President Donald Trump Is The Number 1 Decoy For The Press

by Barry Weinstein –

Why do I state that President Trump is a decoy? – & –

Special Counsel Robert Mueller must be made to resign and how to do that.

I assert that President Trump is in actuality being used as a decoy, diversion from the factual reality and that of the entire alleged Russia collusion and collaboration accusations are the overt public camouflage being used by the media / press and Democrat party in order to prevent the investigation, indictment, prosecution, conviction, imprisonment of Hillary R. Clinton and others that were in the Obama administration. There would of course be forfeitures of the hundreds of millions of dollars, if not Billions, that were actually payoffs made to the lovely Secretary of State, H.R. Clinton, through the “Clinton Foundation” for selling out America. This was apparently done with the surreptitious approval of the then President Obama. Obama did not stop it, did he?

For the last 11 months, without a crime being discovered, investigations of President Trump through the fictional accusation/s that “Russia” precipitated the historic election of President Trump, formerly just Mr. Trump, and therefore Putin is the puppet master of President Trump, again this is just merely camouflage being used to evade the consequences of the last administrations corruption.

The ‘Quasimodo’ “mainstream” press / media and of course the Democrat Party establishment including the so called “deep state” which can also be described as the Obama and Hillary Clinton apparatchiks are stricken by the realization that their necks are on the line.

Ergo, they hysterically shout Russia-Russia in an effort to wash their corruption off of their hands.

My position to all of you that are attacking President Trump is: I voted for then Mr. Trump and I take the hate filled attacks on America and the President personally as an attack on me as well. I will fight you and your totalitarian intentions as needed and so will all those I know that voted for and support President Trump.

President Trump is the perfect Decoy for the “Cloward – Pivens” [look them up] method of overwhelming the Justice System and America as well!

It is in fact media / press that is driving the daily cries and shrieks of Russia-Russia / “wolf” repeatedly, ad nauseum, on behalf of the Hillary Clinton and Obama etc. cover-up.

I need to clarify here that, I Personally believe that the Republican establishment and the “Never Trumpers”, oppose President Trump because he is likely to change the way their corruption has been done in Washington D.C. for decades, not necessarily to cover-up the H.R. Clinton crimes. But it does help that corrupt media / press “black” evil operation of camouflaging all of the Obama administrations crimes targeting America’s best interests for destruction.

Obama used “Cloward – Pivens” and failed to bring down the American economy by way of the massive debt that he happily imposed upon the Americans, that work and pay taxes. I speak of here of course the 11 Trillion borrowed dollars added to the national debt for no reason other than the efforts outlined by the socialist / communist or basically totalitarian thinker’s, professors Cloward & Pivens of Columbia University out of New York of course. Add to that the intentionally orchestrated Invasion of illegal and other anti-American populations from across the world, intended to destroy the American Constitutional system of government; neither has worked, yet. [1]

However, this attack upon the Justice system, on behalf of the former Secretary of State under Obama, Mrs. H. Clinton and likely Obama as well, for now is in fact working and I believe that it is meant to continue until the Statute/s of limitations have run out. This cannot be allowed to happen.

The now daily and fully recognized “FAKE NEWS” pumped out by the socialist / communist / totalitarian supporting, destroy and replace America / Americans, press / media are an intrinsic element of keeping the justice department completely off balance, while the American people and President Trump and his administration are a bit off balance and blinking. Trump and his appointees are doing a great job nonetheless, in my opinion. But the average American knows nothing of that ongoing success by trump as the so-called press / media clobber the good news with the howls of whaaa! Hillary lost the election because of Russia, Russia, whaaaa!.

This is the camouflage of a “Potemkin Village” ‘dirty trick’ for the “Swamp” to use to avoid Felonious Prosecution/s for the Actual Crimes committed by Hillary Clinton, again, which I believe would include Obama and the rest of that administration, not to mention the collaboration of a significant number of the press / media. It smells of treason and traitors to me. Giving, — a sworn enemy of America, one that declares publicly from the parapets of its leaders and orchestrated in the streets by massive demonstrations “Death to America”, — 150 Billion dollars and the ability to build nuclear weapons to this current terrorist and totalitarian State of Iran who is a sworn enemy of America is the very definition of treason and that of a traitor for giving aid and comfort to an enemy and we were at war at the time. Iranian weapons and assistance killed American Soldiers. Noticeably the other sworn enemy of America, North Korea, a possum collaborator of Iran, is suddenly financially able to launch numerous missiles and test nuclear weapons on a scale of ‘never before’. This needs to be investigated as well.

