Political Prostitution: Bush’s Fault? Damn It!

….night-walking for change, we are all cliffhangers for survival.

Politics has its own promiscuity. We need to watch political hookers for change running out of control; we have to keep an eye on that proverbial Judas kiss, before we embrace what we hear in political campaign speeches to recreate America down the road to perdition.

We must know how the enemy within works our way to disaster. For example, the Obama campaign for president backed up by the bellicose left-leaning Pelosi-Reid leadership in Congress are in sync with terror’s central command to destroy and change America, the kind that will fit into their ideological mold. edwin a. sumcad/08/05/08.


The English dictionary says the term "hooker" is a slang — "an offensive term for a prostitute" … as if being a prostitute is not offensive enough. Although the meaning appears explicit, the idea it connotes is shifty.

For example, what kind of prostitutes are they, the panache of promiscuous soliciting, the intrigues in the conspiracy and aggression of the conspirators involved, and the finesse in the way they do it brings us face to face with the cunning enemy within that blames it all on this Texan it loves to cut down to pieces, named Bush, i.e., take a good look at this network of liberal hookers in Congress and their entourage of radical campaigners littering the streets whose relentless attacks on the president of the United States, are encouraged and viciously promoted by radical sponsors in the Media acting as pimps.

The foregoing paragraph is a summarized package of this editorial bolt from the blue which I am about to unravel in a more incisive presentation focusing on the wherewithal and the here-and-now of political prostitution.

It may be noted carefully that the scurrilous attacks of the enemy within are directed against the president of the United States whoever that is. The person sitting in the Oval Office is merely incidental. Although President George W. Bush is a lightning rod that draws severe anti-government flaks as well as attracts ideological hostilities from the Left, these violent aggressions are similar to and as vicious as the attacks of terror’s Islamic central command on the president of the United States and their Jihad against America.

Both these local and foreign attackers’ cutting denouncement and smear on top of violent aggression orchestrated nationwide, undermine our national will to fight terror, therefore our national concerns are clearly beyond George W. Bush.

I am not thinking about Bush the person as I write this piece. I couldn’t even remember his face. The Office of the President has 43 faces staring back at you. I was only thinking of the president of the United States and the highest office of the land being attacked. To think of a dagger in the back is the kind of attack that I am sure makes us all cringe, turning your stomach and mine inside out!

The fact of the matter is, damning Bush to the eternal fire of Hell, as if he is the only president on this planet who could never do what is right, cannot hide the Left’s intention to take over this country and the world over, such intention having been established and of public knowledge since time immemorial.

Indisputably, the Democrats and Liberal extremists in this country – knowingly or perhaps congenital dummies like they are – have this mission to hand us over to the Maoist kibbutz in the Far East, or in ruin warp us to Marxist socialism, which is more active in America, for a change.

To amplify this more clearly, damping trash and spitting on the president’s face which terror and local accomplices sadistically enjoy in a compulsive way of doing the rest of the day as if there is no tomorrow, do not make this country look dirty at all, that in the mind of Liberal presidential candidate Barack Obama, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, had become the ugly America that needs to be disfigured to be changed.

We the people are much smarter than what those specious politicians think we are.

In the case of presidential candidate Obama who is rounding the countryside for a hillside support in his bid to become the next president of the United States, he can insult our intelligence as if to a freaking mind all inhabitants of this country are ignorant hillbillies, for as long as he wants or until hell freezes over, whichever comes first, but he cannot act like the Pied Piper of Hamelin that he thinks he is from the political gangland of Chicago and abduct us, then incubate us within the confines of his narrow revolutionary cubicle, and turn us into irresponsible kids to carry out his juvenile attacks on America. That’s ad nauseam … utterly disgusting a revolt could ever be!

In Victorian literature, Robert Browning, master of dramatic monologue, created an Obama who could sweet-talk rats and children into his command, and drown them in the Weser River of no return. Today, this is a "fit as a fiddle" irony, especially to those who consider the learning wisdom of literature a gem by the fireplace.

