POLL TAX 2006 & 2008 EXPOSE’

The ‘Democratic Party’s’ instituted policies and pandering to the ‘radical woman’s lib movement’ are responsible for at least one million ‘non-felons’, that is to say, divorced American men commonly known as fathers, who are today being denied the right to vote. How is that possible? It is done by the imposition of a new ‘fangled’ ‘Poll Tax’.

Something must be done and soon. The national elections are only 50 days away. Republicans running for election should get there first. If not, they will squander millions of votes nationally, as these ‘non-felon’ males have family and friends and are themselves Constitutionally able to vote.

There is still time to address this voting rights deprivation. However, it is too late for the primaries that have taken place. Or is it? Should those primaries be redone, so that those intentionally prevented from voting, have their voting rights restored? Would this benefit Senator Joe Lieberman in Connecticut.? How about republican primaries elsewhere?

Republicans should stop sitting on the fence, looking and waiting to see which way the cows went, so that they may be corralled in ‘their’ barn.

Startlingly, this is a ‘Judicially imposed poll tax’. Historically, the Federal Courts have uniformly overturned any poll tax imposed by a legislature or executive branch of government. It seems that it is now acceptable to the ‘liberal activist’ Judges, when they themselves impose a poll tax. Of course, as they and surely everyone else must know,


’s ‘Judges are Infallible’! Although, I cannot think of a single social problem that has not been implemented or indirectly caused by an act of an activist judge. Can you?

Bereft of their Rights and betrayed by Justice in the crafty hands of the ‘anti’- family court judges, all across America, who are regularly denying American men a.k.a. ‘fathers their civil rights of due process, trial by jury where family and property rights are concerned and – I must say – freedom from involuntary servitude, according to the 13th Amendment to the United States Constitution.

Judges and the Justice Department have the position in their Orders and Legal Briefs, respectively, that “men are not a protected class.” This means that men are not entitled to Constitutional protections!

I do not point to the Judiciary in this article lightly. In 2004, I and several others filed a ‘Habeas Corpus’ at the United States Supreme Court, requesting that they immediately remedy this denial of voting rights. It was denied. Ergo, it is in fact a judicially sponsored Poll Tax approved at the highest levels. The Associated Press housed in the Court began to write a story, believing that it was a certainty that the U.S. Supreme court would act. Once it became clear that they were wrong, they dropped the story.

As an aside: It now seems to me, that historically the judiciary was in fact the responsible ‘party’ that caused and supported the racial discrimination against ‘Blacks’ and sex discrimination against woman; now they are targeting men. Notably, these are the very acts that the average American Caucasian male is being accused of perpetrating, while it is a self evident fact, that it was at all times the judiciary who were actively committing these human rights violations.

In my opinion, every person that is to become a Judge, must undergo psychiatric evaluation to determine whether they have sadistic personality disorders and at least as important, the ability to refrain from writing laws from the bench, due in part to narcissism. Nothing else explains their conduct now or in the past where discrimination is concerned. Unless of course it is money.

I personally believe in holding the guilty responsible for their acts, not the innocent. This realization may stop the bickering and accusations between various Americans.

Anyway, Republicans have an ‘under-nourished will’ to correct this unconstitutional deprivation of a multiplicity of rights, including voting rights. Irrationally fearing, it seems, the loss of votes that they will never garner from the so called ‘radical feminist, woman’s liberation movement’. The totality of these woman’s organizations, such as ‘N.O.W.’, whose current leader was on stage with the radical leftist Senatorial candidate ‘Mr. Lamont’ of


are a voting block, a bulwark for the Democrats.

Republicans can take full advantage of this situation and the concomitant votes; before the Democrats do it. By merely standing out front and publicly directing all jails across the nation to provide the necessary information and absentee ballots must be provided to non-felons. This can be done by way of their campaign organizations which then can also provide information directly to those affected. This would compensate the Republicans for the unattainable votes from the radical woman’s libbers who vote exclusively for Democrats.

