Is It Possible For A (Left Winger) To Repent?

by George Weir –

In my opinion it’s possible for a die hard committed left winger to repent, but not without a fight.  From the very beginning of time there has been those that were committed to following the creature rather than following the strait and narrow path which has been paved by the (Creator).  And all down through the ages of man it sometimes took some major catastrophe event that would literally shake the ground that they were standing, and sometime even this wasn’t enough; that seem to be where the far-left and their reluctance to bent to those things which cultivate the highest moral fiber and dignity of the people.

Just what would it take for the moms and pops of America to see that their liberal behavior toward illegal drugs is doing nothing but robbing their children of their (Right to Happiness)?  I, with many others have seen this first-hand, (Parents seeing to their need for drugs before seeing to the need of their children), and the result would be the loss of their children.  At times custody of these children may be rewarded to family members, but other times not, and this can be the result of children being lost or forgotten.   How can any sane thinking person with any heart for children walk the streets holding banner promoting the legal use of drugs?  Their can be only one reason, the total disregard of any responsibility toward their earthly brothers and sisters.   But sadly, this is just another tool the far-left to use in their effort to demoralize the population, and the total destruction of the family unit.

The far left is now in their push to propagate their senseless goal of the gay community into every nock and cranny of the lives of the American people.  They know that if the American people knuckle under to these demands, the very fabric of our society, (The family) will suffer, and those that oppose such reckless and godless and immoral behavior will finally be silenced and then they would have free sailing into other areas of our lives.  What will it take for them to reverse course?  When they see they own family’s being swept away by this total disrespect of Gods Law.   Man is a stubborn creature, but God will have his way.  (Some will and some will not, it’s just that simple!)

Have you ever noticed that according to the far-left, they have cornered the market on (smarts), and if you seem to have a different view-point, you must be just plain dumb, or old- fashioned or way out of touch with what is going on in the world, in other word , they will try their best to paint you as a bigot, a raciest, a homophobic or something you certainly are not, but you see, that is how far their (smarts) will take them, they really have no idea of how to (listen).   What will it take for them to recover their sanity?  Frankly, I’m not sure, some people are so damn hard-headed, and see no reason to change, that is something that they are not committed to doing   Thinking, just might be the right thing to do, and that will never work, no matter what,” We are to please the President”

Is it possible to debate a (Liberal)?  Under normal conditions it is totally impossible to debate the far-left; but, there is a solution, tape their mouth with duck-tape, or if possible stuff a rag into their mouth, if this isn’t possible, all I know to do is set and listen.  But why do they attempt to stifle the opposition?   Because when facts and figures are presented accurately they have no recourse, they are then caught in their own bungling of facts, then, their only recourse is to talk, talk, and more talk.   Take for instance President Obama; when someone on the right presents him with a question that is when he goes into the talk mode. He seems to never get around to answering the question, but, why should he? by the time he has made his talk, the question is history.   I often wonder, what would it take, or what condition would it take for a (Liberal) to stop talking and just listen?   At the moment I have no answer, but, if they keep up the fight to diminish the constitution of the united States, and turn this country over to those that hate us, they will have to set and listen, or else.

All my life I’ve heard the liberals say that they were the champions of the (working man), and that they are the champions of the American dream, and that they are the providers of food, clothing and shelter.  Yes, I’m afraid that they have succeeded in their quest to capture the minds of millions into believing that their only road to success is to walk the streets of America demanding freebies from the government.  The liberals have now made puppets of their followers by promising them free medical, through the  Obama Health care packet, and as long as they have their followers lined up for food stamps, they can blame it on the conservatives.  But, is there anything that will capture their attention and turn their minds to a more constructive mode of thinking, as of now I can’t see this happening, but, when the day arrives that they have no food, or clothing, or shelter because they have wasted their time with talk and no action of any sort toward actually working and following the course that the founders of this (Great Nation) set as an example, then and only then will they seek another course.  Man has always been a stubborn creature, but God has always been able to find a way to change our way of thinking, “sometimes tough, but it works”.

When any group of our society is intent on fundamental and erotic change to any form of government that doesn’t meet their wants or need they must form their army and followers from the youth.   For the most part, the older generation have learned from trial and error, and have found that the United States Constitution has served them well, and has afforded them the means to pursue their happiness through hard work and keeping the laws of the land.

But sadly, much of our youth hasn’t had the same experiences, and except for those that have been taught and guided through the web of experience are open to the far-left and their false hope and fals claims.

The youth of today are not so much different than they were in my days, except for their choice of hero’s and leaders.   Yes in my day, (long ago) we had hero’s, and some of these were politicians, (yes you heard me right), there was a time that even the youth could look to the leaders of this great Nation and feel proud to be an American.   Even now, us old timers can look back and see that even they weren’t perfect, but, even with their imperfect moral life, they loved America, and were willing to give their best.  And for the most part, the constitution was still the moral compass when making decisions the determined the welfare of all Americans.

But the far-left with their willingness to forgo all moral principles in order to inflect the most pain possible on those that still believe in the American way, they have been successful in putting in place hero’s for the youth of America that has taught them that lying in gain, and that cover-ups are a part of government, and that they should shape their lives to serve such government.  L

The day’s of Roy Rogers and Dale Evans, and the day’s of Gene Autry and the Lone Ranger have now been replaced by far-left socialist with the intent on robbing our youth of innocent and the rule of fair play.

The play book is far reaching for the liberals, it extends all the way from the white House to the street of Hollywood.  And they have found the media the tool in which to reach the youth, and through this media there will be no hero’s of moral behavior, but their hero’s are intent on teaching the youth that America is weak, and has lost her place is being the light into the world.

Yes I paint this picture of the far-left with a very broad brush, because daily I see another picture.  I see daily young people going to school, being active in church work, being taught honesty at home, and that government can be an honorable profession, and that not all politicians are left-wing cronies of the president.

But now and far into the future, the far-left will be seeking a dark spot in our society to spew their hate for America, and they are willing to take all measures in order to poison the minds of our youth in order to bring them under subjection to their twisted and un-Godly politics.

There is and always has been a solution to this, such as, “Raise the child to love their God and country, and do the same yourself”.  



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