In the bar of public opinion, it is easy for litterateurs of my discipline to write a prose-like critique with visual lines of poetry – that is to state and defend in an art form, a brief analytical discourse, if you may — leading to an impeccable conclusion that behind Obama’s political jingoism lies a serious ideological miscalculation: The Democrat candidate for president disagrees with the cinema’s Rambo who grumbled in the screen that "you are not changing anything … you do not kill for your country, you kill for yourself! That’s my spur-of-the-moment caricature of Obama.

Obama wants to prove that the movie’s scripted Rambo is genuinely a farce. He is trying to convince the American public that he is the real Rambo of the time with a mission to go for or bust, viz: that in order to change America, he must destroy America, and create a new America, the kind that veers ideologically towards the Left under a Liberal-Socialist dictatorship. In Congress, he has his trusted lieutenants for change like Pelosi and Reid who would do his bidding.

For centuries, attempts of this kind from the Left had always failed. For, in the middle of Obama’s path stands a country founded on a democratic, free enterprise Capitalism, a roadblock as strong and as impenetrable as Fort Knox — the bastion of the nation’s fortune, freedom and legacy that stands for America, The Invincible; it has always been there since Friedrich Engels’ "Principles of Communism" and Karl Marx’s "Communist Manifesto" published in 1848, rocked mankind for communist-socialist world domination.

The Obama campaign thinks the same way Osama bin Laden thinks of his Islamic Jihad – always long, far and wide of vision to be number one on top of the world to defeat and change America, but miserably far too short of reality. Such delusional grasp of reality only gives temporal attraction and excitement like in prostitution at nightfall where paid for satisfaction of lascivious desires created in the heat of passion, disappears like a mist the morning after.

Be that as it may, prostitutes in politics and online publications are viewed a little bit differently from street hookers that ply their trade by night.

Prostitution of the flesh is indisputably a health hazard, and its commerce is inimical to our moral values; political prostitution protected and promoted by the radical Media, bastardizes our national interest, undermines our security and threatens our national survival.

This danger multiplies in gravity when it is aggravated by a population that would rather watch TV’s football and wrestling mania, American Idol, So You Think You Can Dance or Amerca’s Got Talent – opium-like television programs specifically packaged from London to make British producers millionaires overnight out of the deeply addicted sports-entertainment fans in America — than secure their purse against foreign pickpockets or watch their back while the war on terror is raging on, much more oblivious to a crucial realization that they are about to elect perhaps the wrong next president of the United States that would jeopardize national security even more!

Profiling Terror and Political Hookers …

Profiling terror and political hookers is not that difficult as it may seem. The study of political prostitution and our understanding of terror after 9/11 come natural to everyone. These are the ugly part of the national scene we see and curse every day. We read the newspaper, switch on the TV and listen to the radio, and there they are. We may not understand correctly the danger they posed, but we know when hit-and-run politicians flirt with our national security, and we know the terrible pain terror inflicts on this nation, like we do the back of the palm after it hit us hard while we were not looking.

We are that indifferent, fun-loving careless society. You may recall that there was this poor repair man on the roof with a hammer who without looking, missed the head of the nail and hit the thumb instead … you can imagine the deafening cry of pain that shot loud up high in the sky, echoed and faded away to infinity, but not the pain in your memory.

While in the ancient profession street hookers offer their body for financial gain, the Media-promoted prostitute or a political hooker is "somebody who uses a skill or ability in a way that is considered unworthy" [1], and in this editorial, a threat to national survival, for personal gain.

In many websites what had become public knowledge is that the central command of terror operating in Europe, in the Middle East and in the United States, had declared to the Media more than once that in this 2008 U.S. presidential election, terror is supporting the Democrats to win a landslide. Surf the Web to find out for yourself in order to erase any lingering self-doubt what the role of terror is in this coming presidential election; what you will find is a security alarm that leaves a lump in the throat.

The phrase "terror is supporting the Democrats" to win the election, should link up public awareness to political and Media prostitutions.

What is frightening is that when terror-backed candidates win this November election and run the country thereafter, a surprise reward awaits us all – perhaps a nuclear or even a biological 9/11 that like what Obama and his Liberal look-a-likes had promised to do for terror to take advantage of [to do something that is really unprecedented] to change America — if it is still there.

Why to change America it must be first destroyed – which in this elongated editorial report is described as a change on the road to perdition – the answer lies in the congruent philosophies of the Democrat-Liberals in politics, and in ideology, that of the Left. They are there for the people if there are tragedies.