Democratic Senator Dodd of


is where no one in jail is allowed to vote, non-felon or not. Good work Senator Dodd! In


ex-felons that pay off the ‘court costs’ are allowed to vote unless they owe child support. In the State of


, a recent Supreme Court decision there stated that it is unconstitutional to prevent ‘recent former felons’ from voting if they owed ‘court costs’. Yet, nothing is said about men who are alleged to owe child support, as they are non-felons in jail, though they never had a trial by jury of their peers.

At the same time, the democrats demand that terrorists get constitutional protections, which divorced American men do not get and the pro-terrorists left is deathly silent about it.

Furthermore, the Democrats seem to be the party most likely to distort the constitution. To that end, they are intent on registering illegal foreigners so that they can vote in the upcoming Federal Election. Still, not a word from democrats about the million or two ‘male’ American citizens in debtors prison, who are being subjected to this Poll Tax.

NY Senator Hillary Clinton (D) of the “Count Every Vote Act of 2005” is an overtlie. It says nothing about the longstanding denial of the right to vote by way of a ‘Poll Tax’ for these American men. In

New Jersey

, a Democratic State, the fathers in jail there for child support are not allowed to vote, although if one is a ‘pretrial detainee’ let’s say, being held for murder, that person is allowed to vote. Does any of this make sense? Only in the context of destroying ‘The America’ as the Founders intended it to be. The left is doing well! I personally know of former marines that risked their lives for


; they are placed in ‘debtors prison’ and ‘involuntary and indentured servitude’, without a trial by jury. Perhaps the ‘N.O.W.’ organization can take the field in place of men, once the word gets out to the general male public that the America they think they are fighting for does not actually exist, for them. There is a 50/50 chance that should they marry, they will get a divorce, and then, in 95% of the cases, be completely deprived of all their rights and those provided in the constitution for which they fought.

I must say, the Democrats care nothing for the constitutional rights of anyone but themselves and the republicans should take lessons from them on their own beneficial methods of political incorrectness. Republicans must also stop their ‘political correctness’ dance of the democrat ‘pied pipers’ or


as intended will cease to exist.

The following does not apply to divorced fathers, according to my conversations with the A.C.L.U. as they are in fact doing nothing to remedy this travesty of justice. This is directly from the A.C.L.U. website: “Voting is the basis of democracy, and all citizens should be entitled to this right. The ACLU opposes efforts that unfairly take away this right, particularly when they disenfranchise whole segments of society or compromise the electoral process.”

Finally, from whence the numbers of one million more or less are derived. According to An article in USA Today in April 2004 it stated the number of counties and parishes in the


as being 3141.

In 2004, after the filing of the ‘Habeas Corpus’ an attorney in New Jersey and one in Pennsylvania inquired into the county jail in the City of Philadelphia whether ‘child support debtors’ and others not involved in a felony, such as traffic tickets or general civil contempt were allowed to vote and how many were there. The answer was that only those accused of a crime at the time that they were in Jail – these are called pre-trial detainees – were allowed to vote. The rest, of those imprisoned were not allowed to vote and there were 600 of them, at the time. Since


is a large county we can assume that an average is about 300 per county nationally, on any given day, that amounts to 942,300. Rounded off, that is about a million. But then no government agency, such as the ‘Justice Department’ keeps track of any of this, they say.

These innocent, yet targeted for discriminatory treatment, ‘divorced fathers/men’ must be provided, and immediately so, with all of the necessary materials that any other innocent person at home would have. That is: newspapers, TV, magazines etc, so that they could make an intelligent decision when they are in fact provided with the absentee ballot. Or, they must be released immediately.

This requirement of intelligent voting was also a concern of Bill O’Reilly on one of his ‘Factor’ segments.

Further, a full Congressional investigation must take place into the Judiciary practices in the family courts as to the imposition of ‘involuntary and indentured servitude and debtors prisoners’. Heads must roll !!

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