President Donald J. Trump The Savior . . . The Hunted

by Edwin A. Sumcad –

In the Virtual Presidential Debate Nothing Is Real So Is Joe Biden A Joke

This editorial report has two subtopics that are essentially connected, for the President of the United States and the American people to know before the November 3 election.

The first part is about Trump who is loved by the American people and from the dark side hunted by sinister forces, and the second part pertains to the coming or last virtual presidential debate if any the Commission on Presidential Debate is planning to defeat President Trump.

The first virtual debate between Trump and Biden I wrote about and published in this same venue on August 16, 2020 under the title “The Trump/Biden Debate On

Healthcare Will Draw A Big Crowd”, is not the same as this second Commission on Presidential Debate = ‘CPD’ planned virtual presidential debate. Both are virtual reality but the first refers to the substance or subject-matter of the debate (Healthcare), and the second virtual debate is about the form of the debate (using electronic devices) CPD conceived to protect Joe Biden.

President Donald J. Trump, Loved By The People
But From The Dark Side Hunted Night And Day

It is in this link read by millions that this opportunity and my pleasure to talk to the President of United States and to the great American people at the same time is for all intent and purposes real.

But before anything else, I have to be honest and forthright in telling everybody that talking to the President and the great American people this way is possible only through the courtesy of the Administrator of this Website who, in the world of writing and mass communication where I spent most of my life, I can sincerely say he had indeed truly earned my undivided attention and respect for being exceptional, considering what journalism and journalists had become nowadays.

For the love of country, and for and on behalf of countless Americans who visit this Website regularly, I owe our NWS Administrator a ton of gratitude. Deep in my heart, I say to him, thank you – just to let you know.

Today I talk to Americans about Donald J. Trump, President of the United States that I knew through my tireless and toilsome study and research to continuously identify him and describe to the people what kind of a president he really is, and why by sacrificing himself to save the country from those who want to destroy it, from the dark side he became the most hunted President ever recorded in the history of United States.

I have my answers to this enigma. I will describe them to you straight in the eye.

In the morning of October 9 at about 9:00 AM, my wife – who in her own right is also a litterateur-journalist like me with her writings published — and I were listening to Rush Limbaugh’s almost two hours radio interview of President Trump. As you probably know, The Rush Limbaugh Talk Show is a famous syndication of more than 600 radio stations with millions of followers across the country.

At the beginning of the interview, Limbaugh had politely notified the President that he would be asking him direct, hard, and no-holds-barred questions and he wanted millions of listening Americans to know his answers to those pointed but honest questions. Limbaugh was just doing the public duty of a good citizen in our specialized field of communication and discipline like what I am doing.

It was Limbaugh’s first lines of questioning — rigid interrogation of the President if you may — that really hit me hard when he asked Trump personal questions that run something like this:
Mr. President, you are a wealthy and successful businessman and you lived a comfortable and happy life, why did you run for President and now that you are President suffer the wounds of indignity when you are attacked daily by ingrates who do not appreciate all the good works you are doing for the country and the American people?

To this two-pronged approach of questioning I attach a caveat to it:

Not really Limbaugh’s exact words you just read but I listened carefully to what was coming out from the mouth of this famous radio announcer, and the gist and punch line of the questions he was asking the President were clearly embedded in my mind.

TV hosts had asked Trump the same questions before, and his response is always the same: “I love this country and the American people. I watch how these are being destroyed. I would not have run for President if former President Barack Obama and VP Joe Biden had done a good job for the country when they were in power . . . they did not. They destroyed the country.” Again not Trump’s exact words, but the sine qua non of what Trump had said along these lines is public knowledge, and can be easily fact-checked. Media-wise, there is a ton of them all over the place.

It was because of working so hard that President Trump became ill with coronavirus.

Let us be clear about this important point because the Left had reimagined the truth against Trump it became grotesque you could no longer recognize.

Trump’s exposure to the Virus was not carelessness – it was intended, to make a point, to lead the nation on how to respond to the pandemic and survive. To achieve this purpose, he has to sacrifice himself by taking the risk – the risk of good leadership the nation requires. This is unfamiliar to the Dems and the Left because they never have one when in power.

To accuse Trump of garbage that he is “brazenly ignoring Science” could only come from a small mind that when it thinks – if at all – has no depth. I give you Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Check out her leadership, and what she is doing in the House and you will be astonished what you will find out about “crazy Pelosi”.

When President Trump sacrificed himself by taking the risk of contracting the Virus adjunct to his constitutional duty to lead the nation, he has to suffer the consequence of infection and has to confine himself in the hospital. To save the national economy and stop or at least minimize the rising number of people dying because of coronavirus, is what that risk is all about when the President exercises responsible leadership.