What if everything is okay, no tragedy. Simple … they see to it that there will always be — they create them, whine on them and scapegoat it on their favorite punchingbags — Bush and the failing America that needs to be changed!. Name a tragedy that is not Bush’s fault and you are in the middle of a haystack hoping to find a needle!

9/11 is not Al Qaeda’s fault. In the eyes of a rabid Libertarian disguised as a Republican aspiring to become the next president of the United States, this tragedy is America’s fault, not the terrorists’. Thus the Liberals jumped in – we need to change America! I have this aging Nam vet poker friend who is winning a lot said – over my dead body!

To the Democrat leaders of Congress Mr. Reid and Ms. Pelosi, the tragedy in Iraq is not the result of terror’s aggression when they torpedoed the Twin Towers and the Pentagon in the air … it was just a god dam Bush’s fault, damn it!

Political Hookers And Subalterns Are Ingrates – They Should Be Thankful To Bush … Should Spit Neither On The President’s Face Nor Over The Dead Bodies Of Soldiers Who Died To Save Their Fat Behind …

The enemy within relies heavily on the leftist Media and crazed politicians who attack America simultaneously with terror’s attacks, and whom terror’s central command supports to win a landslide victory this coming election. Clearly, their intertwined interests are mutually self-re-enforcing.

Americans must know that the problem terror currently faces – specifically the problem of Islamic "jihadists" — is that killing American infidels in a religious murder as a passport to heaven, had become difficult for their hooded assassins to accomplish postscript 9/11, since George W. Bush became president of the United States for the second term.

For, records show that this president and our security operatives under his command, whom terrorists [and their sympathizers from within] feared more than they dread the wrath of Mohammed, are continuously hunting them down like animals they deserve wherever they take refuge to, or in whichever corner of the earth they hide.

In the civil code, "like a good father of the family" that protects America, Bush’s eyes are right there inside the terrorists’ abode, in their urban fighting lairs where accomplices wired their operating funds, and in their hiding places where they composed their electronic devices to blow up America to smithereens and to mass murder more Americans.

Bush is violating the right of terrorists to kill, so Al Qaeda and local supporters complained, because it had become harder for terrorists to do their ghoulish mission to mass murder or commit mass destructions. And in the interregnum created by their temporary incapacity to commit murder, we breathe safely and stay alive.

On the run, terror has not struck us down ever again since 9/11, which probably explains why hookers in Congress and in the Media are still alive … why spurned politicians the likes of Pelosi and Reid are still ruthlessly punching, kickboxing and clawing – free from the reach of terror’s "dirty bombs" and free to trade treachery for political gain, even as they put our national survival in jeopardy while doing their worst for political expediency.

Are they grateful that the United States just happened to have a president that kept them alive to this day by using "all means" Machiavellian and otherwise, to defeat the enemy in the invisible battlefield of this war on terror? Not at all, and hey, to the angry American public, they are viewed as ungrateful political misfits – let’s make that clear.

To political prostitutes that shout their call to arms for a bloody revolution, both in the Internet and in the parliament of the street, to attract an army of adherents — the weak-minded, the peaceniks among the weed and LSD population, the fence-sitters and the spineless sitting ducks, drifters and hitchhikers in life, the ideologically lascivious and most of the time unruly loudmouths of New York’s rebellious and dangerous parks and avenues of Washington, D.C. , as well as the promiscuous pen pushers in our political spectrum — President Lyndon Johnson and President George W. Bush are similarly viewed in their historical screen as "dictators and violators of human rights" [actually the enemy’s "human rights"], and worse, they are described as "murderers" for the death of our fighting soldiers in Vietnam and Iraq, in this nation’s external wars against Asia’s advancing slit-eyed bear and satellite socialist bandits, and the black hordes of murdering Islamic terror!

Badly battered, the president of the United States has to give his face to the swing of the bat and had it bloodied and disfigured, so that security-wise the citizens are safe and this nation can score a homerun against terror.

The notorious pink street protesters, when compared to the Reds in Yiry Dolgoruky’s St. Petersburg in Moscow, are even picketing our heroes’ graveyards – and I tell you this is unbelievable! — protesting the burial of our dead soldiers because according to this obvious intellectual atrophy, these soldiers died in the war in Iraq that they did not approve!

