Politicians – And Their View Of The Law

 by George Weir –

It is becoming a daily occurrence that we hear of politicians bending or breaking the rules that have been enacted by they themselves or some other approved by them authority.  The latest of these is the Secretary of State,  Hillary Clinton, regarding her email accounts. At first glance it makes one  wonder, why can’t they just follow the law? They are well educated and know the law, or they should, there just has to be some underlying reason, do they feel above the law?  Or is it that the laws they have written just don’t apply to them? Frankly I do not know, but I do have a few ideas.

Many of our politicians have studied law in college, and no doubt they know the ins and outs of the law. Possibly to the degree they feel that they can buck the system by their great knowledge of the law which I personally believe holds a lot of merit.  For the layman a butcher just might sell a chicken leg to a customer while calling it a wing because the butcher is supposed to know the difference.  As for as us laymen citizens we are sold a political wing every time a lawyer politicians speaks, they think we are just to ignorant and uneducated in the law to know the difference, and at times they may be right, but here is the kicker, “Most Americans know a lie when they here one”.

Although I can’t help but believe that the main reason politicians  skirt the law is because upon entering their chosen throne in which the American citizen gave them when through an election they now feel a certain privilege that now they have been given a pass to lie and cheat because what the heck, no one ever goes to jail, with the exception of a few that apparently didn’t have the wisest lawyer, after all this is Washington, every one knows we lie and cheat, so as in the immortal word of Hillary herself, “What difference does it make?”

I suppose that if some memo came down to me from city hall exempting me for obeying all the city laws such as stop signs, or speed limits, or keeping my yard clean I suppose it would be only human of me to just slow down at stop signs because I do have a pass, or I may even get the idea that I could driven 60 in a 30 zone, after all I have a pass, and as far as my yard, what the heck, I have a pass.  You don’t suspect that this is what their thinking when skirting the law and sticking up their middle finger to those that are paying their salary, surly not.

I suppose that one could write a book of the many reasons that elected politicians show little respect to the constitution or the law written for all our benefits, and from time to time we all break some kind of law, but when caught, (We Pay) this is what keeps us in-checked, and willing to stop at the stop signs, and drive the speed limit, but when the law turns their head, what do we do?  We do the human thing …. Just slow down a bit ….

Having said all that I wonder, Is there no law in Washington?   Is Washington a wild west town like we read in paper back books?  At lest Judge Roy Bean has law west of the Pecos, possibly a little harsh, but for the moment in time it worked.

I don’t suppose that it comes a surprise to anyone that law and order needs to be established in Washington, and those that make their living skimming the fragment of crumbs from the public needs to see the inside of a jail, not only see it, reside there for a season.

In this letter I may seem a bit put out, and a little angry, well I am.

We are now in the process of making a raw deal with Iran over their nuclear program. Knowing full well they lie as well as our own politicians, and while this circus is going down, Christians by the thousands are being chased from their home and many beheaded in all parts of the world, while all this is happening, the media is caught in the web of sorting out the lies of the former Secretary of state, surly there are better things to do.

We will soon be listening to Political candidates seeking yours and mind vote for elevating them into the highest and most powerful office in the world, and surly they will be asked about their qualification and why they feel that they would be the best out of all the others.

Call me a dreamer, or you may call me old- fashioned, but what I wish to hear is this….”I will not lie, neither will I allow my cabinet to lie, and I love America with all my heart, and the American people are my first priority, and I will protect the this country and its borders”

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