President Obama’s ‘Judenrat’

… to be leaders of the community to act as police and leaders of the Jewish community of

Warsaw. This body was called the Judenrat, which simply "Jewish Council" in German.

Their actual task was to prime the community for its destruction. Some of the duties of the Judenrat were to ration food, control and silence potential rebels, confiscate Jewish assets and impose a tax and conscript labor to be used to build a giant wall around the Jewish community, trapping the Jews in to a ghetto and making it easy to round them up for eventual deportation to extermination camps. Almost no food, medicine or water was allowed into the ghetto, and disease was rampant,a s was death from hunger and malnutrition.

While some Jews were unhappy to be in the Council othesr saw it as a means of self aggrandizement. Special privileges and the opportunity for graft came with the job. Of course, more often than not, Judenrat members wound up dead by Nazi hands , and very few escaped the eventual death planned for them by their bosses.

Most cities in

Poland and

Lithuania with significant Jewish populations had Jewish community leaders who were appointed by the German murderers to preside over the destruction of their own people. It is unlikely the Final Solution would have succeeded without Jewish collaboration, a historical fact well documented by such eminent historians as David Wyma and Raoul Hillberg.

Now seventy years later an aspiring Black crypto Muslim tyrant has occupied


D.C. The Jews who serve him amazingly do so willingly. Some must surely do so just for the perks, others because they believe in the totalitarian plans Obama has for the nation, and the evil he wishes to do around the world.

Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel is obviously the most important Jew in Obama’s criminal regime.

Obviously somewhat strange being a ballet dancer, he is a man known to wave knives around while gesticulating what he would like to do with those who disagree with him.

This makes him well suited to be in Obama’s Judenrat, and he openly boasts about his eagerness to help pressure Israel into making drastic concessions to its genocidal Arab neighbors to promote "peace" The peace they contemplate, of course, is not a peace of co-existence between friendly neighbors, but a peace of the graveyard, Jewish graves.

It makes no difference to the Jews of Obama’s Judenrat that every time

Israel makes a concession to its Arab enemies, it is viewed as a weakness and always met with renewed violence to gain more concessions, whether it is retreat from

Southern Lebanon,

Gaza or the ancient territories of

Judea and

Samaria. In each case, a stronger

Israel caves to weaker adversaries under State Department pressure and gets a kick in the teeth.

That Obama is probably a closeted Muslim, was close to a pastor who applauded organizations that murdered Jewish women and children and travelled to pay homage to Libyan madman Muammar Ghaddafi, makes no difference. Followers of Hitler admirer Louis Farrakhan worked in Obama’s senate office and his campaign but his Judenrat loves him.

In fact, an argument can be made that Obama’s Judenrat created and financed his presidency.

Exasperated by the

Clinton baggage and aware of public disapproval of the Bill Clinton sleaze factors, they turned to a new, African American senator with Muslim parents and a mysterious personal history. They raised hundreds of millions of dollars for him and built a cult of personality around him with a network of mass media sycophants. Many of the media companies are owned by memebrs of the new Judenrat.

Obama Judenrat followers such as Allan Sollow , George Soros ,Senator Al

Franken, advisor David Axelrod, Barney

Frank, David Geffen and Senator Barbara Boxer have shown themselves oblivious to the interests of Jewish survival and are well aboard the Obama regime’s neo-fascist program to work towards a United States of Earth managed for the interests of the largest corporations That the One World plans of the global elite will bring incalculable human suffering is well known to these people, but they are heartless.

But the worst and most treacherous component of the Obama Judenrat is found in Arab funded ‘J' Street, the organization of Jewish self-haters and Jihadist political collaborators who eagerly press

Israel to make concession after concession to those who unabashedly plot its demise.

J Street enjoys close relations with Rahm Emanuel and Obama, and is invited to policy briefings at the White House.

J street members get appointed to Administration posts, and the train to the next

Auschwitz starts at

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Israel, under ceaseless pressure from Obama and his minions of Jewish quislings, is likely losing its will to resist. It takes no action against

Iran, Hizbollah or Hamas, even as Hamas holds captive an Israeli soldier after 3 years. The world is increasingly hostile, and Obama is the most hostile president

Israel has ever faced since Bush I.

That he has gathered around him such devoted Jewish collaborators is a disgrace.

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