President Obama Impotent On U.S. – Mexico Border Issue

President Obama is impotent as are Congress members in standing up for the American citizens when it comes to illegal immigrants. The drug gangs are running rampant and they are killing Americans that might get in their way. The drug gangs are involved in kidnapping and human sex slave trade and this trafficking is out of control. This one issue is costing American taxpayers billions plus the loss of human life each year congress fails to deal with the issue.

American cities and neighborhoods across our nation are under siege from illegal immigrants and drug gangs. The civilian law enforcement clearly cannot control our border problem by it's self. The failure of this federal government to deploy our National Guard units along our Southern border goes to the heart of this issue and begs the question, why not.?

Obama, Mr. No jobs, is having difficulty comprehending what it will take to stop illegal aliens from inflicting terror on American citizens living on or along the Mexican /US border. President Obama has spent more time denouncing Fox News as a news organization, and the military don't ask – don't tell policy than he has with the out of control illegal immigrants issue.

Americans are fed-up with the Obama-Democrats in-your-face policies they want passed, while throwing Americans under the bus when it comes to the inhuman border problems with


Americans are demanding President Obama and Congress stand up and take all necessary action to regain control of our nation's borders. There are more people being killed on our border with

Mexico than in

Afghanistan and

Iraq altogether at this time.

The Obama democrats are attending party fund-raisers at tens of 1000's of dollars per plate dinners, patting themselves on the back while tax payers are paying for those trips. All this, while American citizens are being run over by drug gangs on the Mexican border areas and throughout our homeland.

American citizens on their own are preparing to act to save their families and communities. Our federal elected representatives are out of line in saying they may get around to the border problem issue sometime next year.

In making those kind of statements in the national media, our elected President and Congress members are saying to Americans, that their lives do not matter; it's not worthy of a politicians precious time for what they really want to do while in office. Steal!

Our federal governments' do-nothing policy toward illegal immigrants and drug gangs is destroying the fabric of our nation,

America. All Americans watched as President Obama and Congress worked behind closed doors for months on the health care bill. Congress members were told they could not go home until, as Obama said, "get it done". Now, with a national issue where American citizens are being killed in our homeland, they turn their backs on us.

The last I knew of, this is still our country. We have a "law" that says if you're here in the

U.S. illegally you will be arrested. Forget racial profiling, forget political correctness, enforce the law! Case closed.

Enact and enforce a law requiring illegal immigrants to spend a mandatory first time three years in prison at hard labor within communities; therefore lessening the cost on American tax payers for having to deal with them in the first place.

Order the National Guard to the Mexican border with orders "shoot to kill" anyone crossing our border illegally that fails to halt after being ordered in Mexican and English language. That policy will eliminate drug trafficking criminals and other illegal's from crossing our border regardless of their race.

The vast majority of illegal immigrants coming into

America today are going straight to our cities and urban areas taking jobs away from American tax payers and our nation's youth coming into the job markets. American tax payers are paying for millions of illegal immigrants health care plus their own. With the present federal government, "Free Trade Policy" Americans are waking up to the reality that millions of jobs have been sent overseas and are never coming back, there is no job safety net left for our citizens.

Native American reservations along the Mexican border are under siege by illegal immigrants and drug traffickers. The federal government has basically left Indian tribes to fend for themselves against illegal immigrants and drug gangs terrorizing their citizens day and night.

Time is quickly running out for our federally elected representatives to take the necessary actions needed to stop illegal immigrants from pouring into our nation. President Obama and Congress may want to govern as President Lincoln did during the Civil War and that was to save the

Union at all cost. This time next year the body count of Americans killed by illegal aliens and drug gangs and all that comes under that heading, will be staggering. The American people are united when it comes to the illegal alien issue, it's time for our federal government to listen and start carrying out wishes of the people. "For the People, by the People"

Mike Graham, Founder United Native


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