Politicians Say And Do The Darnedest Things

by Frosty Wooldridge –

Isn’t it totally amazing to see politicians speak? Aren’t you excited as to all the solutions they promise on their campaign tours? How about all those promises they make with your tax dollars?

Today, in America, most of us enjoy reasonably positive lives. Most of us work jobs. Most of us live in an apartment or home. Most of us enjoy food, family and television. Most of us love our country. Most of us own a smart phone. We go dancing or hiking. We celebrate with our family and friends. Let’s face it, we’ve got it pretty good in America.

Yet, if you listen to the campaigns from Bernie Sanders, Liz Warren, Mike Bloomberg, Mayor Pete (can’t pronounce his last name), Sleepy Joe Biden, Cory Booker or Kamala Harris and the rest of them—America can’t survive another four years of Trump. We’re all going to hell in a handbasket. This country is being led by a racist and everyone who voted him into office can only be one thing: a racist.

But let’s look at what’s really going on in Washington DC. First of all, Bernie Sanders never held a job before wiggling his way into Congress. Reports say that he lived on food stamps, welfare and handouts. He’s never passed a single bill in all his years in Congress. But, he’s going to solve all of our problems as president. At the same time, he honors Fidel Castro as a progressive and thinks Venezuela meets the benchmark for the successes of socialism. Sanders neglects to mention that Castro executed anyone who disagreed with him and he kept Cuba in the economic prison of the 1950’s to this day. Freedom in Cuba: none! And, Venezuela, Bernie, I need to speak with you about that place. Its people are starving to death.

Yet, at 78, and one heart attack already, when will the next one hit? Sanders keeps scolding anyone who supports Trump. Why would an old man past his prime want to work in a job that carries SO much stress and will give him another heart attack that might kill him? As Lord Acton said, “Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” From my 50 years of watching them, politicians prove themselves the strangest breed of cat on the planet.

Liz Warren may go down in history with her right and left hands having waved to the most people on the planet. She lied her way into college as a Native America. She lied her way into a college teaching position by calling herself a Native American. Yet, she demands integrity and honesty above all else in her screeching career in the U.S. Senate. Could that lady lead America if she won the White House? Could she pass a 9th grade math test on balancing a budget?

Then, you see Mayor Pete. He makes sense. He served in the military. He’s the mayor of a large city. He’s slim, trim and fit. But then, you see him kissing his husband in public, and, oh my God, exactly how will that go over with maleness in America? Can you imagine how that would go over with international meetings with Muslims in the Middle East? Lord, we live in confusing times.

Of course, Mini-Mike Bloomberg apologizes for everything under the sun. He stopped the mass shootings in New York City with “stop and frisk”, but now, he made a mistake even though it stopped over 700 murders, annually. Whether it’s Detroit, Chicago or NYC, why do minorities kill each other with such zestful gusto? Anybody ever thought about talking differences out? While Bloomberg tries to ‘buy’ the White House in order to save America from itself, why doesn’t he or the rest of the candidates actually work to solve the basic problems causing all the rest of our problems?

Okay, Sleepy Joe Biden. Time Magazine’s Molly Ball reported, “They’ve been very careful how they handle Biden. He’s like a porcelain candidate—they don’t expose him very much. Biden often wanders around in his mind searching for the end of his sentences, cutting off digressions with an apologetic “anyway.” The fast-talking politician has been replaced by an old man who can’t stop talking about the past.”

At 78, and having served in Congress over 40 years and as vice president, he has made zero impact on the American landscape. The question remains: what makes an old man keep churning into the public eye? He’s only in touch with his understanding of America from a ‘royal’ point of view and totally not in touch with what’s going on in present-day America.

To complicate the field, billionaire Tom Steyer entered with excellent solutions based on his business acumen. But he never caught the public’s attention. From my own perspective, I felt that Tulsi Gabbard and Marianne Williamson presented the problems of America and solutions the most effectively, but once again, the main stream media actually ‘picks’ who wins and who loses.

Ironically, all those career politicians from Sanders, Warren and Biden—did nothing to secure our borders, stop two 19 year-long wars, voted to fund those wars, voted us into a $23 trillion debt, watch our oceans face 5.5 trillion pieces of plastic, watched the immigration invasion by doing nothing, and did nothing about another dozen enormous challenges facing our country. They would bring their same old “solutions” that have not solved anything in their entire Congressional careers. Einstein said, “If you keep doing the same thing over and over again hoping for a different result, it’s the definition of insanity.”

At this point, our racial divide equals the Grand Canyon. Our national debt equals the height of Mt. Everest. We face two opposing political camps that refuse to work together for the good of the American people. We’ve got parallel societies and ethnic groups plotting against our own country in the Muslim Brotherhood and La Rasa. Our politicians refuse to deal with reality or realistic solutions. Bernie, Liz and Joe won’t save America or any of us.

Whether you love him or hate him, Trump actually works for the best interests of Americans. Yes, he’s bombastic and carries a super ego. At the same time, he’s getting things done. And, he’s succeeding in many, many ways.

In the end, you and I must save our country first in our own homes, second in our own communities, third in our own states
and fourth, voting people into office who actually take logical actions to make America better.

Finally, we must all pull together. Wouldn’t you agree?
— Frosty Wooldridge
Golden, CO
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