Then just take the Russian / Putin uranium Deal and then the one hundred and forty plus million dollars ‘donated’ to the secretary of State’s Clinton Foundation by the Russkies friends that were involved in the deal.

Listen today to the media / press and the Democrat party’s vociferous hostility towards Russia / Putin its President, the admiration then and the reversal now, and try to arrive at a conclusion of whether or not, by yourself, the Obama and H. R. Clinton team sold out America and doesn’t there need to be a special counsel appointed to investigate these crimes.

Is the Justice department investigating any of this? Nope! Their ‘hands’ are full. No more room for any other matters. To busy looking for Russians under President Trump’s bed and in his hotel liquor cabinets for that well-known spy, Ambassador Stolichnaya. This is the camouflage at work, damn the consequences to the nation, this is the success of overwhelming the system until it is too late.

Oh yes! I did not mention the Hillary Clinton crimes and ongoing cover-up that the anti-American Operative, James Comey the former FBI director, when he and the Corrupt Attorney General Loretta Lynch appointed by Obama, refused to have the Justice Department prosecute; and then of course the press happily colluded and conspired and covered it up, you know about the Clinton email issue/s and the Pay to Play that the Secretary of State was running with the knowledge Obama the “Death to America” President.

Here are my solutions.

  1. Get a special prosecutor to investigate Robert Mueller and James Comey and their now ridiculous Russia investigation actual intentions. I am giving odds that Mueller will resign, no need to fire him. I would like to know if he is in fact as he seems a Democrat operative. When the democrats like anyone, as far as I and many, many others are concerned that individual is no good for America, in the case of Democrats like Robert Mueller, one can see why.

Why didn’t Mueller resign when ordered to cleanse the FBI training materials of the information about radical Islam and terrorists that the Koran breeds? Is Mueller a sleeper Radical Islamist supporter as the Death to America former president Obama was and is? We the people want to know. Also what is the relation to the current deputy attorney general Rod Rosenstein and in what rat hole was the DAG found in and what did they say to each other and are there any documents to support their ‘innocent’ stories? {2}

Another matter of concern for me regarding bootlicking Special Counsel Robert Mueller is the following news article:

“Hillary Clinton requested FBI Dir. Mueller deliver highly enriched uranium to the Russians in 2009 in secret ‘plane-side tarmac meeting’.

New Clinton-Mueller Russian uranium ties surface in latest Wikileaks release.”


I demand to know if Mueller was involved in any way to the sale of 20% of America’s uranium to Putin / Russia, orchestrated by Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State; then Under the control of Obama?

I also demand to know if Mueller donated to Obama. I demand to know why all of the investigators hired by Mueller are Hillary Clinton and Obama supporters. I demand to know if Mueller is somehow compromised by Obama and H. R. C\Clinton administration.

I also demand to know why Mueller does not resign from this investigation for obvious conflicts of interest.

I could go on but this is a good start.

Investigate Mueller and Comey as well.

  1. 2. Finally, Mr. President, “Damn the Torpedoes” full speed ahead. Get the justice department to disregard the Mueller crap and start a special counsel investigation of Hillary Clinton, Obama and the rest of that administration and there will be no reason for the cover-up to continue.

[1] – As an aside: Today July 24, 2017 World Net daily recently reported on the scheme, revealed in a U.N. document prepared in the year 2000 about “Replacement Migration”. This is the plan to do away with Americans and replace them with the third / fourth world populations through mass migration. Evidently the Democrat party supports that intent.

{2} –   The Global Jihad Movement scored its greatest win against the U.S. in 2011 when, as Patrick Poole wrote in TheBlaze, then–FBI director Mueller’s work with these groups had the result of hindering the agency’s fight against radical Islam.

Following a series of articles in September 2011 by “far-left blogger Spencer Ackerman at WIRED Magazine that claimed counter-terrorism trainers and materials used by the FBI were promoting ‘Islamophobia,’ a letter signed by fifty-seven U.S. Islamic groups, including the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) and the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), was sent to Obama’s then–counterterrorism czar, John Brennan.” He’s the man who once referred to Jerusalem as “al Quds.”

The almost immediate result was the Obama White House’s compelling the FBI and other agencies to purge all federal government training materials of “biased” materials—content linking Islam with terror.

On February 8, 2012, FBI Director Mueller met with representatives of some of the Islamic groups that had signed the demand letter, “including representatives from ISNA and MPAC.” Their intent was to check the progress of their demands for a ‘purge’ (the term they used) of the bureau’s counter-terrorism training materials…. They were told that more than 700 documents and 300 presentations had been purged from the FBI’s training.”—TheBlaze

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