In effect, a notice is served to the American public that all wars of the United States must first be approved by this bunch of Pink Code street dissenters marching to the beating drums of the Left, before this nation should appreciate what our soldiers are sacrificing their lives for. To say the least, I was shocked to learn that this nation is also run by a shadow government led by hostile female Pink Panthers in the world of make-belief! Now we see why their kind is dangerous! They believed they are the screen’s Charles’ Angels licensed to kill in the real world that they turned into Disneyland!

In the real world – not in the pinkish world of fictitious idealism and fantasy of the Left — understand that our brave soldiers put their lives on the line so that even people showing no feelings of gratitude could live in freedom; those men and women in uniform died to save those ingrates’ fat behind, yet to them our heroes’ supreme sacrifice has no meaning at all…! This causes teardrops to fall, especially among us who lost a love one in war; with this travesty of American patriotism, we weep because we are Americans who love America more than life itself, and dying for its cause is more than just a duty of every citizens! It is a call not from this earth, but from above.

Believe it or not — these wild ingrates in the streets even literally spit on Iraq war veterans; some of those American patriots they disrespect and abuse came back from the war sightless, with no more arms or could no longer walk … soldiers with children and suffering families hopelessly disabled and crippled for life!

Leftist rascals showed this despicable rowdy behavior during one of their violent protest marches in January last year in the streets of Washington, D.C.

Not just offended but scandalized, I wrote and published an editorial calling America’s attention to how our soldiers are treated with such misguided contempt and that throwing all their violent picketing abusers to jail is the kindest compliment to this criminal inclination to commit harm to our indifferent, tolerant and ever-forgiving society.

Raison d'être is supposed to separate humans from brutes, but among those who are in obvious intellectual bankruptcy, as shown by those protesting zombies that walk the earth, it really makes no difference!

Being ingrate as they clearly are, the enemy within is not only incapable of saying thank you to the president of the United States for saving their miserable lives from terrorist bombs, but instead attempted to entrap the president into signing an appropriation bill with a hidden budgetary pustule or abscess appendix about to erupt – a treacherous way of slyly forcing the president to abandon and/or end the war in Iraq.

Online Media Acting As Pimp For Political Hookers Who Deceived The Public Of The President’s "Signing Statement" As A Shameful Entrapment – Liberal Hookers in Congress Love Our Soldiers More Than Enough To Starve Them To Death …

Senate Majority Leader Reid threatened Bush with a harsh public calumny – that Bush must sign the appropriation bill with a Democrat rider, into law and end the war in Iraq, or else he would lead Congress to abort military funding to starve our soldiers in Iraq and put the blame on Bush as president and Commander-In-Chief.

Speaker Pelosi, California’s known Liberal activist, joined Reid in bludgeoning Bush to submission when Bush – who by the way, knows his constitutional onions under the doctrine of Separation of Powers — promised to "veto" the bill, thereby exercising his presidential prerogative prescribed in the Constitution, unless that treacherous budgetary blister – a disgusting proof of dishonesty and treachery among the Democratic Congress’ cheating politicians – is removed.

Pelosi probably thought that like Obama, she could also easily fool the American public by announcing – complementary to Reid’s Bush attack – that the veto power of the president otherwise known as the "signing statement" usurped the power of Congress, her self-proclaimed domain, and therefore Bush is violating the Constitution.

This prompted this journalist to come to the aid of the innocent public being duped and taken for a ride. An editorial was quickly written, submitted to and published by the American Chronicle [AC] and its 20 nationwide affiliates informing all and sundry that it was Pelosi and her Democratic Congress that usurped the power of the president as Commander-In-Chief of our armed forces fighting a war in Iraq.

Under the Separation of Powers, the President alone as Commander-In-Chief – not Congress — can decide how the nation’s military should fight a war, and when to send or withdraw troops from the battlefield. From their seats in Congress, Pelosi, Reid and subalterns wanted to manage the war in Iraq for themselves, in violation of the Constitution.

This move was a blatant usurpation of Bush’s presidential power, as if the Executive branch of the government no longer exists.