It is true that some staff members and high officials who are with President Trump in this exercise of responsible national leadership, including his security entourage, did the same sacrifice. At least the Dems and the Media mob should know this: Everyone in the President’s workforce, especially those working close to him on the daily basis has the same medical protection and care as the President have, for their immediate recovery when tested positive. They are not there as if President Trump had diabolically infected them on purpose and left to die which is what the Joe Biden and Kamala Harris want the public to believe. It is sad and pathetic. Biden and Harris are the object of our contemptuous pity more than enough to deny them the ballot on November 3.

Trump showed the way – the President’s way — how individual Americans should respond to the pandemic. Together his way should be our collective way of beating the pandemic as we align ourselves with Science and scientists – not with Joe Biden’s and the Left’s ideological scientists who would do the opposite to beat Trump in the election – to save ourselves and the economy, and win this battle against the invisible and illusive strain of COVID-19 which is hard to defeat.

Forget Pelosi and the rest of her Dem-Leprechauns in the forest of her politics in Congress who think that to demonize Trump is a pot of gold! You must be aware by now that Pelosi is a disaster, a train wreck (mentally kaput!).

Because President Trump loves the country and the American people, ordinary Americans responded and showed the President that they love him too. They grieved when he was sick. They formed a vigil in front of Walter Reed Medical Center at North Palmer Rd, Bethesda, MD where President Trump was confined for treatment. Radio wizard Rush Limbaugh announced to his millions of radio listeners that President Trump love them so much that he was ready to risk his life for them, and even die for them by contracting the Virus.

Then Trump’s mean and unforgiving capers and castigators from the dark side who owed him a truckload of gratitude, instead of thanking him swooped down on him like a squadron of flying centurions in Mt. Calvary when Jesus Christ was about to be crucified and eventually was nailed to the Cross and died.

Similarly as President, they taunted Trump just as when Christ was ridiculed with a crown of thorns on his head declaring him King of Jews; they have a great fun mocking and attacking Trump 24/7 as President down on his knees deserving of the coronavirus.

There were even a few of them whose souls are as dark as night, who wished him ill-will, hoping the President succumbs to the plague and die.

Still listening to Limbaugh’s radio, it was at this point when my phone rang. A friend was calling, telling me that he and his wife were also listening to the radio. His wife was furious and crying why our President who deeply care for us should be subjected to such savage act of ingratitude and inhuman cruelty.

My friend on the line wanted me to talk to his wife, console her and calm her down. It was also at this point when I heard Limbaugh in the radio assuring the President that the American people love him so much that was why they were there in front of the hospital night and day to show their support. They adorned the pavement with flowers, and were lighting candles and praying that nothing serious will happen to President Trump, and that he will get well the earliest time possible.

“They depend on you, Mr. President”, Limbaugh said about the people gathering in front of the hospital.

But what Limbaugh said was long, and I have to shorten it using my own words: Mr. President, you are the only hope the people have, to save them, and for this country to survive. They were silently pietistic and deeply devotional in showering you with their personal prayers and wishes that God protects you and keeps you for them, their family and love ones, for the country and for the whole world as the leader of the free world, and that very soon you will get well and leave the hospital.

While starting to get well, President Trump acknowledged this outpouring of love and concerns for the President. I have no doubt that it hit a soft spot in Trump’s heart. That was why in spite of his condition while rapidly recovering, riding in a black van with his trusted security contingent, he drove outside of the hospital towards the gathering of his well-wishers alongside the road and inside the car waving at them, acknowledging and thanking them for their support and loyalty and above all signaling to the excited crowd that he was all right and was feeling good and doing fine.

That was President Donald Trump who no doubt adores the ordinary American people (his attitudinal connection with them is phenomenal), a president who revered this greatest nation on earth and defends it against the attacks of dark forces conspiring and acting in unison to destroy him. He is President of and for the people, and to the enemy of the State, the hunted.

In my latest book, “Leading A Divided Nation and America Under Siege”, I also talk about President Donald J. Trump. The book is available at This can also be read by opening, and clicking on the red button “Books” in the middle right side of the screen. Copies are ordered online, read from coast to coast — and beyond.

The book has just been published and released close to November 3, 2020, when the nation has to decide whether to give President Trump and VP Mike Pence the second term they richly deserved and save the country from the destructive ideology of the Left, or elect Joe Biden and Kamala Harris president and vice president, respectively, and turn the country into a new Socialist-Marxist republic.

Backed up by study and research, in the book I dealt extensively with the consequences of that choice the nation must critically decide on November 3. It is not an ordinary election, in fact it is a very unusual election, believe it or not. For, in this election, the choice is simple and yet the outcome and effects are profound and life changing. You will either become a better American that you are today, or a totally different American when you wake up tomorrow and found everything had changed, so to speak.

