Our President Knows Nothing About Being (American)

by George Weir –

It’s always been said that, “You can take the boy out of the country, but you can’t take the country out of the boy”.   When President Barack Obama became the first black president of the United States his actions and policies made it quite evident to most Americans that he had rather been born into kingship, or endowed by royalty.  Somewhere buried  in his dark and self-absorbing mind he must have felt it necessary to cling to his past, and his deep rooted past in Africa where leaders of tribes became leaders by the tip of the spear and deception.  Yes he probably studied American history, and thumbed through it’s constitution, but, this kind of republic just does not  resonate with his vision of society, that is a government can be elected by the people and for the people.

On November 20th 2014, the president made it clear once again that he preferred a personal kingship over being just a president. He snubbed his nose at the American people and the congress when he made the announcement that he would be giving  amnesty — by Executive /Fiat Order — to about five million people that have parked themselves in America without authority, in other words, they are here illegal.

He claims he has read the constitution, but, apparently he didn’t read it well enough, or does he even care, I rather believe the latter, (he doesn’t care).   When he addressed the American people about his intentions he was really saying, “it makes no difference what you stupid people want, I am president / Emperor, and I know what is best, so you American people can (go to h***) as far as I care.

As we all know this attitude isn’t new to politics, but Obama has taken it to a new level which is dangerous and set a new president for the future.  If this decision goes un-checked by the congress and the American People it would only make it easer for future president and politicians to run rough-shod over the will of the people, and make the congress and the judicial null and void.   Surly this isn’t what President Obama has in mind, or is it?

I suppose that this kind of suppressive and overbearing, self indulgence form of governing from the White House should have been seen from the beginning, Obama was raised and taught the Muslim faith, only when it was evident that America wasn’t ready for a Muslim president, did he switch to being a Christian for political reasons.  For twenty years he sat and listened to the hate and lies spewed from the pulpit of reverend Wright, and evidently it caught fire in the heart of the young Obama, when he was campaigning around the world he could do nothing but offer apology’s to the dictators of the world about the oppressive America.

To me the sad part is this, America did see this un-America ideology and to most Americans they could see his intentions clearly, and that was to tear down the old traditions and the solid foundations in which America was built, and replace it with his own rendition of progressive policies which was on the border line of socialism, but he made it no secrets, (that’s the sad part), America should have seen it coming.

Not all the ills of the present can be attributed to the President, from the beginning the president has been carried by the far left wing of the media, and those of the environmental community, and let not forget the many Americans that just didn’t care about America, they just wanted a black president to champion their cause of injustice.

Every four we are given the privilege of casting our vote for President of the United States, and this should never be taken lightly, or for any other reason than electing someone that will respect and follow the constitution of the United States, and that will fatefully carry out the duties of the Office.

To be an American is something special, and my concern now is, will the millions that are migrating to America whether by boat or airplane, or crossing the borders on the south or the North, are they willing to be Americans?   Will they see America a place to grow and raise their families or by their coming to America will they also bring with them the false teachings of hate and miss-trust that many have been taught from abroad, and by religions that seek Americas demise, sadly to a large part this has already happened, else our nations wouldn’t be as divided as it is now.

To my readers it may seem that I do a lot of ranting and raving, and I suppose that I do, but borrowing from the words of Martin Luther king, “I too have a dream”.   I dream of an America that has a respect for the Christian heritage in which we have been so endowed with, and I also have a dream that we can look to our president and say, “ This man is a good man, this man is an honest man, This man will tell the truth, This man understands America, This man is a true American”.

Really, is this too much to expect, we’re talking about the future of the Free World.

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