It is not just an absolute proof of dishonesty in the highest order shown by ranking left-leaning politicians in the Democratic Congress, but also a proof of treason.

To illustrate: Starving our soldiers in Iraq which they bragged they would do if Bush would not bow to them in total obeisance would mean our troops’ defeat in Iraq, and our defeat in this war on terror by legislative fiat. By judicial law and by all constitutional definitions, this betrayal is treason!

Terror would toast their glasses of champagne with Sen. Reid and Speaker Pelosi to celebrate this victory which political hookers hand over to terror in a silver platter in exchange for Bush’s defeat at home, and in Iraq. This feast on treason would go down in history as a case of unprecedented betrayal of country or in the court of law, a case of first impression!

Political hookers who peddle national interest for political gain, claim they love our soldiers in Iraq from the bottom of their heart and want to protect them, but would kill them by starving them to death just to hurt Bush … by flying them home in coffins, and by sending home our brave defenders of freedom with their heads falling on their shoulders in an ignominious defeat, just to harm the Republicans in this obsession to win the coming November election. They have no sense of national interest in peril; to them it is just a game to beat the hell out of Bush.

In the said published editorial, this writer declared that what the Pelosi-Reid cult in Congress did was not only an oh…oh! it’s a no-no but an act of national betrayal. Unfortunately, it was also the time when the newly changed editorial management of the online-publishing American Chronicle and its 20 affiliates nationwide, had turned from bad to worse.

AC’s editorial staff was taken over by rabid leftist Liberals, obviously with a vicious anti-conservative mission to carry out for this 2008 presidential election. Because the political subterfuge in damning the titular head of the Republican Party had been brought to light – and the published editorial was read by millions to the total discomfort of the Left and the enemy within — the written piece and similar others were all removed from the websites of AC and affiliates; those were inimical and/or toxic to the Liberal cause. This election is critical to them, and all of these written eye-openers had to be removed.

The title of the editorial that was removed was:

"Congress Usurps Executive Power: War Funding Bill Is Poisoned With A Troop Withdrawal Rider". It appeared on AC’s site in April 2007 at thisaddress:


When readers click on this address right now, the written piece [with ID=23452 shown in the address] and similar others could no longer be found. However, a copy of that politically damning editorial has been retained in the author’s file, and it is available to anyone upon request.

The revelation of Reid’s mean-spirited indiscretion normally shown by unschooled politicians, and Pelosi’s apparent ignorance on the presidential "signing statement" which as Speaker of the House she should have known better to spare the lower chamber of such telling embarrassment, did not escape the notice of her peers. Nukegingrich.wordpress.com picked up the editorial from AC’s website before it was removed, and ran it in its own website under the title: "Pelosi’s Greatest Fear? Signing Statements’. This can be read at

http://nukegingrich.wordpress.com/2007/05/12/pelosis-greatest-fear-signing-statements/ posted on May 12, 2007.

What was read by millions was how this lawyer-journalist explained to the Speaker the difference between the "signing statement" and the line item veto similar to Act P. L. 104-130. Nukegingrich.wordpress.com quoted this author verbatim, and published it in its well-read and very popular website, as follows:

"Democrats and their orbiting anti-Bush satellites want the public to believe that the "signing statement" containing the President’s objection to the congressional dictate of troop withdrawal at a certain date is a "line item veto" or at least similar to Act P.L. 104-130 passed by the Republican Congress in 1996 from which they surreptitiously concluded that written presidential objections sent to Congress are unconstitutional. "Line item veto" described in that ill-fated Act P.L. 104-130, and the "signing statement", are not the same – repeat, they are not the same — and to lawyers worth their salt, the difference is like the opposite North and South Poles."

More paragraphs were quoted, which further explained what was behind that unforgivable public deception and treacherous manipulation coming from the highest seat of the House of Representatives.

This is not to say that conservative politicians are angels in this country, in fact some of them are political rogues too.

For instance, it cannot be hidden from public knowledge, that a Republican candidate aspiring to become a party nominee for president, attacked the credulity of this nation when he faulted America – not the terrorists — for the 9/11 attacks [not McCain who like Bush is also feared by terrorists]. It came from an anti-Establishment Libertarian mindset.

