President Barack Hussein Obama Is Being Blackmailed?

by Barry Weinstein –

I Predict that at some point in the future, and not too far in the future, it will be determined that there is something of great import to the American people that Obama must hide or he, and likely others, face severe personal danger from the American legal system, at least.

What does Iran, Assad, the Muslim Brotherhood, Islamic Terrorists and Putin know about Obama that he is hiding from ‘We The American People’?

Whatever Obama is hiding in his ‘sealed’ records and then there is the presentation of the forged ‘photoshop’ fabricated birth certificate, which has been determined by experts to be a fake, instead of his official birth certificate being presented has led to Obama being blackmailed.

There is no other explanation for allowing Iran to get 150 Billion dollars while it is the world sponsor of terrorism. Nor allowing Iran to obviously
continue to have thousands of centrifuges, for nuclear bomb making fissile plutonium. Or allowing Iran to test ICBM’s in violation of the UN limitations set upon Iran. Only Blackmail makes any sense here.

Who is ordering Obama to bring 250,000 +/- Syrian ‘refugees’ within which there are an unknown number of ISIS or other terrorists into America? And for what other rational reason than Blackmail by America’s enemies.

Who is ordering Obama to keep America’s southern borders open and to allow an invasion of America proper? It’s Blackmail!

Who is ordering Obama to turn Americas’ back on its long standing friends and allies and embrace and protect its enemies instead? It’s Blackmail!

It seems beyond Americans ken to comprehend the actions of the alleged President, Barack Hussein Obama, as he twists and contorts facts and thus reality away from the recognition that there are and self-evidently so “radical Islamist terrorists” intent on destroying America and killing Americans.

Either, Obama is lying about being a Christian and is in fact a closet Shiite Muslim, as is Shiite Iran, or he is being Blackmailed.

Again I Predict that the answer to all of this is that Obama is being Blackmailed, as ‘We The People’ will certainly find out.

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