The Inquisition forced the Jews and Muslims to leave Spain, but now some Muslims want it back…Spain

has, of course, changed, and so have the Muslims.

Muslims express the dream of restoring the rule of Caliphs (dictators / tyrants) over all lands which were once Muslim. This includes


and several areas of

Eastern Europe


It appears that Muslims are re-conquering


through immigration, coming over from




which are located just across the

Mediterranean Sea

from popular Spanish beach resorts.

News, of import,from the English press is that the Muslims have employed a new weapon in their assault on


. Sleeping gas.

Gangs of Muslims armed with sleeping gasare conducting home invasions in the Spanish resort communities, using sleeping gas on their victims, tying them to their beds with tape, raping young girls and women, demanding their ATM numbers, and cleaning out their savings. The prime targets have been wealthier English tourists and retirees who winter in


. (Daily Mail,



June 2, 2005


Home values are falling and the English are leaving southern


. They complain that the Spanish police have no interest in trying to solve any of the crimes.

Also appalling, is the absolute lack of news media coverage that thesestories are receiving in this country. We have our share of Muslim immigrants here already, but there has been a scary twist.

Immigration officials in


report a number of Middle Eastern persons have been impersonating Mexicans, trying to speak Spanish and adopting Spanish names, while trying to cross the border. No mention of sleeping gas…yet.

Rape seems to be a common activity among Arabs who express ” nationalist rage” or who are just out to plunder. Recently a gang of Muslims from an Arab village in

Northern Israel

went on a spree gang raping young Jewish girls. When caught, they claimed their conduct was based on their political feelings about having to live in a Jewish state.

American female tourists in


complain of non-stop groping and harassment by drooling Arab thugs. You see, Arabs just can’t keep their hands off women who don’t want their attention . Gang rape is epidemic in Paris in Moroccan neighborhoods, and a code of silence against ‘snitching to infidels’ prevents anything from being done, as well as the shame and disgrace to the family felt by the women who have been assaulted, most of whom are also Muslim.

Sometimes non-Muslim women in


have to fear the Arabs. Recently a 22 year old Jewish woman in


had her shirt torn off and her body spray painted with a Star of David by a gang of Muslim degenerates

Female American soldiers captured in


have to also deal with sexual abuse.

What does the future hold for us within an


flooded with hostile, Muslim immigrants ?

There is no let up in the flow of illegal immigration into this country. Our borders are not secure. We need a ” Great Wall of America “but it is not being built.

While we are hospitable to people from all over the world looking for a piece of our pie, we are clueless about the potential for a clash of “civilizations ” right within our borders. Except one side isn’t really civilized.

I fear a day when we will have to live in fear of violent gangs of Muslim immigrants who will terrorize and abuse the American people.

There are things


can do immediately to make


safer from the foreign vermin who will wreck this country if we let them.

1. Build a security fence along the Mexican and Canadian borders.

2. Aggressively round up illegal aliens, fingerprint them, get their DNA, insert hi-tech tracking ‘micro-chips’, also known as the ‘virtual fence’, archive this information, send them home, and so make sure nobody with theirDNA, fingerprints and hi-tech tracking ‘micro-chip’ tracking device, is ever allowed / let in the United States of America, again.

3. Fight the media blackout of news about the epidemic of rape and other crimes, no matter who is committing these crimes, but especially by those who believe their criminal conduct is justified by political goals and the ‘Muslim’s Religious doctrine’ the “Koran” [i.e. the Muslim’s Bible] dictates. This is vital to understanding what Islam can do to us.

4. Understand the true nature of Islam. It is a hateful, violent religion, bent on destroying all who disagree and aiming for world conquest. Every Muslim is a potential subversive to



It should be remembered that these are people who murder others because of cartoons or films that offend them. These are people who despise democracy, who believe Jews and Christians should always be submissive to them, and who literally want to take over the entire world.

Heed this alarm now, or pay the consequences later.

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