by John Clark

Pozan is a true story about the ten years of sheer terror John lived in, after his wife, children, friends, and John had an encounter while vacationing near the Mojave Desert. After many years of strange things happening He was put in touch with Dr. Richard Haines who at the time was associated with NASA, the introduction was made by a psychic who felt his encounter had to do with aliens. Three weeks later, he won an airplane on a slot machine at a Lake Tahoe casino. Flying lessons came with the plane. Although he told the casino that he was a certified pilot, the casino did not believe him. he had to show them his pilot’s license In the ensuing months, John was to learn that a UFO had been sighted over the casino. Many persons had observed it, including the Fire and the Police. Most persons who have read Pozan have said that upon reading the book they could not put it down and that the story was one of the scariest ones they had ever read.

Review: by Mr. Frank J.

5.0 out of 5 stars Pozan is thought provoking and stimulating August 8, 2009
Both my wife and I have read Pozan and found it to be a roller coaster ride
on the wild side with a very well written account of an encounter with something or someone not of this earth.

The author, Mr Clark, is completely credible as he sifts through the emotional wreckage brought about by
an encounter he would obviously have avoided if only he could have.

This is a story of a man whose life was turned upside down for years as his intellect and his emotions wrestled with the very nature of his daily reality.

It appears that at times Mr Clark questioned his own sanity as he was pushed beyond the limits of his emotional and rational thresholds.

The work has a completeness to it in so much as he does run across government agents that had an interest in his experience and who vet its authenticity by their eagerness to impose themselves on Mr Clark.

Well written and informative, Pozan offers real and unique insights into the effects upon persons subjected to the very credible phenomenon of alien abduction or contact.

All in all I love the book.

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