. It may be denominated as the “2020 Election Trump Effect” which judicial scholars in the academia may long remember.

But the proposed course of action Trump’s legal team is pursuing – to go to court to stop the counting of ballots – is very sluggish if not untimely, weak, and defensive. Instead, I recommend that White House should take the offensive.

To trigger legal action in the U.S. Supreme Court, President Trump should officially declare himself the winner of the November 3 election. In protest, Biden and his legal entourage are compelled to go to court to nullify the victory declaration. Once the opposition files the case, it can be elevated directly to the U.S. Supreme Court on question of law. That is the time when the constitutionality of the State’s exercise of power which the Constitution does not explicitly authorize will be decided in favor of President Trump upholding the people’s constitutional right to re-elect him President of United States.

Trump has been a perennial victim of electoral abuse that violates the 12th Amendment and the Electoral Clause. Dark forces are determined to destroy him. In 2016, they tried to prevent Trump from becoming President of United States when he was winning the presidential election. What they did was surreptitiously cunning, and to say the least, demonic.

Let me quote this report for your easy read: “Three Democratic electors voted for former Secretary of State Colin Powell instead of Clinton in the 2016 election in hopes that other electors would do the same, depriving Trump of a majority.

Washington state fined them $1,000 each. The electors argued that the state law restricting their Electoral College vote was unconstitutional, prompting the legal challenge.” Biden’s legal challenge is similar to this Trojan Horse designed to deprive Trump of his re-election that should be stopped.

I agree with what most people think that Coronavirus is a convenient excuse to delay days of voting and counting of ballots due to alleged difficulty in mail-in ballot delivery, which is hogwash.

Call-in ballot voting can be programed in such a way that the last day for voting and mailing of filled up ballots arrive on time and the election deadline is not compromised. If there is an ulterior motive, it is so easy to compromise and blame it on the pandemic. Unopened boxes of ballots have been reported to have been left in the corner waiting for the right day to be opened, sorted, and counted. That is the danger Justice Kavanaugh was warning about that compromises the integrity of the election. President Trump also warned the public of such plot to steal the election.

Anti-Trump news organizations that control the declaration of state winners on election day should not be countenanced. The results of this election are so critical that they change our way of life. In this election, we are deciding the future of this greatest nation on the planet. If Biden is elected President due to this hocus-pocus, we are still citizens of this country but we feel like we are living in Moscow or Beijing.

Such stark and consummate responsibility to declare a state winner in the presidential election should never be left at all to the whims and caprices of emotionally disturbed groups of individuals who hated Trump the most throughout their entire miserable life. #

© Copyright Edwin A. Sumcad. Access NWS November 4, 2020.

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