Population Rage: Exponential Growth Theory Is Sodomized

These are demographic scare-writers writing about the end of the world through population explosion!

The base of natural logarithm [number raised to an exponent], was sodomized in an experiment conducted by demographic weirdoes where they looked at human population as bacteria inside a bottle. Bacteria rapidly grow exponentially and their phenomenal growth should be stopped [the killing or mass murder of humans to reduce their number on the planet].

The greatest shortcoming of the human race is our inability to understand the exponential function." Dr. Albert A. Bartlett,

Advisory Board Member, World Population Balance.

I disagreed not too long ago and took the other position in a heated UN population debate. The tragedy of the human race is not its inability to understand the exponential function but rather the ability to understand it well that it is being used as a scientific justification to kill or commit genocide to control the world’s population growth. The publicized fear is that the planet is not big enough to accommodate and feed the exponentially exploding human race.

"The worst tragedy of humankind is our ability to understand the wonder of exponential logarithm in procreation and used it to commit genocide to stop population growth in a delusional attempt to save the world."

Edwin A. Sumcad, Deputy Permanent Representative to the United Nations [development economists, also known for his published works as a writer-philosopher].

The Encarta English Dictionary describes the word sodomy as "an offensive term for anal intercourse" … a very unusual way of making love among God’s promiscuous creation since Adam and Eve started the first procreation in the animal kingdom.

If since then the exponential growth of mankind can be compared to a flirting maiden in the world of science for intellectual seduction, overpopulation fear-mongers had brutally raped it from the time Reverend Thomas Malthus wrote his first book: "An Essay on the Principle of Population". The idea behind this obscene recreation of the human specie was to produce only a limited number of people below the world’s fertility rate that would inhabit the planet.

In this sexual analogy of the world’s unusual demographic anomaly, what the exponential growth rapists wanted to produce were just a limited number of "sustainable" bastards that should not out-eat existing food supply, out-consumed our resources and out-occupy our extra or reserved space anywhere in the four corners of the earth.

The rationale for this anomalous fatherly concern was that our world is finite and our resources only increase arithmetically, i.e., 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, while population multiplies exponentially, i.e., 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, etc. ad infinitum! The conclusion was the world would end when population explodes exponentially!

Of course it is indisputable that this anti-population argument is full of ugly holes, just as it proponents Rev. Thomas Malthus has been so mean-spiritedly discredited by his peers that his reputation was badly punctured and his image disfigured. His draconian view of this overpopulation threat was considered myopic — it proceeds from a one-track mind, which failed to take into account new scientific discoveries, as well as the rapid technological advances of civilization that could make food production and available space limitless! In terms of resources and spatial size, our geographical world may be narrowly considered finite, but its sustainable capacity to accommodate and feed humankind is without doubt, infinite!

But this is how the Exponential Growth Theory was sodomized by scientists with an unusual love-making fantasy of reproduction and/or human procreation in a delusional attempt to save the world. http://www.worldpopulationbalance.org/exponential-growth-tutorial/bacteria-three-new-bottles.html.

If you click on this link, you will see that they took a thick bottle of glass and put a bacterium in it to see to it that it does not escape. Time: 11:00 o’clock. You need a microscope to see the minute bacterium. The bottle represents the finite world, inside it the bacteria represent the population that grows exponentially. [Carefully now, take note of this specification.]

Let’s use some of their own words in describing the experiment blow by blow.

Notice the rapid exponential reproduction. In one minute the bacterium grows to twice its original size and divides in half, reproducing itself, so that at 11:01 there are two bacteria in the bottle. The bacteria keep doubling their numbers every minute, until 12:00, when the bottle was filled up.

Since the bottle filled up in a minute at 12:00, the bottle must have been half full of bacteria just about 30 seconds before, the other half additional increase jumping up to fill up the bottle in just another 30 seconds.

Now imagine what the experimental raping scientists were saying about this trick, that "just before 12:00, we bring in THREE MORE BOTTLES." It is here: http://www.worldpopulationbalance.org/exponential-growth-tutorial/bacteria-three-new-bottles.html.

At 12:02, all four bottles are full!

Citing this observation as an example, they are now talking of not enough energy for mankind to consume. So they started saying that, quote: This is like the bacteria [in the experiment] discovering other bottles to grow into — as long as we keep doubling our consumption, no amount of new energy will meet our needs for more than a few years. The only permanent solution is to stop growing [by killing the population or bacteria in the experiment]… unquote.

This is where the scientific sodomy of exponential rapists occurs: They violated the credibility of their experiment when they brought in 3 more additional bottles into their lab test. In real life, there is only one Planet Earth where humans live. There are no 3 additional worlds for humans to inhabit. In this sodomized experiment, the human beings represented by the exponentially exploding bacteria inside the bottle, have no four bottles or four worlds to live.

Here is the truth about this botched experiment that those scientist rapists of Exponential Growth Theory had willfully ignored [the trick didn’t work]: If they let the exploding number of bacteria stay or all of them remained confined inside the bottle [after all in real life there is only one bottle or one planet we live in – not four], the Law Of Diminishing Return will subject their increasing productive volume to what Dr. Barklett described as "population balance". What this means is that the overcrowding bacteria will bang their head against the harder walls of the glass bottle trying to get out, or fight to death against each other for space, etc. and in the process, those that survived are injured and/or too weak to live any longer and they just perish. In real life, these are war, famine, pestilence, etc. that check and/or bring down runaway population growth to a manageable level.

As I said, in the UN, I once said this in a speech delivered in the Plenary Session of ESCAP [Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific]:

"The worst tragedy of humankind is our ability to understand the wonder of exponential logarithm in procreation and used it to commit genocide to stop population growth in a delusional attempt to save the world."

© Copyright Edwin A. Sumcad. Access NWS October 19, 2010.

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