To elect the Biden-Harris team to office is to change the United States of America as we know it, and dramatically alter our American way of life. This statement is public knowledge, but the meaning is not.

What this means is that millions of urbanites and countryside Americans who live in the new Biden-Harris United States of America would feel that they are residing in Moscow or living in the peoples commune of the People’s Republic of China. Not exactly literally the same, but approximately thereabout.

For, that is the totalitarian Socialist-Marxist regime that the weak and aging Joe Biden whose politics was pushed to the extreme Left for reason of convenience to defeat Trump, and the younger radical extremis ideologue Kamala Harris had promised days ahead to the American people. I am talking about their Bolshevik platform and agenda, i.e. the Biden-Sanders Manifesto and AOC’s Green New Deal revolution that will deconstruct fossil fuel dependent buildings and infrastructure, get rid of driven cars and similar modes of transportation on rail, road and highways run by gasoline and/or fossil fuel, and eventually set America ablaze and over the ashes construct their own Bolshevik republic.

In sharp contrast, to re-elect President Trump and Vice President Pence is not only to make America great again, but to the nation is the team’s commitment to introduce new programs of fantastic recovery and economic development never seen before in the history of this country because the best of what they promise to do, can do and will do, is yet to come.

Most of all re-electing Trump and Pence means that in the ongoing War between Good and Evil, exacerbated by the coming of the plague that is now wreaking havoc to the nation, the good prevailed. This is explicitly described in my book where on November 3 the American people decide for the fate of a divided nation.

Temporarily leaving the hospital and riding in the black van, Trump was accused of irresponsibility for exposing his security personnel who were riding with him inside the van. What the accusers do not know is that in performing their duty, the President’s men takes every and all necessary risks attached to their task, just as the President they are protecting has to take the same risk in performing his presidential duty.

Radicals with a pea-size brain need to know that when the President performs his duty, there is always a risk attached to it. Trump is not a President who hides in the bunker while the nation is under siege. The tiny underdeveloped brain of those attacking Trump in this issue is no better than that of a child in tantrum who needs a timeout.

And that is the kindest punishment they can do to President Trump they hate while he is suffering the coronavirus. Note that “crazy” Speaker Nancy Pelosi took that opportunity to take Trump out of the White House. She was proposing to create a Legislative Commission to determine the mental health of the President that might have been adversely affected by steroid and coronavirus medications, and if found unstable, apply the 25th Amendment. She wanted Trump out of the White House and for the Vice President to take over.

In that line of succession that Pelosi is fantasizing about, not only Vice President Mike Pence is first in line, but Pelosi as Speaker of the House is also next to take over as Acting President.

But Pelosi is so blindsided by her intense hatred of Trump that she is not aware her get-rid-Trump bill does not even have a Chinaman’s chance of passing into law. It needs the approval of 2/3 of the Senate and the House. Dems and GOP legislators are rolling their eyeballs when Pelosi talks about it. Trump is right – she is crazy.

Even that is the case, crazy Pelosi insists that an Acting President should take over because President Trump had been infected of coronavirus. Absurd, but she had this explanation for her madness.

The 25th Amendment Commission she was proposing was not meant for Trump, she said, but for the future, or for the next President.

Which means that when Joe Biden wins the presidential election, his Vice President Kamala Harris should become President. To Pelosi, Joe Biden is not only replaceable but disposable.

Dems are asking Trump if he loses the election he will concede and agree to the peaceful transition of power.

Trump should ignore this question. When Trump was elected President in 2016, from day one up to now, Dems had never agreed to a peaceful transition of power.

It is four years now and they are still protesting President Trump’s 2016 election. They live in their fantasy world that it was Hillary Clinton who won, not Trump. Every day for almost four years now out there in the streets they are still crying their lungs out shouting and demonstrating one way or another their angry protest of violence and destruction that Hillary is the rightful President of United States, and Trump is a usurper, which also explains why they never stop plotting to oust him from office from coup to coup.

And mind you they have tried everything and it did not work, from bogus impeachment, to the Mueller investigation of Russian collusion, now down to the 25th Amendment crazy Pelosi is daydreaming about, and a lot more.

There should be a 25th Amendment in the House to kick Pelosi out of Speakership and out of Congress for good because there is a lot of mental proofs and physical evidences showing that she is not in her right mind.

For example, on record, on June 21, 2017, this is what then House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi had said about the Affordable Care Act of 2010 . . . “We [need] to pass the bill in order to find out what [is] in it.”

Pass the bill first to see what is in it? That is totally mentally irresponsible. Only a crazy one would say that. You know why? She sees the wagon in front of the horse, pulling the horse.

Trump was right in saying that they did not call her “crazy” for nothing.