When no less than an American candidate for president attacked America the way Osama bin Laden’s Jihad was sworn to attack America, terror’s cause against the United States is more than justified [it is aid and comfort to the enemy under the definition of treason] which explains why Al Qaeda is deliriously celebrating every time political hookers attack America from within!

Pimps in the Media are terror’s dark angels to thank for when the Left attacks the president of the United States.

For example, Countdown with Keith Olbermann of MSNBC is where the chopping voice of the Left comes so strong to the American public, as that of the ax of the Right is, from Fox News.

The difference when the Media acts as pimp is that, unlike the O’Reilly Factor, Countdown hits and downs the president without letup, hacks his body politicks into parts, slices them into small pieces of meat and feed them to stray dogs in the street. With toothpick sticking out of his mouth, Osama bin Laden burps with satisfaction, while his audience of hooded assassins — Al Qaeda’s black Ninjas — clap their hands in standing ovation!

Al Gore’s Pieces Of Silver

But betrayal of country in many shocking ways generally comes from the radical Left, and shamelessly mouthed by prominent Liberal politicians notoriously known as peddlers of national interest.

It requires that we must be précised because this is the story of America’s former Liberal vice president we Americans feeling betrayed, cannot forget.

Let’s pinpoint the facts on record: In February 2006, Al Gore went to Saudi Arabia and in a speech delivered before an Arab annual economic forum in Jeddah organized and partly sponsored by the family of Osama bin Laden, denounced the United States for allegedly committing "terrible abuses" on Arabs after 9/11. We criticize the government all the time, but not this kind that gives aid and comfort to the enemy, unless you are yourself a disguised enemy within.

This former Liberal U.S. vice president was reportedly paid an undisclosed amount, and I quote: "… probably [is] less than the $267,000.00 former president Bill Clinton was paid for speaking to the group in 2002, but odds are his fee [the hooded payment Al Gore received] was in six figures." [2]

It is hard for many Americans who felt betrayed, not to believe that the payment Al Gore received was terror’s "bribe" money for him to attack America. In the first place, it was almost unthinkable that America’s former vice president, would do such dishonorable act …! He is either perceived by neutral Americans as one high ex-U.S. official really desperate for money or a spurned politician who is so bitter for his defeat in the presidential derby when he ran against Bush which unfortunately, the outcome of that race only fated him to bite the dust.

But to me, Al Gore was neither of the kind. He is and has always been, a Liberal-Democrat. That’s what they do – don’t you Americans ever know?

What is terribly missing is, we need to know who those flirting politicians are in the government as well as identify their agents that peddle our national interest for the biblical pieces of silver before Judas hung himself in a nearby tree.

When treachery of such kind is promoted by the powerful Media from the Left acting as pimp, national security hangs on a thread by the edge.

In a frantic response we rush our way up the belfry of freedom and liberty to ring the bell of alarm warning others not just of what the enemy within is doing, but also of political prostitution, which makes winning the war on terror so uncertain that at this point in time, we are all just cliffhanging for survival.

How many Americans are aware of this danger? To the very few who knew — and on their knees are praying that He who is most powerful that dwells up there, protects this nation from harm, and delivers all innocent Americans from evil – is, to say the least, quite a humbling experience.

While Al Qaeda, Media’s unleashed Bush-bashers and the enemy within light Satan’s candle of desecration on the president’s head and recite their black incantation for America’s destruction so that they could change the existing geopolitical system now in peril, I light an anointed candle of consecration instead of damnation in this battle between good and evil, with a prayer I alone among mortals could hear and among immortals be so rightfully heard, that notwithstanding the likes of AC and MSNBC acting as pimps for Liberal hookers, specifically for Obama, Al Gore, Reid, Pelosi and their kind who fight their battle with the sword of darkness, we stand our ground undaunted.

There is no full-proof guarantee of the outcome in this eternal struggle between good and evil — which means the unexpected could always happen — but with our right hand on the Bible imploring the aid of Divine Providence, our assurance to those in doubt as we fight our just cause in the bar of public opinion is — we shall prevail!

God bless America! #

© Copyright Edwin A. Sumcad. NWS access August 05, 2008.

The writer is an award-winning journalist. Go to NWS homepage, click on the columnist button to know more about the author or you may e-mail your comment at ed.superx722@yahoo.com.sg

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