But this is the heavier stuff against Pelosi’s mental health: Pelosi is stuttering when she speaks. It can be also easily factchecked reports that she had an episode of stoppage in the middle of her speech delivery, as if lost and does not know where she was. When she briefly recovers, she becomes incoherent. Check this out. Do not just rely on my words and findings.

Adult stuttering or dysphemia, is “a speech disorder in which the flow of speech is disrupted by involuntary repetitions and prolongations of sounds, syllables, words or phrases as well as involuntary silent pauses or blocks in which the person who stutters is unable to produce sounds.”

Watch Pelosi speaks in front of the TV camera. You can see what I am talking about.

The psychogenic origin for this disability is an underlying disease, or a stroke.

Aside from Pelosi’s “crazy” Legislative Commission, the Commission on Presidential Debate is also punishing Trump by rigging the presidential debates against him to protect Joe Biden who is suffering a cognitive decline. In the first presidential debate, CPD saw to it that the planted Moderator Chris Wallace and Joe Biden were to debate side by side against Trump. But Trump was Super Smart. He still beat Moderator Chris Wallace and Joe Biden, and won that first debate.

The Virtual Debate

This is to be distinguish from my written editorial expose’ that run on August 16, 2020 about the virtual debate on healthcare.

That written expose’ was calling attention to what is happening to our healthcare industry that should be the focus of national attention.

Focus on healthcare funding in billions of dollars raised through taxes, health insurance coverage and cost are not the real problem. It is given.

The hell of the problem is the unchallenged control of insurance companies, the big Pharma, and healthcare providers in a system that in effect denies access to medical care the public needs.

They decide how much to charge the patient in a dental-rip-off, make the rules on benefit coverage that deny needed medical care. The people have no recourse. Millions of patients just die.

These are powerful out of control private health organizations that run the healthcare system as they dictate it – for profit. Our free enterprise market allows it.

Politicians running for office who through long years of traditional practice need donor-campaign fund, encouraged it.

They would put a leash of legislative rules and regulations around the neck of this dragon to strangle it, but they do not actually want to kill it, and get rid of it for good. For, that is killing a system with dire consequences the nation is not yet prepared to undertake.

It is on these important topics that the Trump-Biden debate on healthcare should focus on. Right now the focus is skewed, meaning, the problem being debated on is not really what it is. It is not real. It is in this sense that the debate is just a virtual reality.

Check this out — read the August 16, 2020 editorial piece I wrote about this virtual debate on healthcare.

What I am writing right now is a different debate. It is about the Virtual Debate that the Commission on Presidential Debate had in mind to defeat Trump.

Now that those anti-Trump conspirators at CPD are no longer sure if in the scheduled 2nd debate they can still protect Biden from being eaten alive when he met President Trump on stage live or in person debate, they circled around. What did they do? CPD changed the format of the debate, from in person debate, to a virtual debate. We know what is virtual reality (VR). Nothing is real.

President Trump declined to participate in this 2nd presidential virtual debate, so it was cancelled. If the Dems and CPD are saying that Trump is running away from the debate because he opted out, well, that is plain idiocy. They are either inhaling or eating their own bunkum.

I am glad Trump rejected the unreal. He is so smart to decline participation in this electronic subterfuge to cheat. He knows VR is a shenanigan, to cheat or chisel an advantage for Joe Biden. CPD is using advance technology to rob Trump the opportunity to defeat Biden once again. The pandemic reason to change to virtual debate is hogwash.

I do not even want to dignify it by stating it here.

If there will be a 3rd and final presidential debate, and CPD decides it will be a virtual debate, President Trump should continue to decline participation. Live debate okay, but virtual debate, no. In virtual reality, nothing is real. It is a joke that fits Biden because the truth is, Biden running against Trump for the presidency, is not real . . . a joke.

I tell you why. In the screen Trump is facing Biden, but who really is that person? It is virtual, and nothing is real.

It could be the puppet master embodied in the image of Joe Biden who is controlling the whole virtual debate proceedings.

In the VR movie Avatar, playing the real male character was Samuel Worthington, the human controller, but in the screen, he was moving and acting as Jake Sully. In the virtual debate, the person Trump is debating appears in the screen as Joe Biden. If CPD’s hired virtual reality wizards creates an Avatar that exactly looks like Joe Biden, who is his human controller?

Note that in the Avatar virtual reality movie, Jake Sully’s human controller was Samuel Worthington. Who is Joe Biden’s?

Which leads me to the next question: Is President Trump really that smart to know this technological scam that is why he declined the 2nd virtual debate? Absent the contrary, I am inclined to believe that he really is.

Anyway, here is for now: nothing is real. It is only a joke. #

©Copyright Edwin A. Sumcad. Access NWS October 14, 2020.

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